How Much Does It Cost to Insure a Toyota RAV4?

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

It costs around $1,476 per year, on average, for full coverage car insurance on a Toyota RAV4.

However, the cost of RAV4 insurance varies widely based on the value of your vehicle, state insurance laws, your ZIP code, your credit score, and dozens of other factors.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the cost of insuring a Toyota RAV4 – including how much money you could save on Toyota RAV4 insurance.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The average annual cost for full coverage car insurance on a Toyota RAV4 is $1,476.
  2. Insurance rates for the RAV4 can vary significantly based on factors like location, driving history, and the vehicle’s value.
  3. There are multiple ways to save on RAV4 insurance, including taking advantage of discounts and regularly comparing quotes.
  4. Despite the average, individual insurance costs can differ widely due to personal and state-specific factors.

Toyota RAV4 Insurance Costs $1,476 Per Year

The average Toyota RAV4 driver in the United States pays $1,476 per year for full coverage car insurance, according to our research.

That figure includes liability insurance along with collision and comprehensive coverage. It also includes all model years of RAV4s currently on the road – including the newest and oldest models.

Depending on many factors, you could pay significantly more or less than $1,476 per year to insure a Toyota RAV4. Some RAV4 drivers in the United States pay as little as $10 or $20 per month for RAV4 insurance, for example, while others pay over $200 per month.

On average, however, you can expect to pay around $1,476 per year ($123 per month) to insure a Toyota RAV4 in the United States.

Factors that Impact Toyota RAV4 Insurance Premiums

Toyota RAV4 drivers pay different rates across the United States. Even if you and your neighbor have an identical Toyota RAV4 with the same coverage, you could pay twice as much as your neighbor because of various factors.

Here are some of the factors insurers consider when calculating Toyota RAV4 insurance premiums:

Coverage Limits: Do you want maximum coverage and higher protection for your vehicle? Or are you okay with lower coverage limits and minimum liability insurance? The more insurance coverage you buy, the more you’ll pay for RAV4 insurance.

State-Specific Factors: Drivers in Florida pay nearly triple the insurance premiums, on average, as drivers in Idaho. The same insurance company could charge drastically different rates in different states. Some states have higher insurance requirements than others, for example. Others have no-fault insurance or stricter regulations for insurers, increasing costs for insurers, who pass those costs onto drivers. The average RAV4 driver in Florida pays over $2,500 per year for full coverage car insurance, while the same driver in Idaho pays less than $1,100 per year.

Driver-Specific Factors: You and your neighbor might have the exact same RAV4, insurer, and ZIP code but pay drastically different rates for car insurance because of driver-specific factors. Some drivers have a history of at-fault collisions and other serious incidents. Other drivers have a clean record and 40+ years of good driving history. Some RAV4 drivers are teenagers with zero driving experience, while others are 55-year-olds with decades of driving experience.

ZIP Code: Insurers consider your ZIP code when calculating the cost of RAV4 insurance. Some ZIP codes have high traffic density and high accident rates. Other ZIP codes have high crime rates. Your insurer needs to know where your vehicle is parked most nights to calculate rates accurately.

Credit Score: Unless you live in California, Massachusetts, or Hawaii, your insurer is allowed to use your credit score to calculate premiums. The higher your credit score, the less you’ll pay for car insurance. Statistically, RAV4 drivers with low credit scores cost insurers more money than RAV4 drivers with high credit scores.

Insurer & Discounts: Some insurance companies charge surprisingly low rates for RAV4 insurance. Other companies charge unusually high rates. Generally, the RAV4 is a popular car with drivers across the United States, and most insurers charge competitive rates. However, some insurers charge relatively cheap rates for RAV4 insurance, while others charge relatively high rates. Shop around to ensure you’re getting a good deal on RAV4 insurance.

Year & Trim: All Toyota RAV4s have the same make and model. However, they have different years and trims. Your year and trim impact the value of your vehicle, which impacts the cost of car insurance. The more valuable your vehicle is, the more you’ll pay for car insurance. A 2023 Toyota RAV4 with the most expensive trim is more valuable than a base 2013 Toyota RAV4, all else equal.

Ultimately, insurers consider dozens of factors when calculating the cost of insuring a Toyota RAV4. Similarly, Honda CR-V owners might experience variations in insurance costs due to factors like the vehicle’s trim, the driver’s location, and their driving history, paralleling the insurance rate determinants for the RAV4.

By comparing quotes, you can ensure you’re getting the best possible deal on Toyota RAV4 insurance.

How to Save Money on Toyota RAV4 Insurance

Most Toyota RAV4 drivers want good insurance without breaking the bank. Fortunately, there are easy ways you can reduce the cost of RAV4 insurance.

Some of the best ways to save money on Toyota RAV4 insurance include:

  • Take advantage of discounts, including bundling discounts, safe driver discounts, good student discounts, and any other discounts your insurer offers.
  • Compare car insurance quotes every six to 12 months to ensure you’re paying the best possible rates. Insurers adjust rates constantly. As factors in your life change, the price you pay for car insurance will change as well.
  • Adjust coverage as needed. As your RAV4 gets older, you may not need full coverage car insurance. It may be safe to drop collision and comprehensive coverage on a 15-year-old RAV4, for example, because the cost of repairing the vehicle is more than the vehicle is worth. Adjust coverage as needed over the vehicle’s lifespan to ensure you’re paying the lowest rates.
  • Maintain safe driving habits. This is the best way to pay cheap car insurance premiums on a RAV4 or any other vehicle.
  • Avoid speeding tickets and other citations. In most cases, speeding tickets increase the cost of car insurance. Avoid speeding tickets and other moving violations.

Final Word

According to our analysis, the average Toyota RAV4 driver in the United States pays around $1,476 per year for full coverage car insurance.

However, rates vary widely based on your driving history, age, ZIP code, state, and dozens of other factors.

Compare quotes today to ensure you’re getting the best possible rates on your Toyota RAV4 insurance.

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