Is Trumbull Good for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on June 29, 2021

Trumbull Insurance is an insurance company available across the United States. The company underwrites policies for The Hartford and other small and large providers.

Although not as well-known as other insurers, Trumbull Insurance covers thousands of drivers across the country. As a subsidiary of The Hartford, Trumbull also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and strong financial scores.

Is Trumbull a good auto insurance company? Should you buy auto insurance through Trumbull or The Hartford? What’s the difference between Trumbull and The Hartford? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Trumbull’s auto insurance.

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What Is Trumbull?

Trumbull Insurance is an insurance company currently operating as a subsidiary of The Hartford. The Hartford is one of America’s oldest insurance companies, with more than 211+ years of experience covering property owners across the country.

Today, Trumbull provides insurance in a small number of states, including Washington (home insurance), Michigan (auto and home insurance), Minnesota (auto insurance), Pennsylvania (auto insurance), and Texas (home insurance).

Trumbull also underwrites policies for The Hartford. If you buy car insurance through The Hartford in certain states, then you might have a policy from Trumbull and not even know it.

There’s limited information online about Trumbull’s insurance policies and how they work. Since Trumbull became a subsidiary of The Hartford, The Hartford appears to have increasingly bundled Trumbull’s policies with their own. As of 2021, Trumbull does not seem to have an official website, and most online searches redirect to

Trumbull Insurance Products & Services

Trumbull insures drivers and homeowners in five states, including Washington, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The company provides standard auto insurance and home insurance in these states.

Auto Insurance: Trumbull offers auto insurance in Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. You can buy minimum liability auto insurance through Trumbull to meet minimum requirements in your state. Or, you can buy full coverage for added protection and peace of mind.

Home Insurance: Trumbull offers home insurance in two states, including Washington and Texas. You can buy a homeowners insurance policy to cover your home and its contents.

How Does Trumbull’s Auto Insurance Work?

Trumbull offers auto insurance that can meet or exceed minimum requirements in your state. Some drivers buy minimum liability plans through Trumbull to legally drive on public roads. Others exceed these requirements with full coverage policies.

You can buy all of the following auto insurance policies through Trumbull if you live in Michigan, Minnesota, or Pennsylvania:

Liability Coverage: Trumbull offers liability insurance, including bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. Most states require these coverages. They protect other drivers – not you. If you injure someone else while driving, or if you damage someone else’s property and you’re at fault, then your liability insurance should cover the damages.

Collision Coverage: Collision coverage protects your own vehicle after an accident. If you are at fault for an accident, then your collision coverage will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your own vehicle.

Comprehensive Coverage: Trumbull offers comprehensive coverage, which covers damage to your own vehicle that occurs outside of accidents. If you want to be covered against house fires, vandalism, vehicle theft, and other incidents, for example, then you need comprehensive coverage.

Medical Payments Coverage: Required in some states, medical payments coverage (also known as med pay) covers medical bills for you and your passengers after an accident.

Personal Injury Protection Insurance: Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage covers more than medical payments coverage after an accident and is required in some states. PIP covers things like medical bills, funeral costs, lost wages, and other expenses after an accident.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Millions of Americans drive illegally without car insurance. Many states require drivers to carry uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage for added protection. In other states, drivers buy this coverage for peace of mind. You can buy Trumbull’s uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage in applicable states.

What Makes Trumbull Insurance Unique?

Trumbull is a small and lesser-known car insurance company that mostly does business through The Hartford. However, the company has several features that make it unique, including:

Subsidiary of The Hartford: As of 2021, most of Trumbull’s business seems to come directly through its parent company, The Hartford. If you buy car insurance through The Hartford in select states, then you could Trumbull could be the company underwriting your policy.

Popular with Retirees and Older Adults: The Hartford is a popular car insurance company for members of the AARP, as AARP members get a discount. If you are a retired or older, then you might buy car insurance through The Hartford to get a discounted rate on your Trumbull insurance policy.

Strong Claims Satisfaction: The Hartford is known for its strong claims satisfaction ratings, and the company tends to charge higher rates for better service. Like its parent company, Trumbull is known for offering generous coverage options we may not see with other insurers, including new car replacement, lifetime car repair insurance at authorized sharps, a disappearing deductible, and other perks.

Ideal for Safe Drivers: The Hartford’s business model is built on attracting safe drivers over 50. Trumbull, as a subsidiary of The Hartford, seems to target a similar market. If you are a safe driver over 50 with no recent claims, then you could pay particularly cheap rates through Trumbull.

New Car Replacement Coverage: Trumbull will replace your totaled car with a new car of the same make, model, and equipment without subtracting anything for depreciation.

RecoverCare Coverage: You can buy RecoverCare coverage through The Hartford / Trumbull. This covers things like snow removal and other home care services if you’re injured in an accident and can’t do it yourself.

Accident Forgiveness: If all drivers on your policy have a clean driving record and are accident-free for five straight years, then Trumbull / The Hartford will excuse your first accident, which means that your first accident will not raise insurance premiums.

Lifetime Car Repair Assurance: If you get repairs at one of the 1,600 authorized repair shops from Trumbull / The Hartford, then the company guarantees the workmanship of all repairs for life. =

Trumbull Auto Insurance Discounts

Trumbull’s auto insurance discounts are similar to the discounts provided by The Hartford. Here are some of the discounts you can expect when buying car insurance through Trumbull:

Disappearing Deductible: Trumbull has an optional disappearing deductible benefit. With this option, you reduce your collision deductible on your auto insurance policy over time as long as you are a safe driver and maintain a clean driving record.

Safety Feature Discount: Like most insurers, Trumbull offers discounts for vehicle safety features like anti-lock brakes and multiple airbags.

Vehicle Fuel Type: Trumbull offers additional discounts if your car is a hybrid or electric vehicle.

Driver Training Discounts: If you are under age 21 (or under 25 in Georgia) and finish an approved training course, then you can get a discount on your Trumbull auto insurance policy.

Defensive Driver Course: Drivers of any age who complete an approved defensive driving course can get a discount on their auto insurance for the next three years.

Bundling Discounts: Trumbull and its parent company, The Hartford, offer a full spectrum of insurance products and services. If you bundle multiple policies together, then you can save money across all of these policies.

Paid in Full Discount: Drivers who pay their premium upfront instead of making monthly payments will receive a discount.

AARP Discount: AARP members can get discounted auto insurance rates through The Hartford. Because The Hartford is Trumbull’s parent company, AARP members could qualify for discounts through Trumbull.

Trumbull Ratings & Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

Trumbull is a subsidiary of The Hartford, so most of the company’s ratings and reviews are for the parent company – not the subsidiary. As a subsidiary, Trumbull is expected to have the same financial strength rating and similar customer service to its parent.

Trumbull and The Hartford have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company has 348 BBB complaints closed in the last three years.

Trumbull and The Hartford also have some of the strongest financial strength ratings in the insurance industry. The company has an A+ rating from A.M. Best, which analyzes the assets and liabilities of an insurance company to determine its financial strength.

The Hartford has very strong ratings from J.D. Power, which talks to real policyholders to assess the claims satisfaction of insurers. J.D. Power recently scored The Hartford with 889 points on a 1,000 point scale, just behind Erie Insurance (893 points) and American Family (891), which came in first and second. When you buy car insurance through Trumbull, you can expect similar claims satisfaction and customer service ratings to The Hartford.

Final Word on Trumbull

Trumbull is an auto insurance company best-known as a subsidiary of The Hartford. The company offers competitively-priced home and car insurance in select states.

To learn more about Trumbull or to buy car insurance for your unique needs, contact the company today.

Trumbull Auto Insurance Contact Info
AddressOne Hartford Plaza
Hartford, CT 06155
Phone Number860-547-5000
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