Where Can I Make a Complaint About My Auto Insurance Company?

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Because car insurance is something you absolutely have to have by law in most states, it may seem as though your auto insurance company has you over a barrel. You have to do what you can to maintain your policy, and when you have to file a claim you expect to get the compensation you have been paying for. Unfortunately, there are some instances in which the car insurance companies do not do what they should, and when that happens it may seem as though you have nowhere to turn.

Reasons to Make a Complaint

submit complaint about insurerThere are several reasons you might want to make a complaint about a car insurance company. If the company changes the terms of your policy between the time of the quote and the first bill, you may want to file a complaint against them for hidden fees or charges. You may also want to complain about the way that your car insurance company calculated your new premium, or they may seem to be discriminating against you in some way.

The most common complaints about car insurance companies is in how the companies process and pay out claims. If you have problems with getting your car insurance company to pay out a claim, or to pay the amount you feel you are entitled to, you can make a compliant about the auto insurer in an attempt to get them to make it right.

How to Make a Complaint

Each state has their own insurance commission or agency that oversees car insurance. You can make a complaint to these agencies either online or by phone. One of the best resources for filing a complaint about a car insurance company is the National Institute of Insurance Commissions. This organization has all of the information you need to contact your state’s car insurance commission so that you can easily file a complaint. Their website also has helpful information about what to expect from your complaint.

Where to Make a Complaint

Where you will make your complaint will depend on your state. Each state has their own insurance commission that handles these complaints. A complete list of the insurance commissions for each state is below.

  • Alabama: Alabama Department of Insurance
  • Alaska: Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development—Division of Insurance
  • Arizona: Arizona Department of Insurance
  • Arkansas: Arkansas Insurance Department
  • California: California Department of Insurance
  • Colorado: Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies
  • Connecticut: State of Connecticut Insurance Department
  • Delaware: Delaware Department of Insurance
  • Washington D.C.: Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking
  • Florida: The Division of Consumer Services
  • Georgia: Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner—Department of Insurance
  • Hawaii: Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
  • Idaho: Department of Insurance
  • Illinois: Illinois Department of Insurance
  • Indiana: Indiana Department of Insurance
  • Iowa: Iowa Insurance Division
  • Kansas: Kansas Insurance Commissioner
  • Kentucky: Kentucky Department of Insurance
  • Louisiana: Louisiana Department of Insurance
  • Maine: Maine Bureau of Insurance
  • Maryland: Maryland Insurance Administration
  • Massachusetts: Massachusetts Division of Insurance
  • Michigan: Department of Insurance and Financial Services
  • Minnesota: Minnesota Commerce Department
  • Mississippi: Mississippi Insurance Department
  • Missouri: Missouri Department of Insurance
  • Montana: Commissioner of Securities and Insurance
  • Nebraska: Nebraska Department of Insurance
  • Nevada: Nevada Division of Insurance
  • New Hampshire: New Hampshire Insurance Department
  • New Jersey: Department of Banking & Insurance
  • New Mexico: Office of Superintendent of Insurance
  • New York: Department of Financial Services
  • North Carolina: Department of Insurance
  • North Dakota: North Dakota Insurance Department
  • Ohio: Ohio Department of Insurance
  • Oklahoma: Insurance Commissioner
  • Oregon: Division of Financial Regulation
  • Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Insurance Department
  • Rhode Island: Department of Business Regulation—Insurance Division
  • South Carolina: Department of Insurance
  • South Dakota: Department of Labor and Regulation—Division of Insurance
  • Tennessee: Department of Commerce & Insurance
  • Texas: Texas Department of Insurance
  • Utah: Utah Insurance Department
  • Vermont: Department of Financial Regulation
  • Virginia: State Corporation Commission
  • Washington: Office of the Insurance Commissioner
  • West Virginia: Offices of the Insurance Commissioner
  • Wisconsin: Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
  • Wyoming: Wyoming Department of Insurance

All 50 states plus Washington D.C. have online complaint forms that you can fill out easily and at any time of day to file your complaint about your car insurance company. If you prefer to talk to a person, most of them have phone numbers listed and easily located, but you will likely have to call during traditional business hours.

What to Expect from Your Complaint

Different states have different rules for how complaints must be handled. In general, your car insurance company is given a set amount of time such as 10 to 15 days to resolve the complaint. If they do not resolve the complaint, the insurance commission or department of insurance will investigate the situation. If the insurance company is found to be at fault, they will be forced to make it right and could also be fined or otherwise penalized.

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