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Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Allstate Rewards is a unique Allstate program rewarding drivers for safe driving.

After signing up for Allstate’s Drivewise or Milewise, you receive Allstate Rewards points for everyday safe driving habits. You can spend those points on daily deals, gift cards, sweepstakes, discounts, and more.

How does Allstate Rewards work? What can you expect from Allstate Rewards? Should you sign up for Allstate Rewards? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Allstate Rewards and whether or not it’s worth it today in our review.

What Is Allstate Rewards?

Allstate Rewards is Allstate’s in-house driver rewards system.

If you sign up for Allstate’s Drivewise (driver tracking program) or Milewise (low mileage discount program), then you earn Allstate Rewards points. You can spend those points on various offers.

After earning Allstate Rewards points, you can spend those points on the following:

  • Daily deals
  • Local offers
  • Gift cards
  • Travel
  • Brand-name merchandise
  • Sweepstakes

Who Is Eligible for Allstate Rewards?

Any Allstate customer enrolled in Drivewise or Milewise can earn points for Allstate Rewards.

Drivewise: Allstate’s driver tracking program is called Drivewise. Allstate tracks your driving habits, then rewards you for safe driving. Drivers with low mileage, safe acceleration and braking habits, and normal speed habits will pay less for car insurance than unsafe drivers.

Milewise: Milewise is Allstate’s low-mileage insurance program. If you drive fewer miles per year than the average driver, then you can use Milewise to save significantly on car insurance.

It’s completely free to participate in Allstate Rewards.

To get started with Allstate Rewards, download the Allstate mobile app and activate Drivewise. Then, visit Allstate Rewards to complete enrollment. Or, if you’re participating in Milewise, visit to complete enrollment.

If you have multiple drivers in your household, then you can all sign up for Allstate Rewards. The more drivers in your household, the more points you can earn.

How to Earn Allstate Rewards Points

You can earn Allstate Rewards points by participating in various safe driving habits. You also get points just for signing up for Drivewise or Milewise.

Here are some of the points and rewards you get through Allstate Rewards:

  • Sign up for Drivewise or purchase a Milewise policy and receive 10,000 points
  • Visit and activate your account to receive 5,000 points
  • Complete ten safe trips with no speeding or sudden braking and receive 200 points
  • Go three consecutive days without sudden braking and receive 200 points
  • Go three consecutive days with no high speeds and receive 200 points
  • Redeem promo codes from Allstate Rewards emails, complete surveys, and participate in other promotions to earn additional points

Allstate deposits points into your Allstate Rewards account within 24 to 48 hours after recording your driving habit. It may take an additional 24 hours to redeem those points.

Allstate Rewards points never expire.

What Can I Buy With Allstate Rewards Points?

You can buy a range of deals, discounts, sweepstakes entries, and other products and services using your Allstate Rewards points.

Here are some of the items currently available through Allstate Rewards:

Auctions: Allstate Rewards has an auction system where you can bid up to a certain number of points for any item. You might see an auction for a Chick-fil-A gift card, for example. You can place your bid, view previous bids, and check how much time is remaining in the auction. The highest bid wins.

Sweepstakes Entries: Most Allstate Rewards points go towards sweepstakes entries. You buy entry into various sweepstakes for the chance of earning the reward. You can view the entry price for each sweepstake, the number of winners selected, and the end date for that contest. Sweepstakes include everything from $700 kitchen packages to $5 Walmart e-gift cards and everything in between. Allstate Rewards also gives away travel packages – including $3,000 luxury getaways and other high-end travel packages – clothing bundles, restaurant gift cards, and more.

Daily Deal: Every day at 1 pm EST, Allstate Rewards releases a new set of Daily Deals. Each Daily Deal costs a certain number of points along with a certain amount of cash. You might see a $50 Starbucks gift card for $40 + 500 points, for example. You pay the fee, redeem your points, and get each Daily Deal. In addition to gift cards, you can buy home and garden products, jewelry, and handbags.

Allstate Rewards Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Allstate Rewards has average to poor reviews online. Some users dislike the idea of trading their personal information for bonus points. Others find the driver tracking apps to be inaccurate, causing them to lose points they should have earned.

Here are some of the reviews shared by Allstate Rewards users:

  • Some customers like earning points in the background while driving. They don’t mind sharing their driving data and being rewarded for their safe driving habits. They like to see their points gradually accumulate over time, eventually giving them an enormous number of points they can cash in for whatever they like – all for driving like they normally drive.
  • Many customers find Allstate Rewards is not worth it. It takes too long to build up a significant number of points, and it’s difficult to redeem those points on anything useful. You could drive for 100 consecutive days with safe driving habits, for example, and only be able to afford a bundle of sweepstakes entries.
  • Allstate Rewards is popular with safe drivers and low mileage drivers, both of whom benefit from Drivewise and Milewise. If you’re a safe driver, or if you have fewer miles per year than the average driver, then you could earn a lot of points with Allstate Rewards.
  • Many find it difficult to redeem Allstate Rewards points on things they actually want to buy or need. The Daily Deals, for example, make it easy to redeem your points immediately – but you need to pay a hefty extra fee in cash. Ultimately, your points only give you a small discount off the ordinary retail price of an item.
  • Others dislike the auction system. You spend a lot of Allstate Rewards points bidding on gift cards and other small items – only to be outbid at the last second by someone who spent an exorbitant number of points on a small gift card. It’s a tedious way to spend your points.
  • Many customers have trouble with the Allstate driver tracking app or the Drivewise driver tracking device. They claim the device records sudden braking or acceleration when they didn’t suddenly brake or accelerate, for example, causing them to lose their daily streak and lose bonus points.

Overall, most customers have a mixed or negative experience with Allstate Rewards – especially compared to other rewards programs available today. However, if you’re a low mileage driver or a safe driver, then Allstate Rewards could provide certain valuable benefits.

Final Word on Allstate Rewards

Allstate Rewards is a reward points system for Drivewise and Milewise customers. You earn points for safe driving habits. Then, you can redeem those points on certain deals, discounts, sweepstakes entries, and more.

Allstate Rewards has mixed reviews overall. Some drivers dislike trading their personal data for small discounts, while other drivers find it difficult to spend their bonus points on anything useful.

To learn more about Allstate Rewards or to sign up today, download the Allstate mobile app or visit the Allstate Rewards website.

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