Does Dairyland Have Cheap Car Insurance?

Last Updated on April 3, 2021

Dairyland is an insurance company based in Wisconsin and serving 42 states throughout the country. They offer both auto and motorcycle insurance and pride themselves on offering great car insurance with Midwestern values. Dairyland is a subsidiary of Sentry Insurance, which is a Wisconsin-based company that offers commercial insurance. If you’re considering Dairyland for your car insurance, you might be wondering how their insurance prices compare to other companies. Here’s what you need to know about Dairyland car insurance and the value it offers for customers.

Does Dairyland Have Cheap Car Insurance?

Dairyland Auto Insurance Rates

When compared to other auto insurers, Dairyland tends to be slightly more expensive. If you are looking for bare-bones car insurance at extremely cheap prices, you aren’t likely to find it here. However, you can still get very reasonable rates with Dairyland, particularly if you have a good driving record – they’re just unlikely to be the absolute cheapest on the market. Dairyland also offers a good selection of discounts that you can use to lower your rates, which is rare for a smaller car insurance company. Additionally, Dairyland offers products for high-risk drivers that may otherwise struggle to obtain car insurance coverage.

Dairyland’s Financial Stability

One of the benefits of using Dairyland for your car insurance is that they are incredibly financially stable. Dairyland is a subsidiary of Sentry Insurance, which has received an A+ rating from AM Best. AM Best is a firm that rates the financial stability of insurance companies. An A+ rating indicates that Dairyland will be able to pay insurance claims regardless of the current economic climate. Sentry Insurance also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which indicates trustworthy and reliable business practices.

Dairyland’s Customer Service

Dairyland receives positive reviews for its customer service. They have relatively low complaint ratings and provide many different resources for customers to access policy information. To make a claim, customers can call Dairyland’s 24/7 insurance line, which offers bilingual services. Dairyland also has an app and an online policy information service that customers can use to review policy documents and make payments. One common complaint is that customers are unable to file claims online – this option is only available over the phone.

Types of Dairyland Auto Insurance Policies

Dairyland offers standard car insurance coverage that goes beyond the basic liability coverage options. They also offer comprehensive and collision coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, and personal injury protection coverage. They also have a few unique coverage options that you are unlikely to find with other car insurance companies. These include:

  • SR-22 coverage. This type of coverage is intended for those who are considered high-risk drivers. An SR-22 is a legal certificate showing that you carry car insurance. Many car insurance companies won’t insure people who require SR-22s, but Dairyland does. You may legally require an SR-22 if you have had a DUI or DWI, been involved in a serious at-fault accident, or if have been caught driving without a license or with a suspended license. In some rare cases, you may also need an SR-22 if you’ve been involved in several small accidents. Dairyland is a very reliable company for those who need SR-22 coverage. In addition to providing you with the coverage you need, they will inform the state that you are carrying the legally required minimum.
  • Non-owner insurance. This coverage is a great option for those who don’t own their own vehicle, but occasionally borrow a friend or family member’s car. If you get in an accident while driving a car that isn’t yours, it can be incredibly costly and make it difficult for you to get insurance in the future. Non-owner insurance will protect you in this situation. It can also be used with SR-22 coverage.
  • Motorcycle insurance. If you have your own motorcycle, it’s important to have insurance to protect you in the event of an accident. Dairyland offers reliable motorcycle insurance that you can easily pair with your car insurance.

Dairyland Auto Insurance Discounts

One of the best things about Dairyland is that they offer a good range of discounts on their car insurance policies. Many of their discounts are very easy to obtain as well, so you can save money for doing things you would have already done anyway. Even if your initial quote is fairly high, these discounts can help you save money and lower your policy to a more reasonable cost.

Here are some of the discounts that Dairyland offers on its insurance policies:

  • Advance quote discount: You’ll qualify for this discount if you get a quote at least a week before obtaining your insurance policy.
  • Payment frequency: This discount helps you save some money by making payments at least once a year. You must pay more than the minimum to qualify.
  • Multi-car discount: If you insure more than one car with Dairyland, you’ll save money on each car’s insurance.
  • Transfer discount: If you switch to Dairyland after being with another carrier for more than six months, you can earn a discount.
  • Defensive driver discount: If you’ve taken an approved defensive driving course, you can earn a discount on your insurance. Dairyland and many other insurance companies love to reward safe drivers.
  • Homeowner discount: If you own a home and have it properly insured, you can get a discount – homeowners are statistically less likely to file claims, so insurers offer discounts for them.
  • Anti-theft discount: If you have any anti-theft device in your car, you can earn a discount.

Final Word on Dairyland Insurance

While Dairyland isn’t the cheapest insurer on the market, they do provide reliable coverage. They are also a particularly great option for those that need SR-22 coverage. To see how much Dairyland will cost you, please contact your local Dairyland Insurance agent.

Dairyland Insurance Contact Information
AddressPO Box 8021
Stevens Point, Wisconsin, 54481
Customer Service Phone Number800-334-0090
Get a Quote Phone Number844-242-4468
Website URL
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