• Do Convertibles Cost More To Insure?

    For true auto enthusiasts, getting a convertible is a dream come true. They look luxurious and allow you to enjoy nice warm weather while you are driving. However, before you purchase a convertible, you’ll need to look into what it costs to maintain the car, and that includes insurance. Generally, convertibles cost more to insure… Continue reading

  • Will an Out-of-State Speeding Ticket Raise Your Auto Insurance Rates?

    Roads trips are more popular than ever nowadays, and there are few things that can ruin a nice, sunny drive through the beautiful countryside like a speeding ticket. Unfortunately, the local police officer or state trooper probably won’t be too forgiving to your story, even with the kids in tow. Will this out-of-state speeding ticket… Continue reading

  • Do I Need to Maintain Auto Insurance on a Broken Down Vehicle?

    Every vehicle eventually reaches the point at which it no longer operates.  Whether your vehicle won’t start, has a compromised engine, an altered alignment, or another issue, you will have to decide whether to continue insuring it.  The details of the automobile and your unique situation will shape your decision. Why It Makes Sense to… Continue reading

  • Is It Cheaper To Insure a Honda CRV or Toyota RAV4?

    It’s finally time to buy that new vehicle. This time around, you’re passing on the Maserati in favor of one of the most popular vehicles in America: the compact-crossover SUV. And instead of luxury Italian, you’re choosing between two brands known for delivering on price, safety, and durability. Should you get the Honda CR-V or… Continue reading

  • Is Side Mirror Damage Covered by Car Insurance?

    Side mirror damage is usually fairly minor, and it is one of the easiest and cheapest types of damage to repair. But that doesn’t make it any less frustrating, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Whether or not you should file a claim is based on several different factors. It depends on how the… Continue reading

  • Does My Car Insurance Cover Turo?

    Turo is a great alternative to a traditional rental car for some people, but are you covered by your insurance? For both car owners and car borrowers, the car insurance for Turo can be somewhat tricky. Turo offers their own insurance coverage, but you are able to decline it if you have your own coverage.… Continue reading

  • Can I Switch My Car Insurance Company Mid-Policy?

    There are some instances where you might want to change car insurance carriers in the middle of your coverage contract. It may be convenient to stay with the car insurance carrier you’ve had for a long time, but you might be able to get a better deal or more comprehensive coverage by switching carriers. Many… Continue reading

  • Should Seniors Get AARP’s Auto Insurance?

    You’ve heard of AARP and its auto insurance program, but is the time right for you to try it out? AARP stands for American Association of Retired Persons. It’s essentially a membership club that’s geared towards the elderly. In many ways, it’s similar to groups like the VA, or even programs such as rewards credit… Continue reading

  • Does Car Insurance Cover Tire Damage?

    Drivers are primarily worried about collisions, speeding tickets, and inclement weather.  Tire damage is likely the last thing on your mind when you are behind the wheel. Tires are out of sight so they tend to be out of mind.  After all, tires are made of incredibly durable rubber that seems to roll over just… Continue reading

  • Can You Get SR-22 Insurance with a Suspended License?

    You just got back from court and the judge decreed that you need to obtain an SR-22, which apparently has something to do with insurance…. Can you even get SR-22 insurance if my license is already suspended? If so, what is it exactly and how do you go about getting it? The answer to the… Continue reading

  • Do My Insurance Premiums Go Down When I Pay Off My Car?

    Most people think their car insurance automatically decreases as soon as the car is paid off.  In most cases, this is true. In certain situations, the auto insurance rate reduction drops quite dramatically after the vehicle is paid off.  At a bare minimum, paying off a vehicle provides a little more control over the cost… Continue reading

  • Are Auto Insurance Rates Negotiable?

    Though some auto insurers are willing to negotiate rates, the majority will not budget from their quoted price.  If your auto insurer refuses to negotiate your rate, you can shop around for another quote. In some cases, customers who present competitors’ quotes to their current insurer can negotiate their rate down to market rate.  However,… Continue reading

  • Does Expired Registration Void Your Car Insurance Policy?

    It is perfectly understandable to let your automobile registration slip.  Life is busy, things get lost in the shuffle and minor details like renewing your car’s registration can easily fall between the cracks.  However, it is imperative you keep your car registration and auto insurance up-to-date. Let’s take a look at whether allowing automobile registration… Continue reading

  • Do You Need Medical Payments Coverage if You Already Have Health Insurance?

    There is a common misconception that it is unnecessary to add medical payments coverage to a car insurance policy if health insurance is already in place.  Even if you already have health insurance, you should still give medical payments coverage serious consideration. Here’s why. About Medical Payments Coverage Medical payments coverage is designed to cover… Continue reading

  • Is Car Insurance More Expensive For New Cars? And Cheaper For Used Cars?

    Most people assume it is more expensive to insure a brand new automobile than it is to insure a used vehicle simply because most new cars are worth good money.  In most cases, this is true. However, the unique car in question, the level of auto insurance and a number of other factors ultimately contribute… Continue reading

  • What Should You Do If Valet Parking Damages Your Car?

    Valet parking is a very helpful convenience, but if they end up damaging your car, it can leave you feeling frustrated and confused. Not only did you trust them to handle the situation, but now you aren’t sure exactly who’s at fault and whether insurance will cover it. Unfortunately, this situation happens frequently, and in… Continue reading

  • How Much Will My Insurer Pay for My Totaled Car?

    Having a vehicle deemed as a “total loss” by the insurance company often misleads consumers. One might assume that they have insurance, so their car is totaled, and it will be paid off in full. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Right now, Americans are borrowing record amounts of money, and that includes car loans.… Continue reading

  • Is it Cheaper to Insure a Sedan or SUV?

    You like the feeling of towering over everyone on the road, and the added security of plowing through snow and muddy conditions with ease. However, with that extra space in your SUV comes higher gas prices, car payments, and possibly insurance premiums. Before you take the plunge and buy an SUV or opt for a… Continue reading

  • Should You Admit Fault in a Car Accident if it is Your Fault?

    It can happen to anyone. You are driving down the street thinking about work or school – perhaps even running a few minutes late which has forced you to speed up. Everything is on your mind except the road ahead, and before you know it you clip the vehicle in front of you as you… Continue reading

  • What if the At-Fault Party Lies about the Car Accident?

    Unfortunately, not all car accidents are straightforward. In most instances, it comes down to a he-said-she-said debate. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, and the other party blatantly lies about fault or even misrepresents facts on the police report, you are not out of options. Instead, you have ways to protect yourself… Continue reading

  • Will Car Insurance Cover Scratches On My Vehicle?

    You come out of the office after a long day, pull out your keys, and as you go to unlock your vehicle, you stop in your tracks. Right across the driver’s side door is a big glaring scratch in your pristine paint surface. Your once solid black sedan is tarnished with battle wounds, and now… Continue reading

  • Does Progressive Snapshot Really Save You Money?

    You have seen the advertisements. You are reeled in by the fact that you could cut down your insurance premiums. Like most things in life, when something sounds too good to be real, it probably is – and Progressive’s Snapshot program might be a culprit of that. While you will save money, the savings might… Continue reading

  • Are there Car Insurance Discounts for Federal Employees?

    Federal jobs are not just for those enlisted in the military or elected into federal office positions. Instead, the United States employs civilians for jobs throughout the United States (and even posts overseas). The federal civil service is considered the U.S. civilian workforce, and they fill positions in government agencies and departments, including those in… Continue reading

  • Does The Color Of Your Car Affect Your Insurance Rates?

    Bigfoot, Loch Ness, and red cars all have something in common. These topics are widely speculated, but are they true? While we cannot weigh in on the validity of Loch Ness or Bigfoot, we can rely on data to dispel one popular myth: red cars increase insurance rates. Yes, it is true. A red car… Continue reading

  • Does Auto Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

    Hurricanes strike, and those living in areas like Connecticut, Florida, and Alabama know all too well that it happens frequently. In fact, the Hurricane Research Division of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimates that the U.S. sees seven direct hits every four years, which averages 1.75 hurricanes per year. Florida has received 40… Continue reading