What Discounts Does Kemper Offer for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on November 19, 2023

We all want to save money, especially on our insurance. So, what discounts does Kemper offer for auto insurance? Quite a few.

With Kemper, the discounts you receive can apply to coverage for one specific car or driver, or they can function as a discount on your entire policy.

Kemper discountsThere are time constraints on many of these auto insurance discounts, either immediate or long-term. For example, network discounts for referring a friend must be completed by yourself and your friend within 30 days. This is juxtaposed by the safe and sound discount, which won’t kick in until you’ve had insurance with Kemper for one year.

Below, let’s review all of the discounts that are offered by Kemper for car insurance.

Free-A-Tree Discount

If you free a tree so to speak, by going green, you get an auto insurance discount. To qualify, you must:

You can use debit, credit, checking or savings accounts for your auto-pay settings. Moreover, if you set up automatic payments of any kind, you are automatically enrolled in this discount program.

Happily Married Discount

If you have a spouse or legally recognized partner (including civil unions and domestic partnerships), you may also get a discount.

This is one of those car insurance discounts that applies to the cost of your entire policy. To qualify, you must provide evidence that you are not only married but living together. Both parties must be on the policy. You can have one car and both be insured on it, two individual cars, or more. Again, it applies to the total amount of your policy.

However, should you become unhappily married and separate, it will no longer apply.

Kemper Specialty California

Kemper Specialty is for customers in California only. It is available for home or auto insurance in situations where customers are unable to get insurance from other providers. While the home insurance aspect was a result of many insurers canceling homeowner’s insurance in light of fires, the auto insurance aspect is for those with rare vehicles or who are high-risk drivers in need of coverage.

Multi-Policy Discount

Get coverage for your car and your home, apartment, or condo through Kemper and get a discount. This isn’t a very high discount, for most quotes show a savings of a few dollars per month if you add your homeowners insurance to your car insurance within 20 days of taking out a new policy, but something is better than nothing.

Network Discount

Already have Kemper but want more discounts? Get another auto insurance discount when you refer a friend who takes out a policy, too. You and your friend get 10% off your auto insurance.

There is a window of opportunity here, though. You must sign up and then provide your friends with a link you receive, after which they use it to sign up for coverage.

Note: You must all take what is called a “Safety Pledge” and agree to be a safe driver in order to receive the discount. Your referral has to be signed up within 30 days of your new policy.

Preferred Payer Discount

When you take out an insurance policy for anything, you have a few payment options: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annually.

For example, If you choose the monthly payment program, you must make a down payment followed by ten additional monthly payments. You can choose the size of your down payment and, subsequently, the size of your remaining monthly payments.

This example structure works the same as any other payment schedule, with the key difference being how frequently you make your subsequent payments. With Kemper, if you opt for the larger upfront payment, you save more money.

The amount of the discount varies based on the amount of money you pay toward your policy upfront. The more you pay for your initial down payment, the bigger the discount.

Retro Loyalty Discount

If you already have insurance through another provider but switch to Kemper, you get rewarded based on the duration of your loyalty to the previous insurer. Basically, if you had your previous insurance provider for a long time, Kemper would reward that loyalty with discounts. The longer you were with your previous provider, the greater the discount.

Safe and Sound Discount

If you are a safe driver, you get rewarded. If you have at least two people on your insurance policy, with one person over the age of 18, and all drivers on the insurance policy have gone 3 years without an accident or traffic violation, you get a discount.

The caveat with this is that you need coverage from Kemper for at least 12 months before the discount kicks in.

Traditional Discounts

The discounts described above are Kemper-specific, things you are not likely to find through other insurance providers, but the company also provides more traditional discounts. These include:

  • Airbags: Get a discount for having airbags in your car
  • Anti-theft devices: Get a discount if you have qualifying anti-theft devices in your car (your Pitbull in the backseat does not count)
  • Away at School: If you have a car used by that graduate, who is off at college and drives it only on holidays, then get a discount for the time it sits idle at home
  • Good Student: Get a discount on a student driver who maintains high grades
  • Mature Driver: Get a discount if you are 55 or older and have completed an accident prevention course
  • Multi-Car: Not only do you save by combining home and auto, but if you have more than one car, you save, too
  • Passive Restraint: If you have passive restraint devices like automatic seatbelts, you qualify for additional discounts

Remember, too, that some of the discounts apply automatically with time. The longer you have your policy and are a safe driver, the more discounts you gain access to. Others are contingent upon the circumstances when you take out your initial policy.

Please contact Kemper today to see how you can qualify for these discounts.

James Shaffer
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