Is Say Auto Insurance Good?

Last Updated on July 11, 2020

Say Auto Insurance is a unique company that focuses on simplifying the process of getting car insurance and providing transparency for customers. If you’re looking for a new car insurance policy, you may be wondering if Say would be a good fit for your needs. Here’s what you need to know about this up-and-coming car insurance provider.

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Say Auto Insurance Overview

Say Insurance is based in Columbia, Missouri. They currently offer coverage in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Tennessee, and Colorado. They were founded in 2016 with the goal of offering transparency for customers that other insurance companies don’t provide. They are part of Shelter Insurance, which is also based in Missouri and has been in business for over 70 years. Most insurance companies use an ‘insurance score’ to calculate your premiums. This insurance score is somewhat similar to a credit score. It assesses your history of on-time payments, credit history, and credit usage. Insurers also take many other factors into consideration, including the type of vehicle you drive, your driving history, your age, your location, and more.

Most insurance companies don’t share this information with their customers. Say is looking to change that by providing this insurance score to customers when they get a quote. This can help customers understand why they’re paying the rates they’re paying. When customers understand the reasoning behind their rates, they can make changes to their behavior to help them save money in the long run.

What Type of Coverage Does Say Offer?

Say offers a range of basic car insurance coverage options for their customers. These include:

  • Liability coverage: Liability coverage is legally required in all states. It covers the financial costs you incur if you are found responsible for a car accident, including medical costs and property damage costs.
  • Collision coverage: This covers the costs of repairing your vehicle if you are in any type of collision. This includes collisions with other vehicles as well as collisions with other structures.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This covers other types of damage to your vehicle, including vandalism, weather damage, and more.
  • Medical payments: If you or a passenger gets injured in a car accident and require ongoing medical care, this type of coverage can help you.
  • Uninsured motorist: If you are hit by a driver that doesn’t have insurance (or doesn’t have enough coverage to pay the bills), this type of coverage will cover the difference. This type of coverage is available for both medical payments and property damage.
  • New car replacement: This is a very helpful and unique form of coverage that many other companies don’t offer. It ensures that you can replace your vehicle with a similar model if it is totaled or stolen.
  • Rental car reimbursement: If your car is rendered unusable after an accident and you need to rent a car, this coverage will reimburse you for the money spent on a rental car.
  • Roadside assistance: Roadside assistance coverage can help you with a number of common car problems you might encounter while out on the road. This includes towing and repairs if your car gets stuck, as well as locksmith services, spare tires, and more. Say offers their roadside assistance add-on in all of their policies, and their assistance services are available 24/7.

It’s important to note that there are some special coverage options that Say does not offer. For example, if you need gap coverage, you won’t be able to get it from Say.

Say Customer Service

Say gets relatively good reviews for their customer service. Many customers appreciate their commitment to transparency, which is a very different approach from many other car insurance brands. However, it is important to note that they are a new company, so they don’t have a long history of customer reviews to assess. Their parent company, Shelter Insurance, has a relatively high complaint ratio for a company of its size.

Say also has an excellent website that is very easy to navigate. This makes it very convenient for potential customers to get a quote and learn about their policy options. Customers can also file claims and make payments online, making it easier to manage your policy. Say’s parent company, Shelter Insurance, has an AM Best rating of A+, which means they are very financially stable and can be trusted to pay out claims even in a financial crisis.

Say also offers a number of discounts to their customers to help them save money on their policies. These discounts include:

  • Advance purchase: If you purchase the policy more than seven days in advance of its starting date, you can earn a discount.
  • Anti-theft discount: You can earn a small discount if your car has an anti-theft device on it.
  • Continuous insurance discount: This discount is for drivers who have continuously held an insurance policy for several years without any gaps in coverage.
  • Defensive driving course: If you take a defensive driving course, you can earn a discount for learning about safe driving habits.
  • Paperless discount: This discount is for those who pay their insurance bills online and opt-out of receiving paper bills.
  • Pay-in-full discount: If you pay for your policy in one installment instead of paying in monthly installments, you can earn a discount.

Say’s biggest discount, however, is their loyalty discount. The longer you keep your insurance policy with them, the more you can save. Every time you renew your policy, your Say insurance score improves, which means that you’ll get lower monthly premiums for keeping them as your insurer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Say Insurance

There are many advantages to using Say for your insurance policy. They are very transparent and get good reviews for their customer service. They also offer good discounts to help you save money over time. However, there are also some potential disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that Say is currently over available in five states. They also don’t always have the lowest rates. When shopping for insurance, it’s important to get quotes from several different insurers and compare them to find the best option for you.

Say Insurance Company Info
Company Address1817 W. Broadway
Columbia, MO, 65218
Phone Number(800) 225-5729
Website URL
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