Is InsureOne Good for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on March 25, 2021

InsureOne is a legitimate option to consider the next time you’re looking at getting quotes for your car insurance. InsureOne is a type of independent insurance agency that has access to multiple carriers, meaning your InsureOne agent will do the quoting and shopping for you and find you the lowest price.

Is InsureOne a good auto insurance provider? Is InsureOne cheap? How does InsureOne work? What types of coverage does InsureOne sell? Below, we’re answering every question you may have about InsureOne in our review and overview of the company.

About InsureOne

InsureOne auto insurance reviewInsureOne is a part of Confie, which is one of the largest insurance agencies in the United States. Other insurance companies such as Baja, Freeway, and Cost-U-Less are also under the Confie umbrella.

InsureOne is headquartered near Los Angeles, California, but has agencies in 9 total states. Those states are California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Illinois, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, and New York. This places InsureOne on both coasts and in the most populous states of the country.

In addition to auto insurance, InsureOne also offers homeowners and renters insurance, various commercial insurance options, life insurance, and employee benefits.

The Independent Insurance Agency Model

InsureOne is an independent insurance agency. When people buy insurance, there are basically three places that they can go to get a quote and buy a policy. 

  • Direct insurance companies. These companies are usually the largest insurance companies in the country and sell insurance directly to their customers. You can go online or call the company itself and buy a policy. These are companies such as Progressive, GEICO, and Esurance.
  • Captive agents. Other insurance companies use insurance agents to sell and service their policies, but these agents only work for the insurance company and can only provide quotes from that company. The largest captive agency is State Farm. State Farm uses a network of agents who only sell State Farm policies, but you have to go through a State Farm agent.
  • Independent agents. Independent agents don’t work for a single insurance company. Rather, they work for their agencies and have contracts to represent and sell insurance with various insurance companies. Independent agents operate more like brokers, in that they have access to multiple insurance companies and can provide multiple quotes. Often, the insurance companies that use independent insurance agents only work through these agents, meaning you can’t get a quote from them unless you go through an independent agent.

Insurance Companies Offered by InsureOne

InsureOne’s lineup of insurance companies varies based on the region that you’re in. There are many smaller, regional insurance companies out there, so you may have access to one company in Texas that you wouldn’t have access to in New York.

However, here is a list of insurance companies that InsureOne lists on its website:

Of these companies, it’s worth pointing out that an insurance company like Progressive sells in multiple ways. It sells directly to consumers, but it also sells insurance through independent insurance agents.

Types of Car Insurance Coverages

With so many different insurance companies that InsureOne can use, there aren’t many vehicle types that InsureOne wouldn’t be able to cover. Just according to its website, InsureOne has insurance companies that can insure:

This makes InsureOne a one-stop-shop for auto insurance. You’ll be able to take any type of vehicle to them and they’ll likely be able to insure it. With those vehicle types, you’ll be able to select from a wide range of coverage options, including:

  • Liability. Each state has its own liability limits that are required by law, but you’ll be able to select much higher limits than the minimum with InsureOne. You can opt to either split your liability limits into three categories: bodily injury per person, bodily injury per accident, and property damage. Or you can opt for just one liability limit that covers all three categories.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist. This coverage is essentially like buying an insurance policy for everyone that’s on the road. If you get into an accident with somebody who either doesn’t have any insurance or just has the state minimum limits (while your damages are much higher), this coverage will kick in and pay for your own injuries.
  • Medical payments. Medical payments coverage is no-fault insurance coverage, meaning you can access this no matter if you were at-fault for an accident or not. Your medical payments limit is also a per person limit, so $5,000 of coverage would apply to anyone in your vehicle that gets injured.
  • Comprehensive. Comprehensive coverage provides coverage to your own vehicle if it gets damaged by nearly anything. True to its name, comprehensive coverage includes coverage for things such as theft, fire, wind or hail damage, falling objects, or even hitting an animal on the road. You’ll get to choose your deductible amount for this coverage.
  • Collision. Collision coverage provides coverage to your own vehicle if it gets damaged in an accident with another vehicle or solid object, such as a building or tree. It’s typically more expensive than comprehensive coverage, and nearly all insurance companies require you to have comprehensive coverage in order to have collision coverage.
  • Rental car reimbursement. If your vehicle is undrivable due to a covered loss, such as an accident, then this coverage gives you a daily allowance to rent another vehicle. You’ll typically be able to choose daily limits between $20 and $50, with a maximum coverage amount lasting about one month.
  • GAP coverage. This coverage only applies to newer vehicles that have financing and ensures that your loan is paid off if your vehicle is totaled. Since cars depreciate so rapidly, oftentimes that actual cash value amount that’s paid by the insurance company isn’t enough to pay off the loan. Having this coverage on your policy solves that problem.

Final Verdict on InsureOne

As an independent insurance agency, InsureOne will work with you to customize the appropriate insurance coverage options and solutions to your needs. And since it works with multiple companies, that solution will often be very competitively priced compared to your current insurance policy.

It’s a large multi-state agency and is part of an even larger and reputable network in Confie, which means you’ll be able to trust the professional expertise you’re receiving from InsureOne.

InsureOne Contact Information
Mailing Address7711 Center Ave #200
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Phone Number(714) 252-2500
Website URL
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