Is Fred Loya Good for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on November 16, 2022

You have so many choices when it comes to auto insurance, and it can be challenging to determine which one is going to be the best for your needs. One of your choices is Fred Loya Insurance of the Loya Insurance Group. Fred Loya is an insurance provider that has offices in 11 states – California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, Georgia, Arizona, Missouri, Indiana, Alabama, and Texas.

Is Fred Loya good to use for auto insurance coverage? Does Fred Loya have cheap rates? How is their customer service? In this article, we’ll discuss Fred Loya’s auto insurance offerings, so you can see if it’s the best for you.

What Car Insurance Does Fred Loya Offer?

fred loya reviewFred Loya offers liability auto insurance, which is what is required by law in most states. Liability insurance will pay for the cost of the other party’s repairs and medical bills if you get into an accident and are found to be at fault. It is effortless to qualify for their insurance policy, and their application process is straightforward.

In addition to liability insurance, Fred Loya gives you the option to purchase add-ons for your policy that provide you with fuller, more effective coverage. The first one of these is collision coverage, which pays for your own repairs or replacement if your car is damaged in an accident. They also offer comprehensive insurance, which pays for other damages to your vehicle, including weather-related damage, vandalism, falling objects, and more. You may also opt to purchase personal injury protection, or PIP, which is required in some states. This will pay for your personal medical and funeral expenses should you get into an accident. It can also cover things like lost wages. Fred Loya also offers roadside assistance coverage that will pay for roadside emergencies such as flat tire repairs, towing, and fuel delivery. Finally, you can opt to purchase MedPay, which just pays for your medical expenses, particularly anything that is not covered by insurance. These add-ons can help you feel safer and more comfortable while you are on the road. However, it’s important to note that they can also make your policy much more expensive.

What Are the Advantages of Fred Loya Insurance?

Fred Loya does offer some advantages for its customers that other providers don’t.

  • They offer policies to drivers with poor records that otherwise may not be able to get insurance. In fact, they’ve structured their business model around providing policies to people who may have poor driving records or credit scores. They won’t check your past record when determining your policy, so there’s no fear of getting rejected. You can get a quote online or in their offices, and you typically only need your driver’s license and VIN number to get started.
  • Fred Loya has offices throughout the 11 states that they serve where you can go in and speak with a representative in person. They have a unique new claims process where you can actually bring your car to an office after an accident, and they will appraise them for you right then. In some cases, you can even get the insurance check the same day. Speeding up the claims process means you can get your car repaired and ready to drive much faster. Being able to talk to the insurance agent in person can also minimize the chances of misunderstandings and ensures more accurate claims.
  • While your car is being repaired, Fred Loya offers a free rental car to keep you on the road until your vehicle is ready to use again.

What Are the Disadvantages of Fred Loya Insurance?

There are key disadvantages of using Fred Loya insurance that are important to be aware of before signing up for a policy.

  • Fred Loya gets abysmal reviews for their customer service. Many customers discuss having to wait for extended periods to get an answer to their queries. It’s not uncommon to have to call back multiple times to get someone on the line with a helpful solution. They’ve received above-average complaint ratings in national surveys, and very tellingly, have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Since Fred Loya is only available in 11 states, you won’t get the extensive coverage that you find with national brands. If you drive out of state and need assistance, you won’t be able to go to an office and will have to deal with their notoriously spotty customer service phone lines. Even in-state, their offices are not always open when you need them.
  • Fred Loya premiums are generally well above the average in the areas that they serve. However, this is because they serve people who otherwise would not qualify for coverage. To balance out the higher financial risk of insuring people with poor driving records, Fred Loya charges high premiums.
  • Fred Loya does not offer the usual discounts that other insurance companies offer. This means you will not get an affinity discount, anti-theft device discount, bundling discount, defensive driving discount, good student discount, loyalty discount, homeowner discount, military discount, usage-based discount, or other discounts with Fred Loya.

Pros and Cons of Fred Loya Auto Insurance

To recap, these are the pros and cons of Fred Loya’s auto insurance coverage:

Offers non-standard auto insurance to high-risk drivers who struggle to get car insurance coverage.Not available in all states. Only available in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas.
In-office agents offer good customer service, including help with claims and quotes.24/7 claims service not available.
Complimentary rental cars are available while your vehicle is being repaired.High number of customer complaints from places like BBB.
Average premium rates are above average in cost.
Not many discounts available.

The Bottom Line on Fred Loya Auto Insurance

If your driving history is spotty and you have trouble getting traditional car insurance, Fred Loya could be a good option for you. Most car insurance companies shy away from insuring people with a spotty record, but Fred Loya actually specializes in it. It’s an excellent way to get relatively affordable policies that you otherwise might not have access to. However, Fred Loya’s poor customer service reviews mean that you should tread with caution when working with them. They’re not as responsive as other insurance companies, which means it may take a long time for you to get a hold of them when you need them. Their premiums are also relatively expensive, and you won’t get the best value for your money. If you have the option to go for an insurance provider with better service and coverage, then it might be best to skip Fred Loya. However, if you don’t have the option for another insurance provider, Fred Loya is better than nothing.

Fred Loya Contact Information
Address1800 N. Lee Trevino, Suite 201
El Paso, TX 79936
Customer Service Phone Number1-888-248-8787
Claims Service Phone Number1-800-880-0472
Website URL
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