Does Progressive Offer Temporary Car Insurance?

Last Updated on September 26, 2023

There are certain situations where you may need temporary car insurance. However, like most insurers, Progressive does not offer temporary car insurance.

You can sign up for a 6-month or 12-month insurance policy with Progressive, then cancel it when you no longer need it. Or, you can use Progressive’s Snapshot for usage-based insurance, paying only for the coverage you need.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Progressive’s temporary car insurance options.

No, Progressive Does Not Offer Temporary Car Insurance

No major insurance company in the United States, including Progressive, offers temporary car insurance. It’s not a common type of insurance.

In fact, if you find an insurer online advertising temporary car insurance, it may be deliberately misleading. Some providers claim to offer temporary car insurance, for example, only to sell high-priced policies or make coverage difficult to cancel.

Regardless of why you need temporary car insurance, you cannot buy temporary coverage through Progressive, GEICO, State Farm, Allstate, or other major insurers. Instead, you must sign up for a 6-month or 12-month policy.

Progressive Charges No Cancellation Fees

It’s easy to cancel your Progressive policy. Progressive, like most insurers, does not charge cancellation fees.

If you sign up for a Progressive insurance policy, then cancel it after one or two months, then you should receive a refund on any unpaid premiums. For most drivers in most states, Progressive does not charge a cancellation fee.

By signing up for a 6 or 12-month Progressive car insurance policy today and then canceling it, you can effectively enjoy temporary car insurance.

Other Options for Short-Term Car Insurance

Whether you’re a Progressive customer or not, there are other options for short-term car or temporary policies. Here are some of the options available to you:

Check If You Already Have Coverage: First, it’s important to check if you already have car insurance. In many cases, people who need temporary car insurance are already covered. If you are driving a friend’s vehicle, for example, and that friend has insurance, then the insurance follows the vehicle. As long as you are a licensed driver with permission to drive the vehicle, that insurance comes with you when driving the vehicle. You may shop around for temporary car insurance from Progressive, only to discover you don’t need it.

Buy a Non-Owner Car Insurance Policy: A non-owner car insurance policy provides you with liability coverage even if you don’t own a vehicle. It may be the right choice if you occasionally borrow or rent cars and want added protection. If you just sold a vehicle but want to maintain coverage, then you may want a non-owner insurance policy.

Buy a 6 or 12-Month Policy, then Cancel It Without Penalty: If you need temporary car insurance for a few weeks or months, then buy a 6 or 12-month policy from Progressive (or any other company), then cancel it when no longer needed. You should be able to contact Progressive to cancel your policy at any point. Just tell them the date on which you no longer need coverage, and Progressive will terminate your policy. Progressive even refunds any premiums you have already paid.

Buy the Rental Car Company’s Supplemental Coverage: If you need temporary car insurance for a rental car, then it may be easier to buy the rental car company’s supplemental coverage. Most rental car companies offer supplemental coverage or a collision damage waiver for a fixed daily rate. However, your personal car insurance policy often extends to rental cars, which could make coverage unnecessary.

Ask to Be Listed as a Secondary Driver: If you regularly borrow a friend or family member’s vehicle, then ask to be listed as a secondary driver. In fact, the insurance company may require you to be listed as a secondary driver if you frequently drive the vehicle or live at the same address. Being listed as a secondary driver officially provides you with insurance coverage for that vehicle, and it may be easier than buying temporary car insurance.

Adjust Coverage Seasonally: If you only drive a sports car in the summer months, then adjust coverage seasonally. You can contact Progressive and reduce insurance during months when your car is parked, for example, then raise it to full coverage when you’re driving. Progressive adjusts premiums throughout the year based on your usage.

Use Snapshot for Usage-Based Car Insurance: If you want temporary car insurance because you don’t drive much, consider Progressive’s usage-based insurance – Snapshot. You pay for the miles you drive, which could make Snapshot the right choice for low-mileage drivers.

How Progressive’s Snapshot Works

Progressive, like many large insurance companies, now offers a usage-based insurance system. Progressive calls its system Snapshot. It customizes your insurance premiums based on your driving habits.

Although Progressive doesn’t offer temporary car insurance, Snapshot could be the right choice for some drivers. If you drive infrequently and have low mileage, then you could save with Snapshot.

Explore Progressive’s Snapshot to see if it’s the right temporary car insurance alternative for you.

Why Doesn’t Progressive Offer Temporary Car Insurance?

Progressive and its competitors do not offer temporary car insurance. Why?

Progressive wants to build long-term relationships with policyholders. It’s hard to assess risk accurately and run a profitable insurance business with temporary insurance.

Although Progressive doesn’t offer temporary insurance, usage-based policies like Snapshot may be the right choice for you.

Reasons to Buy Temporary Car Insurance

People need temporary car insurance for different reasons – from driving a convertible in the summer to driving the family’s vehicles when home from school.

Here are some of the reasons you may want to buy temporary car insurance:

  • You want to insure a sports car only for the summer months
  • You are a student who wants to drive when home for summer or winter break
  • You are renting a vehicle for a trip or vacation
  • You plan to get rid of your vehicle in the near future
  • You want to rent a vehicle while visiting the United States

Temporary insurance may seem like the right choice for these situations. However, Progressive does not offer temporary car insurance.

Final Word

Temporary car insurance is not available through Progressive or other major insurers.

Instead, check out Progressive’s usage-based insurance (Snapshot). Or, buy non-owner car insurance, ask to be registered as a secondary driver, or buy the rental car company’s insurance instead of buying temporary insurance from Progressive.

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