Does GEICO Offer Temporary Car Insurance?

Last Updated on September 18, 2023

GEICO, like other major insurers, does not offer temporary car insurance. You cannot buy temporary car insurance or month-to-month car insurance with GEICO.

However, you can buy an ordinary 6 or 12-month insurance policy through GEICO, then cancel it for a full refund – even if you’re within the first few weeks or months of use.

Alternatively, GEICO offers a driver tracking program called DriveEasy, where you pay lower rates on car insurance based on miles driven.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about GEICO and temporary car insurance.

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No Major Insurers Offers Temporary Car Insurance

GEICO is America’s second-largest insurance company. Like other major insurance companies, GEICO does not offer temporary car insurance, one-day coverage, one-week coverage, short-term coverage, day-to-day car insurance, or similar products.

In fact, it’s rare for any insurance company to offer temporary car insurance. You may find smaller insurers advertising temporary car insurance online. However, these claims could be misleading.

When you buy car insurance from GEICO, you must buy a 6-month or 12-month policy. You agree to pay for 6 or 12 months of car insurance in exchange for a premium. GEICO, like most major insurers, does not offer insurance terms shorter than six months.

You Can Cancel GEICO Car Insurance at Any Time Without a Penalty

There is a way to buy short-term car insurance with GEICO: sign up for an ordinary policy, then cancel it when you no longer need it.

GEICO does not charge cancellation fees or penalties to most customers in most states.

That means you can sign up for a GEICO insurance policy, then request a cancellation at a certain point in the future.

Let’s say you need car insurance for two months. You buy car insurance through GEICO and sign up for a two-month policy. You pay for two months’ worth of auto insurance premiums. Then, you cancel your policy. GEICO will cancel the remaining four months of your insurance contract. In fact, GEICO will even refund any premiums you have already paid. You have purchased two months of car insurance at a discount rate with no further obligations. It’s not quite temporary car insurance, but it’s the closest thing GEICO offers.

GEICO Does Not Charge Cancellation Fees

GEICO does not charge cancellation fees on car insurance. Like most insurers, GEICO makes it easy to switch policies and cancel before your term expires.

Just contact GEICO, then tell them the date you want your service to end.

If you have already prepaid insurance premiums for the month, in fact, then GEICO may provide a refund on those insurance premiums. If you signed up for a six-month insurance policy, prepaid the entire policy upfront, and canceled after three months, you would receive a refund on the three months of coverage you purchased but did not use.

GEICO’s DriveEasy is Similar to Pay-Per-Use Car Insurance

If you need temporary car insurance, then pay-per-use car insurance could be the right fit. GEICO offers a driver tracking program called DriveEasy that tracks driving behavior and mileage, then rewards drivers for their habits.

Depending on your temporary car insurance needs, you may benefit from GEICO’s DriveEasy coverage:

Step 1) Sign up for DriveEasy and install the GEICO mobile app.

Step 2) Start driving. The DriveEasy app automatically detects your driving habits, then provides an individual score based on your mileage, driving habits, and more.

Step 3) Get personalized insurance prices. If you’re a safe driver, you could save hundreds with DriveEasy. If you drive fewer miles per week than the average driver, you could also save.

DriveEasy is not temporary car insurance. However, it could help you get on the road for a discount price.

Other Temporary Car Insurance Options

GEICO does not offer temporary car insurance. However, depending on your unique situation, other types of car insurance could be the right choice for you:

Non-Owner Car Insurance: GEICO offers non-owner car insurance. You can buy car insurance through GEICO even if you don’t own a vehicle. If you’re between vehicles or occasionally rent or borrow vehicles, then non-owner car insurance could be the right choice.

Rental Car Insurance: If you’re looking for temporary car insurance from GEICO for a rental car, then you might want to buy rental car insurance direct from the company instead. A standard GEICO policy includes rental car insurance coverage. If you don’t have personal car insurance, however, then buying from the rental car company may be cheaper than signing up for a “temporary” car insurance policy.

Add Yourself to Another Driver’s Insurance Policy: If you’re buying temporary car insurance to drive a friend or family member’s vehicle, then consider adding yourself to the other driver’s insurance policy. In fact, your insurer may require new drivers to be added to the insurance policy if they regularly drive the vehicle.

Situations Where You May Need Temporary Car Insurance

Situations where you may need temporary car insurance include:

  • You don’t own a vehicle but plan to rent a vehicle for a vacation
  • You live abroad and plan to drive while visiting the United States
  • You’re planning to sell a vehicle soon
  • You only drive a vehicle at certain times of year – like with a convertible during the summer or a college student home on winter break
  • You want to borrow a friend’s or family member’s vehicle

In all of these situations, temporary car insurance may make sense. However, GEICO and other major insurers do not offer temporary car insurance or similar short-term policies.

Final Word

GEICO doesn’t offer temporary insurance, daily car insurance, or similar insurance policies. However, the company makes it easy to cancel coverage whenever you like with little penalties.

If you only need car insurance for a brief period, consider buying a policy through GEICO and canceling it when you no longer need it.

Contact GEICO or compare car insurance rates online to find the best “temporary” car insurance solutions for your unique needs.

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