Does Farmers Have Good Roadside Assistance Coverage?

Last Updated on June 5, 2021

Choosing a car insurance company is about more than just the financial coverage you get after an accident. You’ll also want to consider their roadside assistance options. Roadside assistance services can help you with a number of common problems you could face on the road. They often cover towing, emergency fuel delivery, locksmith services, and more.

Farmers is one of the largest insurance companies in the US, with coverage in all 50 states. They offer car insurance as well as home, life, business, and many other types of insurance, and they have their own roadside assistance coverage. Here’s what you need to know about Farmers’ roadside assistance services.

farmers roadside assistance coverage

About Farmers Insurance

Farmers is a large insurance group based in the US. They have agents located throughout the country and also operate a number of subsidiaries. Farmers itself is a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance Group, which sells a number of other insurance products. Farmers was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1928, and are currently headquartered in nearby Woodland Hills.

The Importance of Having Roadside Assistance Insurance Coverage

Roadside assistance is a worthwhile add-on to your insurance policy. You never know what might happen while you’re on the road, and roadside assistance coverage gives you someone to call if you need help with towing or get locked out of your car, for example. It’s particularly important for traveling in rural areas, where it might be difficult to get to a nearby service center on your own. Roadside assistance coverage is generally very affordable and can help save you money in the long run on important services.

How Can You Add Farmers’ Roadside Assistance to Your Policy?

Farmers offers roadside assistance coverage as an add-on to their car insurance policies. You must purchase collision or comprehensive coverage in order to get the roadside assistance add-on. If you’re interested in adding roadside assistance to your policy, you can add it to your policy online or speak with an agent. If you require roadside assistance, you can use their online claims portal, or you can call their roadside assistance number at 1-800-435-7764.

What Does Farmers’ Roadside Assistance Coverage Offer?

The Farmers roadside assistance plan offers a number of different service options. Here’s what’s included with their roadside assistance coverage.

  • Emergency towing. Farmers offers emergency towing services to help you get to the nearest repair center. They will only cover up to $150 of towing services, and then you’ll need to pay for the rest out of pocket. Farmers will take you to the nearest approved repair facility – you won’t always get to choose which repair facility you go to.
  • Flat tire change. If you get a flat unexpectedly and don’t have a spare tire with you, Farmers can come to replace it.
  • Battery jump. If your car is unable to start, the roadside assistance team can come to give you a battery jump.
  • Locksmith services. If you’ve locked your keys in your car, damaged them, or require locksmith assistance for any other reason, Farmers can send one to help. They partner with thousands of professional locksmiths throughout the US to offer lockout services.
  • Winching. This service is very helpful if your car gets stuck in mud or snow and you are unable to get it out on your own. A professional team will come to pull you out and get you back on the road.

Farmers roadside assistance coverage also provides reimbursement for services from different providers. Many people have a preferred locksmith or car repair team in their area that they would like to use instead of those in Farmers’ network. In this case, you can file a claim and then submit your service receipt and other documentation. The disadvantage with this approach is that it takes much longer to get reimbursement, and your claim could be denied if you don’t provide appropriate documentation.

How Much Does Farmers’ Roadside Assistance Cost?

Farmers roadside assistance program is relatively affordable, at only $23.20 per year as an add-on to your policy. However, Farmers does require you to have comprehensive or collision insurance in order to purchase their roadside assistance coverage. Comprehensive and collision coverage is not legally required, and these policies are more expensive than basic liability coverage. However, they do provide very valuable coverage that can help you financially in the event of an accident. Farmers does have an extensive array of discounts that can help you save money. When you’re signing up for your policy, be sure to ask which ones you qualify for.

How Does Farmers Roadside Assistance Compare to Others?

The chart below shows how Farmers compares to the roadside assistance programs offered by AAA, GEICO, Progressive, State Farm, and USAA.

CompanyFarmersAAAGEICOProgressiveState FarmUSAA
Annual Cost$23.20$38-74$14+$16-$23$36-48$12-15
TowingTo nearest repair center (up to $150)7 milesTo nearest repair facility15 milesTo nearest repair facilityTo nearest repair facility
Mechanical AdjustmentIncludedIncluded1 hour included1 hour included1 hour included1 hour included
LocksmithIncluded$50-$100$1001 hour included1 hour includedIncluded
Flat TireIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Fuel DeliveryIncluded - you pay for gasIncluded - you pay for gasIncluded up to $5Included - you pay for gasIncluded - you pay for gasIncluded - you pay for gas
Battery Jump StartIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Battery ReplacementIncludedIncludedNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Winching and ExtractionIncluded (within 10 feet of the road)Free if possible from road1 hour included100 feetFree if possible from roadFree if possible from road

What Can I Expect From Farmers’ Customer Service?

Farmers is a very reputable car insurance provider with service available throughout the United States. They are a popular choice for consumers because they offer a very wide range of coverage types – not only do they have car insurance, but they also have home, life, and many other types of insurance that customers can add to their bundle. They even have rideshare insurance and insurance for specialty vehicles that most companies don’t offer. They also have plenty of add-ons that you can use to customize your policy.

Farmers gets generally good reviews for its customer service, scoring about average on customer satisfaction surveys. They also get fewer complaints than average according to information collected by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Farmers makes it relatively easy to manage your insurance policy – they have an app that you can use to file claims, make payments, and keep track of your policy information. You can even request roadside assistance through the app, which is a handy feature to have in an emergency.

Farmers roadside assistance coverage is reliable and is a worthwhile add-on if you already have Farmers’ car insurance. It’s very easy to request service, and you also have the flexibility to choose your own service provider and get the reimbursement later on.

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