What Discounts Does 21st Century Offer for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on November 11, 2023

Like all major car insurance companies, 21st Century Insurance offers many discounts.

By taking advantage of 21st Century Insurance’s discounts, you can save hundreds – even thousands – per year on insurance.

21st Century auto insurance discountsSome people bundle multiple insurance policies together to save money. Others take advantage of good student discounts, safe driving discounts, or other discounts.

21st Century Insurance also offers several unique discounts we don’t see with other companies, including mature driver discounts and “Superior Driver” discounts, among others.

Want to save money on your 21st Century Insurance policy? Today, we’re highlighting all of the car insurance discounts available with 21st Century Insurance.

21st Century Car Insurance Discounts

Good Driver Discount

21st Century Insurance claims safe drivers save an average of 20%. If you have had no tickets or accidents in the last three years, then you qualify for the company’s safe driver discount. You must have had your driver’s license for three consecutive years with no more than one point for moving violations over that time period. If you qualify, then you could save 20% or more on car insurance.

Superior Driver Discount

21st Century Insurance is one of the few insurance companies that offer a “Superior Driver” discount. This discount is more powerful than the company’s safe driver discount. To qualify for the Superior Driver discount, you must keep a safe driving record for four years, with additional discounts available for having a safe driving record for five years. You could qualify as a Superior Driver if you have no moving violations or accidents within the last four to five years. The average driver saves 10% to 20% after qualifying for 21st Century Insurance’s Superior Driver discount.

Good Student Discount

A growing number of insurance companies offer good student discounts, including 21st Century Insurance. Like other insurers, 21st Century Insurance rewards students who keep good grades while attending college or high school full time. 21st Century Insurance requires you to maintain a grade average of “B” or better and be under age 25 to qualify for their good student discount. The average driver saves 15% by qualifying for 21st Century Insurance’s good student discount.

Mature Driver Discount

Drivers 55 years and older can reduce premiums by completing a state-recognized defensive driving course. 21st Century Insurance is one of several insurers offering a mature driver discount. In fact, some states require insurers to offer mature driver discounts to anyone who completes a course. This discount is not significant, although it could help you avoid higher premiums as you get older. The average 21st Century Insurance policyholder saves 2% by qualifying for the mature driver discount.

Multi-Car Discount

If you insure multiple vehicles with 21st Century Insurance, then you could save money across all insurance policies. This discount varies based on the number of cars and the number of drivers on your policy, but some drivers save hundreds or even thousands per year.

Multi Driver Discount

Even if you don’t insure multiple cars with 21st Century Insurance, you can qualify for the multi-driver discount. 21st Century Insurance’s multi-driver discount rewards drivers who insure multiple people under the same policy. If you have multiple vehicles or drivers on one policy, then you could save 10% or more on car insurance.

Anti-Theft Discount

Having anti-theft devices reduces the risk of vehicle theft. Many insurance companies reward drivers who have anti-theft devices. If your vehicle has up-to-date anti-theft systems, then 21st Century Insurance lowers car insurance premiums by 15%, on average. Popular anti-theft systems include vehicle alarms, remote lockdown systems, and other passive or active anti-theft systems.

Switch to Save Discounts

21st Century Insurance incentivizes customers to switch from competing providers. The company claims drivers can save anywhere from $350 to $470 by switching to 21st Century Insurance from competing insurers. The average State Farm policyholder saves $465 by switching, for example, while the average Nationwide customer saves $590, according to data posted on the official 21st Century Insurance website.

Multi-Policy Bundling Discounts

Bundling multiple policies together with 21st Century Insurance can lead to 20% savings or more across all policies.

Like other major insurance companies, 21st Century Insurance offers several types of insurance products and services. If you buy car insurance, home insurance, and other insurance products through 21st Century Insurance, then you could save thousands across all policies.

21st Century Insurance only sells car insurance. However, you can buy other insurance through its parent company, Farmers, which offers a full spectrum of insurance products.

Other 21st Century Insurance Discounts

21st Century Insurance offers dozens of insurance discounts for policyholders, ranging from safe driving discounts to bundling discounts. Depending on your situation, you could qualify for any of the following discounts:

Low Mileage Discounts: If you drive significantly fewer miles than the average driver, then you could qualify for a low mileage discount with 21st Century Insurance. Like most insurers, 21st Century Insurance rewards drivers who consistently have fewer miles than other drivers. Mileage requirements vary depending on your location, although the average American drives around 13,000 miles per year.

Driver Education Course Discounts: Have you recently completed a driver safety course? Many young drivers complete a training program before taking their license exam. Statistically, drivers who have completed safety courses are safer to insure. 21st Century Insurance may reward you with a small discount after completing your course.

Loyalty Discount: If you contact 21st Century Insurance and threaten to switch to a new insurer, then you may receive a loyalty discount. Like most insurers, 21st Century Insurance rewards loyal customers with lower rates. If you have been with 21st Century Insurance for three or more years, then you could qualify for a loyalty discount. Try calling the company to ask about a loyalty discount – especially if you’ve seen lower rates with other providers.

Final Word on 21st Century’s Discounts

Many 21st Century Insurance discounts are automatically built-in when you start your policy. However, there’s no limit to the number of discounts, which means some drivers will save thousands per year with 21st Century Insurance discounts.

Contact your 21st Century Insurance agent to ask about any available discounts.

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