How Far Will Allstate Tow My Car?

Last Updated on February 11, 2024

Allstate, like other insurance companies, offers roadside assistance.

If you have roadside assistance with Allstate, the company will tow your car up to 10 miles with the Roadside Advantage plan ($89 per year) or up to 100 miles with the Roadside Elite plan ($164 per year). Towing beyond these limits costs extra.

Allstate also offers a pay-per-use towing service, which starts at $154 for up to 5 miles of towing. Towing beyond this limit costs an additional $7 per mile.

Find out everything you need to know about Allstate’s towing limit and how Allstate’s roadside assistance works.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Allstate Roadside Assistance Coverage and Limits: Allstate offers a range of roadside assistance options, including two membership plans (Roadside Advantage for $89/year with up to 10 miles of towing and Roadside Elite for $164/year with up to 100 miles of towing) and a pay-per-use service ($154 for up to 5 miles of towing, plus $7 per additional mile).
  2. Availability for All Drivers: The roadside assistance services are available to Allstate policyholders and non-policyholders, with membership plans starting at $89 for non-policyholders and add-on coverage for policyholders at $25 per vehicle.
  3. Complementary Services Included: Members can benefit from five to seven complimentary rescues per year, depending on their plan, which includes towing within mileage limits, vehicle jumpstarts, fuel delivery, lockout services, tire changes, and more.
  4. Additional Benefits and Coverage: The plans offer trip interruption coverage, tire and wheel repair/replacement, and the option to add up to five household members for extended coverage, making Allstate’s roadside assistance beneficial for a wide range of emergencies.

How Allstate Roadside Assistance Works

Allstate offers roadside assistance to members and non-members.

You can buy roadside assistance through Allstate – even if you’re not an Allstate policyholder.

Allstate offers three types of roadside assistance options:

Roadside Assistance Membership Plans (Starting at $89 for Non-Allstate Policyholders): Allstate offers two roadside assistance membership plans, including Roadside Advantage ($89 per year) and Roadside Elite ($164 per year). These plans are available to all drivers – even those without Allstate car insurance. Plans include 5 to 7 rescues per year, towing service of 10 to 100 miles, trip interruption coverage, vehicle lockout service, tire changes, jumpstarts, and other perks. In addition to the Roadside Assistance Membership Plans, Allstate Motor Club offers exclusive benefits and services for its members, providing enhanced roadside assistance and additional perks.

Insurance Add-On Coverage ($25 Per Vehicle for Allstate Policyholders): If you’re an Allstate policyholder, then you can add roadside assistance to your car insurance policy starting at $25 per vehicle. Roadside assistance covers towing and other roadside services 24/7 via a nationwide network of rescue providers.

Pay-Per-Use ($154 Per Tow for Policyholders & Non-Policyholders): Allstate also offers one-time, immediate-use roadside assistance services. If you need towing but don’t have either of the plans listed above, then you can pay a one-time fee starting at $154 per tow to request towing at your location. Service is available 24/7 and available to policyholders and non-policyholders. Pay-per-use covers up to 5 miles of towing at no extra charge. Then, you pay $7 per mile beyond this limit.

Allstate Tows Vehicles 5 Miles to 100 Miles at No Extra Charge

Depending on which Allstate roadside assistance plan you have, the company tows vehicles 5 miles to 100 miles at no extra charge.

Allstate will tow your vehicle beyond the 5 to 100-mile limit. However, the company charges an extra fee per mile. The further your vehicle is towed, the more you’ll pay.

Here’s how Allstate’s towing limits work:

  • Allstate’s roadside assistance plans include a minimum of 10 miles of complementary towing coverage.
  • Allstate will tow your vehicle up to 10 miles or to the nearest service center, whichever is closer.
  • If you have Allstate’s Roadside Elite plan ($164 per year), then you have an extended towing limit of up to 100 miles. Allstate tows your vehicle up to 100 miles or to the nearest service center capable of repairing your vehicle, whichever is closer.
  • Allstate will happily tow your car beyond the 10 to 100-mile limit. However, you’ll pay an extra per-mile fee.
  • If you’re using Allstate’s pay-per-use plan, then the company only tows your vehicle 5 miles at no extra charge, then charges $7 per mile beyond this 5-mile limit.

Allstate Offers 5 to 7 Complementary Rescues Per Year

If you have an Allstate roadside assistance plan, then you get five to seven complementary rescues per year, depending on your plan.

Standard roadside assistance members and Roadside Advantage members get five complementary service calls per year.

Roadside Elite members get seven complementary service calls per year.

In other words, you can request towing service at your location five to seven times at no extra charge, assuming you’re within the 10 to 100-mile towing limit.

What Else Does Allstate Roadside Assistance Cover?

Allstate’s roadside assistance plans work similarly to the plans offered by other providers.

All roadside assistance plans include perks like:

  • 24/7 roadside assistance with a national network of rescue providers
  • Mobile access
  • Towing and roadside services
  • Available with or without an Allstate policy

Some of the specific items covered by Allstate’s roadside assistance plans include:

24/7 Roadside Assistance with 5 to 7 Rescues Per Year: Allstate will dispatch an emergency technician to your location at no extra charge, up to 5 times per year (with a standard plan or Roadside Advantage plan) or up to 7 times per year (with a Roadside Elite plan).

Roadside Services: Allstate offers towing, vehicle jumpstarts, fuel delivery, lockout services, and tire changes on all plans.

Trip Interruption Coverage: If your trip is interrupted because of a covered roadside emergency (say, a vehicle breakdown), then Allstate reimburses you for up to three days of expenses or until the car is fixed, up to $1,500.

Tire & Wheel Repair & Replacement: Allstate reimburses you up to twice per membership year ($100 each) if your tire is damaged because of a road hazard.

Coverage for Additional Household Members: All Allstate roadside plans allow you to add up to five additional household members for an additional charge, extending roadside assistance coverage for your whole family.

Final Word

Allstate will tow your vehicle 10 miles at no extra charge if you have a standard roadside assistance plan.

If you have Allstate’s Roadside Elite plan, however, then the company tows your vehicle up to 100 miles.

Allstate also offers pay-per-use towing, towing your vehicle up to 5 miles at no extra charge in exchange for a one-time fee of $154 per tow.

Allstate’s roadside assistance plans start at $25 per vehicle for members and $89 per year for non-members. Contact Allstate today to add roadside assistance and get complimentary towing.

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