Can You Get Cheap Car Insurance Through BJ’s Wholesale?

Last Updated on July 7, 2022

Can you get cheap car insurance if you’re a BJ’s Wholesale member? Does BJ’s Wholesale offer cheap car insurance for members just like Costco?

BJ’s Wholesale is a membership-only warehouse club chain with locations throughout the eastern United States. Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about getting cheap car insurance through BJ’s Wholesale.

Can You Get Cheap Car Insurance Through BJ's Wholesale?

Yes, BJ’s Wholesale Offers Discounts on GEICO Car Insurance

For over a decade, BJ’s Wholesale has partnered with GEICO to offer discounted car insurance to BJ’s Wholesale members.

BJ’s Wholesale members also get discounted homeowners, renters, motorcycle, RV, and boat insurance through GEICO.

Members are eligible for GEICO’s standard “affiliation discount”, which is the same discount available for members of more than 800 partner organizations. GEICO gives this discount to fraternities, sororities, colleges, universities, societies, charities, and large employers.

Other major organizations that qualify for the GEICO affiliation discount include the National Association of Federal Employees, the National Association of Government Contractors, Texas A&M University, the National Peace Corps Association, and the World Golf Tour, among other organizations.

Generally, organizations with 50,000 or more active members are eligible for the GEICO affiliation program.

How Much Money Can You Save with BJ’s Wholesale Car Insurance?

BJ’s Wholesale members qualify for GEICO’s standard affiliation discount of 8%.

The average American car insurance premium is around $1,000 per year. Based on that amount, a BJ’s Wholesale member would save around $80 per year by taking advantage of BJ’S Wholesale’s car insurance discount.

It’s important to remember that GEICO already offers very competitive car insurance premiums. They’re the cheapest option – or one of the cheapest options – in many states. An 8% discount may not seem significant, but you’re saving money on car insurance that’s already fairly cheap.

Wholesale Car Insurance Comparison: BJ’s Wholesale Versus Costco Versus Sam’s Club

Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesale are the three best-known members-only wholesale companies in the United States. So which one offers the best deal on car insurance?

Costco Car Insurance Rates

Costco offers the best deal on car insurance by far. Costco members can get cheap car insurance through American Family. Costco claims members can save $500 to $600 in their first year of making the switch. Our analysis found that the average Costco member paid just $550 to $600 per year for car insurance through American Family, which is much lower than the nationwide average of around $1,000 per year. American Family also has strong ratings for customer service, claims satisfaction, roadside assistance, and product offerings.

BJ’s Car Insurance Rates

BJ’s Wholesale, as mentioned above, has partnered with GEICO to offer discounted car insurance. BJ’s Wholesale members can save 8% off GEICO car insurance premiums. That may seem like a tiny discount compared to Costco and American Family. However, keep in mind that GEICO’s car insurance premiums are often the cheapest in the nation already, which could make this comparison more competitive. A BJ’s Wholesale membership is also $5 cheaper per year than a Costco membership.

Sam’s Club Car Insurance Rates

Sam’s Club, meanwhile, does not offer any type of discounted car insurance, and Sam’s Club has not partnered with any car insurance company in the United States.

Wholesale Club Membership Costs

It’s also important to take membership costs into consideration.

  • Costco Membership: $60 per year
  • BJ’s Wholesale Membership: $55 Per Year
  • Sam’s Club Membership: $45 Per Year

One final thing to consider is availability: Costco’s cheap American Family car insurance isn’t available to all Costco members in all states, for example. BJ’s Wholesale, meanwhile, only has locations along the east coast (and in Michigan and Ohio). Discounted car insurance is not available to all drivers in all states.

How to Get Cheap BJ’s Wholesale Car Insurance

You can get cheap BJ’s Wholesale car insurance by visiting this section of

This is the page for all GEICO organization discounts. You can enter your organization name or search for your organization.

Type in BJ’s Wholesale Club, then enter your ZIP code to compare car insurance quotes today.

Is BJ’s Wholesale Car Insurance the Cheapest Option Available?

The BJ’s Wholesale car insurance discount isn’t as significant as, say, Costco’s car insurance discount.

For that reason, BJ’s Wholesale may not be the cheapest car insurance option available to you.

We encourage you to compare quotes online today to find the best car insurance for your unique needs and budget. Enter your ZIP code into our website (or any car insurance comparison site) to view the best deals from top insurers in your area.

Even if you are not a member of Costco, Sam’s Club, or BJ’s Wholesale, you can still find great rates on car insurance.

Final Word on BJ’s Car Insurance

BJ’s Wholesale members qualify for a small ‘affiliation discount’ through GEICO. If you are a member of BJ’s Wholesale, then you can receive 8% off GEICO insurance premiums.

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