Is Louisiana Farm Bureau Good for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on May 18, 2022

Louisiana Farm Bureau provides insurance to Farm Bureau members across Louisiana.

Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Farm Bureau serves drivers in every parish in Louisiana using local offices. The company emphasizes strong customer service for both rural and urban drivers.

Is Louisiana Farm Bureau good for car insurance? Should you buy auto insurance through Louisiana Farm Bureau? Find out everything you need to know about Louisiana Farm Bureau today in our review.

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About Louisiana Farm Bureau

Louisiana Farm Bureau is one of many Farm Bureau subsidiaries across the United States. Farm Bureau is an agricultural organization originally founded to serve farmers and their families. Today, Farm Bureau has grown to offer car insurance and other specialized products across the United States.

As with other Farm Bureau companies, Louisiana Farm Bureau requires you to be a member to qualify for car insurance. You must pay a small annual fee to become a Farm Bureau member. Then, you can buy car insurance through Louisiana Farm Bureau.

Louisiana Farm Bureau does business through a network of local Farm Bureau agents. The company has a local parish Farm Bureau office in every parish in Louisiana.

Louisiana Farm Bureau is headquartered in Baton Rouge.

Louisiana Farm Bureau Contact Information
Address9516 Airline Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Telephone Number(225) 922-6200
Website URL

Louisiana Farm Bureau Insurance Products & Services

Louisiana Farm Bureau offers three core insurance products and services, including auto, home, and life insurance:

Auto Insurance: Louisiana Farm Bureau offers auto insurance in every parish in Louisiana. Drivers can buy personal auto insurance to protect themselves, their vehicle, and their liability. Drivers can also buy ATV insurance, motorcycle insurance, camping trailer insurance, motorhome insurance, RV insurance, and other unique insurance products.

Home Insurance: Louisiana Farm Bureau offers home insurance for homeowners, renters, townhouses, condos, and more. You can protect your home and its possessions with a policy from Louisiana Farm Bureau.

Life Insurance: Louisiana Farm Bureau sells life insurance through its affiliate, Southern Farm Bureau. Southern Farm Bureau offers whole life, term life, and other insurance products to Farm Bureau members across the southern United States.

Boat Insurance: Louisiana Farm Bureau offers boat insurance to cover damage to boats, motors, and trailers.

Flood Insurance: Most homeowners insurance and commercial insurance policies do not cover floods. However, many communities in Louisiana are part of the National Flood Insurance Program you’re your community is part of the program, then you can buy flood insurance through Louisiana Farm Bureau.

Umbrella Insurance: Louisiana Farm Bureau offers umbrella insurance to extend your personal liability limits, giving you added protection on top of your existing homeowners or auto insurance policy.

Financial Services: Louisiana Farm Bureau offers financial services through its network of agents. Farm Bureau members can access retirement planning services, banking services, and more.

How Does Louisiana Farm Bureau Auto Insurance Work?

Louisiana Farm Bureau offers auto insurance for drivers across the United States. Although Louisiana has some of the most expensive car insurance prices in the country, Louisiana Farm Bureau emphasizes competitive prices with plenty of discounts.

Auto insurance coverages available through Louisiana Farm Bureau include:

Liability Insurance: Louisiana requires drivers to carry a 15/30/25 liability insurance policy. That means drivers must carry $15,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per person, $30,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per accident, and $25,000 of property damage liability coverage. Louisiana Farm Bureau sells auto insurance that meets these minimum limits. The company also sells policies with limits as high as 300/500/100, depending on your aversion to risk.

Medical Payments Coverage: The state of Louisiana does not require drivers to carry medical payments coverage. However, Louisiana Farm Bureau requires drivers to carry medical payments coverage. It functions similarly to health insurance, covering medical bills after an accident regardless of fault. Louisiana Farm Bureau’s medical payments coverage pays $5,000 per person and $25,000 per accident for reasonable medical expenses incurred after an accident. It also includes $10,000 in death indemnity coverage, which will be paid if you are killed in a car accident.

Collision & Comprehensive Coverage: Optional in Louisiana and all other states, collision and comprehensive coverage covers the cost of repairing your own vehicle. It covers accident-related damages, collisions with animals, theft, vandalism, and more.

Rental Car Coverage: Louisiana Farm Bureau includes rental car coverage with all comprehensive or collision coverage policies. It covers the cost of renting a car if your main vehicle needs repairs.

Roadside Assistance: Louisiana Farm Bureau offers roadside assistance coverage, which covers drivers across the United States. Louisiana Farm Bureau will pay up to $75 for reasonable and necessary charges for towing, battery boosts and jumpstarts, flat tire service, fuel delivery, and lockout service.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Louisiana has one of the highest uninsured motorist rates in the country. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is optional, although many drivers carry it for added protection.

What Makes Louisiana Farm Bureau Unique?

Louisiana drivers have plenty of options for car insurance. Why pick Louisiana Farm Bureau? What makes Louisiana Farm Bureau better than its competitors? Here are some of the things that make Louisiana Farm Bureau unique:

Backed by 70 Years of Experience in Louisiana: Louisiana Farm Bureau has been insuring drivers and property owners in Louisiana for over 70 years. The company has extensive experience covering drivers in every corner of the state.

Local Agents: Some drivers like the experience of dealing with a local insurance agent. Louisiana Farm Bureau maintains offices in every parish in Louisiana. This local agent will handle your claims, insurance policy changes, and other aspects of your policy. If you like a local agent instead of a faceless nationwide firm, then Louisiana Farm Bureau may be the right choice.

Support for Agricultural Initiatives: Louisiana Farm Bureau was founded as an agricultural organization. The organization supported farmers across the state. Like other Farm Bureau subsidiaries in the country, Louisiana Farm Bureau continues to support agricultural initiatives today while selling insurance to farmers and non-farmers alike.

Strong Customer Service: Louisiana Farm Bureau, like other Farm Bureau subsidiaries, is known for its strong customer service. The company has strong ratings for customer service and claims satisfaction.

Mobile Agent App: Louisiana Farm Bureau offers a mobile app for iOS and Android called Mobile Agent. The app lets you review your policy, report a claim, contact a local agent, and request emergency roadside assistance. Most nationwide insurers have a strong mobile app, but some local insurers do not.

Flood Insurance: Many Louisianans live in flood-prone areas. If your community is one of 20,000 communities within the National Flood Insurance Program, then you can buy flood insurance through Louisiana Farm Bureau. If you don’t have flood insurance, then you could lose your home, vehicle, and possessions to flood damage without compensation.

Competitive Rates: Louisiana Farm Bureau emphasizes competitive rates. Louisiana has some of the most expensive car insurance in the country, and Louisiana Farm Bureau wants to keep prices competitive for drivers across the state.

Farm Bureau Perks: You must be a Farm Bureau member to buy car insurance through Louisiana Farm Bureau. As a Farm Bureau member, you get certain perks – from discounted rates on agricultural equipment to cheaper rates on hotels.

Louisiana Farm Bureau Auto Insurance Discounts

Louisiana Farm Bureau offers similar discounts to other Farm Bureau insurers across the country. You can take advantage of the following discounts to save hundreds per year on car insurance:

Bundling Discounts: Louisiana Farm Bureau offers home, auto, and life insurance, among other insurance products. If you bundle multiple policies together, then you can save across all policies.

Driveology: Louisiana Farm Bureau offers a driver tracking discount program named Driveology. Plug the Driveology driver tracking device into your vehicle, then save up to 30% on auto insurance premiums. You could qualify for additional SafeRide Rewards through this system.

Driven to Safety Discount: After joining Driveology, you can save more with Louisiana Farm Bureau’s Driven to Safety discount. All Driveology members automatically qualify for this discount.

Claim-Free Discount: Louisiana Farm Bureau offers a claim-free discount to drivers with no claims in the last 3 to 5 years. If you have no at-fault accidents or single-vehicle accident claims within the last 3 to 5 years, then you could qualify for additional savings.

Good Student Discount: Louisiana Farm Bureau offers good student discounts to full-time students with a grade average of B or better.

Safe Young Driver Discount: Drivers under 25 who complete Louisiana Farm Bureau’s Young Driver Safety program could earn a discount.

Multi-Vehicle Discount: If you insure multiple vehicles with Louisiana Farm Bureau, then you will receive a discount across all insurance policies.

Low Mileage Discount: Louisiana Farm Bureau offers a low mileage discount for drivers who drive more than 7,500 miles per year.

Loyalty Discounts: If you continue to renew your Louisiana Farm Bureau policy, then you could qualify for additional loyalty discounts.

Louisiana Farm Bureau Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

Louisiana Farm Bureau is not large enough to be rated by J.D. Power on its nationwide or subregional rankings, as the company only tracks the largest 20 insurance companies.

However, Louisiana Farm Bureau has a rating of A- (Excellent) from A.M. Best, which assesses the financial strength of insurance companies across the United States. The organization upgraded Louisiana Farm Bureau’s rating in 2016.

Motor1 gave a positive review to Louisiana Farm Bureau, ranking the company as 4.0 stars out of 5. Motor1 praised Louisiana Farm Bureau for its strong reputation, good range of discounts, and convenient technology, among other perks.

Clearsurance has a 4.10 star out of 5 rating for Louisiana Farm Bureau based on customer reviews, while WalletHub has a 4.0 star rating based on 8 customer reviews.

Louisiana Farm Bureau has a rating of A- from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Final Word on Louisiana Farm Bureau

Louisiana Farm Bureau is a Baton Rouge-based insurance company available in every parish in Louisiana. Backed by local agents and 70+ years of experience, Louisiana Farm Bureau is popular for drivers throughout Louisiana.

To learn more about Louisiana Farm Bureau or to request a quote today, visit online at

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