What Discounts Does MAPFRE Offer for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on February 26, 2024

One of the features that makes MAPFRE Insurance such a popular option for auto policies is the range of discounts they offer. On this page, we will review some of the many possible discounts you could qualify for when you take out a MAPFRE policy to cover your car or truck.

Discount on Home and Auto Policies

What Discounts Does MAPFRE Offer for Auto Insurance?As a great starting point for your MAPFRE policy, you can get a discount on both your home and auto policies when you have them both with this insurer. In other words, instead of keeping your homeowners policy somewhere else while you sign up for auto insurance with MAPFRE, you can save by combining them.

There is an appealing element of simplicity that goes along with the cost savings offered by this discount. Bringing your policies together will help you easily track down any information you need regarding claims, premiums, etc. Why deal with multiple insurers when you can keep them together and save the hassle?

Annual Mileage Discount

One common complaint that some drivers have about their auto insurance is that they have to pay a lofty premium even if they don’t drive that much. Since your odds of being in an accident are lower if you don’t drive very often, you might feel that you should pay less for coverage – and that’s the case with MAPFRE.

By taking advantage of the Annual Mileage discount, you can pay a lower rate if you don’t drive as frequently as others. For instance, if you work from home most days of the week, you won’t rack up the miles on a daily commute. Or, maybe you live very close to your work, only logging a few miles a day. Whatever the case, look into this discount to shave down your monthly premium.

Multi-Car Discount

Just as you can save money by combining your home and auto policies with MAPFRE, you can save by having multiple vehicles on the same policy. If you have two or three cars parked in front of your home, insuring all those vehicles can get expensive. By insuring them all with MAPFRE, you will save money each month, and you’ll also know exactly where to turn if you need to make a claim or an adjustment to your coverage.

Good Student Discount

There are many reasons to work hard in school and earn good grades. Want another reason? You can qualify for an auto insurance discount through MAPFRE. By taking care of business in the classroom, you might be able to pay a lower rate on your auto policy – and any savings are certainly welcome for students. If you take out a policy through MAPFRE, be sure to ask about this discount and any documentation that you need to provide to be eligible.

Student Away from Home Discount

Heading off to college is a dramatic change in the life of a young adult. To make things a little bit easier, MAPFRE offers a Student Away from Home discount to lower premium payments for college students not living near their families. As with the previous student discount, you’ll need to ask about how this discount works and what information you will need to provide before the discount is applied to your policy.

Shop Smart Discount

Are you currently with another insurance company for your auto policy and thinking of switching? MAPFRE offers a Shop Smart discount, which will lower your rate when you swap over to their coverage. It’s important to note that you will not be eligible for this discount if you are a previous MAPFRE customer, so keep that in mind as you shop. However, a Welcome Back discount is also offered, designed specifically for customers who left for another insurance company and would now like to return.

Green Discount

You’ll see this discount offered by nearly all auto insurance companies these days. It’s a break on the price of your policy in exchange for receiving your policy documents and other correspondence electronically. Making this switch will save documents from having to be printed and mailed, and you will get a small reduction in your price as a result.

Clean in Three Discount

Do you pride yourself on keeping a clean driving record? Those who are extra careful on the roads can be rewarded with the Clean in Three discount from MAPFRE, meaning you have kept a clean record over the last three years. That includes staying away from things like speeding tickets and staying out of accidents. Maintaining a clean driving record is desirable for many reasons, and you can add this potential insurance discount to the list.

AAA Member Discounts

If you are a current member of AAA, you may be eligible for a discounted rate when you sign up for MAPFRE insurance. This is an easy discount to overlook, as you may not think of your AAA membership right away when considering all the ways you could qualify for discounted prices. As you check out quotes to find the right insurance policy provider for your vehicle, keep this discount in mind as yet another way to cut the final price of your coverage.

MAPFRE DriveAdvisor

If you don’t mind sacrificing privacy to save on your auto insurance rates, MAPFRE’s DriveAdvisor program might be right. DriveAdvisor is a mobile phone app that monitors your driving habits to see if you are a safe driver. It checks for things like rapid acceleration, hard braking, and speeding. It then assigns you a score. If your score meets MAPFRE’s criteria, you will be eligible for discounted auto insurance premiums.

Get a Quote Right Away

There is no time like now to find the perfect auto insurance policy for your needs. As you can see from the list above, MAPFRE offers an extensive list of discounts, so request a quote to see what price you would need to pay to get the coverage that fits your situation. After all, the best auto insurance isn’t necessarily the policy with the lowest rates but rather the policy that delivers a combination of a low price and appropriate coverage. Contact MAPFRE and get a quote today. You might find that this auto insurer is a perfect match for your next policy.

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