What Is the Farthest AAA Will Tow?

Last Updated on February 12, 2024

AAA is America’s best-known roadside assistance company. But how far will the company tow your vehicle?

AAA has different towing limits for different membership tiers.

Customers on the lowest tier, “Classic,” for example, have a towing limit of 5 miles. Meanwhile, customers on the highest tier, “Premier” have a towing limit of 200 miles.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about AAA towing limits and how far AAA will tow your vehicle.

Key Takeaways:

  1. AAA offers towing limits ranging from 5 to 200 miles, depending on the membership tier, with Classic, Plus, and Premier tiers offering up to 5, 100, and 200 miles of towing, respectively.
  2. Additional towing beyond the set limit incurs a per-mile charge, generally around $3 to $10 per mile, with the exact rate varying by location.
  3. AAA’s towing limits may differ by state and organization, and it’s important for members to check their specific policy to understand their coverage and any additional costs for towing beyond their limit.

AAA Has Towing Limits of 5 to 200 Miles, Depending on Membership Tier

AAA has different tiers of membership.

Depending on your tier, you could get anywhere from 5 miles to 200 miles of towing at no extra charge:

  • AAA Classic: Up to 5 miles (or up to 3 miles in some areas)
  • AAA Plus: Up to 100 miles
  • AAA Premier: Up to 200 miles

Generally, AAA will tow your vehicle to the nearest service center capable of repairing your vehicle or to the limits of your policy – whatever comes first.

If you go beyond your mileage limit, you pay a fixed rate per-mile. If the nearest repair center is 10 miles away, for example, but you only have 5 miles of free towing, then you might pay an extra fee of $7 per mile, or $35 extra for your tow.

AAA’s towing limits vary by state. AAA operates different organizations across the United States, and different organizations may have different rules and limits.

In some states, for example, members only receive 3 miles of free towing before needing to pay an additional service fee per mile.

Check your policy to understand your towing limits.

How Much Does AAA Cost?

AAA’s roadside assistance plans cost anywhere from $30 to $120 per year, depending on your membership tier, location, the number of covered vehicles, the type of covered vehicles, and other factors.

You could pay as little as $30 per year for AAA Classic, which covers up to 5 miles of towing. Or, you could pay a premium for AAA Premier and get up to 200 miles of towing.

What Happens Beyond My Towing Limit?

If the nearest repair facility is beyond your towing limit, then AAA charges a per-mile rate for each mile driven beyond your limit.

Generally, AAA charges $3 to $10 per additional mile driven, depending on your location. The average rate is around $7 per extra mile beyond your towing limit.

AAA Towing Limits vs. Other Companies

Most major insurers in the United States offer in-house roadside assistance policies. Some policies have higher towing limits than AAA, while others have lower limits.

Most companies have roadside assistance services similar to AAA’s. A standard roadside assistance policy covers flat tire changes, fuel delivery, battery jumpstarts, winching, lockout services, and other roadside assistance events, for example.

Check pricing with your insurer. Many insurers offer in-house roadside assistance as low as $2 to $4 per month, for example, if you’re already a customer. GEICO, for example, may charge just $14 per year, per vehicle for roadside assistance, which could make it a better choice than AAA. Alternatively, check out our list of AAA alternatives to see how other insurers and roadside assistance programs can help you.

How Much Towing Coverage Do I Need?

Are you trying to decide between AAA Classic, Plus, and Premier? The three plans have different towing limits and different pricing.

Consider the following when deciding how much towing coverage you need:

  • Do you regularly drive through remote areas far away from service centers, repair facilities, or towns? If so, you may want to buy AAA Plus or Premier, which come with 100 to 200 miles of towing coverage.
  • Do you want added peace of mind and protection for an upcoming road trip? Higher tier plans come with longer towing limits along with trip interruption coverage, which could save you thousands after an unexpected emergency.
  • Do you frequently drive in cities or urban areas where there’s a service center nearby? City drivers tend to need significantly less towing coverage than rural drivers because you’re never far from a repair center.
  • Does your AAA plan come with just 3 miles of towing coverage on the lowest tier plan? Even if you live in an urban area, 3 miles of towing coverage may not get you very far.
  • Are you able to handle extra towing bills and other surprise charges if your AAA plan doesn’t get you to the nearest service center?
  • Does your insurance company offer in-house roadside assistance plans with higher towing limits?

Final Word

AAA provides 5 to 200 miles of towing at no extra cost, based on your membership tier.

AAA Classic customers get up to 5 miles of towing; AAA Plus customers get up to 100 miles of towing, and AAA Premier customers get up to 200 miles of towing.

Generally, AAA will tow your vehicle to the limits of your policy or to the nearest service center – whichever comes first.

Contact AAA or check your AAA roadside assistance policy to verify your towing limits.

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