Does Sam’s Club Offer Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on April 20, 2022

Sam’s Club members get several perks. But is auto insurance one of those perks? Do Sam’s Club members get discounted rates on auto insurance?

Sam’s Club offers several bonuses to car owners and members. However, the warehouse chain does not directly offer car insurance discounts.

Some Sam’s Club members may qualify for discount rates by calling their insurer and claiming they’re a Sam’s Club member. However, Sam’s Club does not directly provide cheaper car insurance, nor does the company partner with car insurance companies to provide cheaper insurance to members

sam's club auto insurance

No, Sam’s Club Does Not Offer Auto Insurance

Sam’s Club is a members-only warehouse chain similar to Costco and BJ’s Wholesale. Members buy cheaper food, clothing, and household items in exchange for an annual fee. Sam’s Club offers 3 membership tiers with various bonuses.

No matter what level of Sam’s Club membership you have, however, you will not be able to buy Sam’s Club auto insurance. There’s no such thing as Sam’s Club auto insurance: the company does not directly provide auto insurance, nor does the company partner with an auto insurance company for discount rates.

Sam’s Club Health Insurance

Sam’s Club does not offer auto insurance, although the company does offer other types of insurance – including health insurance for individuals and businesses.

Since 2014, Sam’s Club has partnered with Aetna to create a private healthcare exchange within its membership pool. The exchange is targeted mostly towards Sam’s Club Small Business Members who have at least 2 employees and can purchase small group plans, although individuals can also buy health insurance through Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club health insurance works similarly to other health insurance plans, offering features like:

  • HMO or PPO coverage, including possible discounts
  • Subsidy eligibility review for discounts
  • Customizable insurance plans
  • Medicare coverage

Individuals can add spouses and/or dependents to their healthcare coverage.

Business owners, meanwhile, can access additional Sam’s Club health insurance benefits. Business plans include defined contribution options, multiple contribution plan options, live support access, and other features. Employers can choose a flat, pre-tax, or employee-selected contribution plan.

Sam’s Club health insurance is available in approximately 30 states. Contact Sam’s Club or visit online to explore the company’s health insurance options.

Contact Your Insurer to Ask About Sam’s Club Discounts

You can read anecdotal reports online of drivers saving money on car insurance by contacting their insurer and asking about a Sam’s Club discount.

Other drivers claim they tried this and were unsuccessful, so your mileage may vary.

Some major insurers like GEICO offer discounts to Sam’s Club or Costco members, while others do not. It may not work, but contact your insurer to ask about a possible Sam’s Club insurance discount.

Other Sam’s Club Perks for Car Owners

As a Sam’s Club member, you can get discounted rates on auto insurance. It’s one of several Sam’s Club discounts available to car owners.

Other Sam’s Club perks for car owners include:

Discount Car Buying: Sam’s Club offers a program called the TrueCar Auto Buying Program that connects members with a variety of dealerships. Sam’s Club vets and trusts these dealerships, and prices are fixed – so there’s no haggling or negotiation required. When you buy a car through the Sam’s Club TrueCar Auto Buying Program, you can get a good deal.

Cheaper Car Repairs: Need car repairs? Sam’s Club gives up to $2,000 of car repair credits if you purchase a vehicle through the Sam’s Club network. This $2,000 credit can also cover your deductible.

Tire Savings: Sam’s Club offers discounted rates on tires, including low prices on tires from mainstream brands like Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear, and BFGoodrich, among others. You can get $70 to $80 off a set of four tires by buying through Sam’s Club. This discount is exclusively available to members. Non-members can access a similar discount, although they’ll pay slightly more.

Tire Installation: Sam’s Club will install new tires on your vehicle for a discount rate. The company will even take your old tires and recycle them. You can buy and install tires at a cheap rate through Sam’s Club.

Cheap Rental Cars: As a Sam’s Club member, you can get a discount on rental cars. Sam’s Club partners with major rental car companies like Enterprise, Dollar, and National, giving members good rental cars at cheap rates.

Car Batteries: You need to replace your car battery periodically. When your car battery needs to be replaced, consider buying from Sam’s Club, which offers discounted car battery prices for all types of vehicles.

Car Accessories: Sam’s Club also sells a variety of other accessories at discount prices, including jumper cables, car jumpstart kits, floormats, electronics, GPS systems, and dozens of other types of accessories.

Many of these perks are available through your membership portal at the Sam’s Club official website. Login to the Sam’s Club online store to get started.

Final Word on Sam’s Club Auto Insurance

Sam’s Club is a membership-only discount warehouse that offers members a variety of perks. Members get cheap prices on groceries and other products.

Sam’s Club offers a number of perks to drivers. However, car insurance is not one of those perks. Sam’s Club does not directly offer car insurance to members, nor does it partner with a third-party insurer for discounted rates.

As of 2020, Sam’s Club only offers one type of insurance product: the company partners with Aetna to sell discounted health insurance to individuals and businesses. This Sam’s Club health insurance is only available in about 30 states.

However, there are reports online of insurers giving discounts to Sam’s Club members. You may be able to contact your insurer and ask about a Sam’s Club discount.

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