Is Insurify Legit?

Last Updated on May 18, 2023

Insurify is an insurance comparison website available at

With Insurify, drivers answer basic questions about themselves, then receive personalized quotes from insurers in their area. Insurify makes it easy to compare rates, check discounts, and buy insurance online.

Is Insurify legit? Should you give your personal information to Insurify? Can you really save hundreds per year on car insurance with Insurify? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Insurify today in our review.

Key Takeaways:

  • Insurify is a website that lets you compare car insurance quotes from 300+ providers in all 50 states and buy insurance online or by phone.
  • Insurify uses AI-powered technology and real-time data to provide personalized and accurate quotes based on your driver profile, vehicle information, and ZIP code.
  • Insurify claims to help you save up to $997 on annual car insurance premiums by showing you all the discounts you qualify for and matching you with the best coverage for your needs.
  • Insurify has a 4.75-star rating based on 4,000+ reviews and an A+ rating from the BBB. The company does not sell your personal information and makes money through advertisements and partnerships with insurers.
  • Insurance Panda rates Insurify 4.3/5

What Is Insurify?

Insurify makes it easy to compare insurance providers in your area.

According to, Insurify users can save up to $996 on annual insurance premiums. There are no hidden fees and no catches. After comparing quotes on, you can buy insurance online or over the phone.

Because Insurify is licensed in all 50 states, you can buy car insurance online or by phone without leaving the Insurify platform. You can schedule a call with an Insurify agent to buy car insurance by phone. Or, you can buy car insurance through the online form.

Insurify also aims to distinguish itself from competitors by not selling user data. Instead, Insurify makes money through advertisements and partnerships with insurance companies.

Today, you can buy five types of insurance through Insurify, including car, home, life, pet, and health insurance.

The Insurify team consists of personal finance writers, insurance industry experts, journalists, insurance agents, and data scientists. The company was founded on the belief that everyone deserves the best possible deal on auto insurance.

There are plenty of car insurance comparison websites available today. However, Insurify tends to be one of the largest websites in the space. The company makes it easy to view car insurance from 300+ insurers in all 50 states, including prominent names like Farmers, Nationwide, Travelers, and smaller regional providers.

How Does Insurify Work for Car Insurance?

Insurify is designed to make shopping for car insurance easy. You can compare personalized quotes in 5 minutes or fewer, then save money on annual insurance premiums.

Key features of Insurify’s car insurance comparison tool include:

  • Compare quotes from 300+ providers all in one place
  • Get quotes from small, medium, and large insurers in all 50 states
  • Just enter your ZIP code to start viewing quotes
  • Save up to $997 on annual car insurance premiums
  • 4.75 star out of 5 average rating based on 4,000+ reviews
  • Buy policies online or over the phone without leaving the Insurify website

Insurify makes it easy to start comparing auto insurance quotes. You answer basic questions about yourself. Then, Insurify uses your data to recommend the best car insurance companies in your area. You can view quotes from major providers – like Nationwide, Farmers, and Travelers – and smaller providers – like your local Farm Bureau affiliate or regional providers.

How the Insurify Auto Insurance Questionnaire Works

Before comparing car insurance quotes with Insurify, you’ll need to answer basic questions about your current insurance situation, location, driving history, and vehicle type.

Here are the questions you need to answer before receiving a quote with Insurify:

  • What is your ZIP code?
  • Do you currently have auto insurance?
  • Why are you shopping for car insurance today? Are you looking for better rates? Insurance for a new car? Bundling and saving opportunities? Or just browsing?
  • Do you own or rent your home?
  • What type of car do you drive? What is the make, model, year, and trim?
  • How do you use your car? Do you use your car for commuting or personal use? Commuting to school? Pleasure? For rideshare services or a business?
  • How many miles do you drive this car daily, on average? Insurify lets you choose multiple options between 5 miles and 75+ miles per day.
  • What’s your payment status? Do you fully own your car or are you still making leasing or financing payments on it?
  • Do you want full coverage car insurance or liability-only insurance?
  • What is your first name, last name, and date of birth? What is your gender?
  • What is the status of your driver’s license? Is your driver’s license active, international, or inactive?
  • How old were you when you first got your US driver’s license?
  • What is your credit score?
  • What is your highest level of education?
  • Do you qualify for homeowner discounts, employment-based discounts, marriage-based discounts, military/veteran, AAA, or student discounts?
  • Who is your current insurance provider, if any? Does your policy expire in the next 30 days? How long have you had insurance from this provider?
  • What type of coverage do you have on your current auto insurance policy?
  • Have you had any accidents, tickets, or insurance claims in the last five years?
  • Where do you park your car overnight?
  • Do you have an SR-22 certificate?

After answering all of these questions, you enter your email address and phone number, then view customized car insurance quotes based on your driver profile, vehicle information, and ZIP code.

At this point, most Insurify customers compare their top three quotes before buying. Choose the three cheapest providers on the list, for example, to complete a customized quote with each.

You can refine the list by editing required coverage, changing your requirements, and adding more drivers or vehicles.

Insurify also has a virtual agent. If you’re overwhelmed by the number of insurance options available, you can talk to the Insurify virtual agent to get the best deal for your vehicle and situation.

Once you’re ready to buy car insurance, you can buy car insurance online directly through the Insurify website. Or, you can schedule a call with an Insurify agent to buy car insurance. Because Insurify is licensed in all 50 states, you can buy insurance online without leaving

Insurify Features

Insurify aims to be the ultimate car insurance comparison website available today. Here are some of the features that distinguish Insurify from other car insurance comparison websites and online tools:

RateRank: Insurify uses an AI-powered algorithm called RateRank to help you pick the best insurance for your unique needs. RateRank analyzes available insurers in your area, then recommends the best option based on more than just price.

Never Sells User Data: Insurify claims to never sell user data. Instead, the company claims to make money through advertisements and partnerships with insurance companies.

Artificial Intelligence with 100+ API Integrations: Insurify uses AI-powered, patented technology and 100+ real-time API integrations to provide accurate, real-time quotes to users.

View All Discounts: Insurify identifies all the discounts you’ll qualify for with each insurer, giving you a more accurate picture of your possible premiums.

Purchase Car Insurance with Insurify Agent or Buy Online: If you’re ready to buy insurance after comparing rates with Insurify, you can buy your policy online. Or, you can schedule a call with an Insurify agent to walk you through the process.

300+ Insurers: Insurify works with 300+ insurers across the United States, including larger firms and smaller providers.

No Fees or Spam: Insurify never charges to show you quotes, nor does the company sell your personal information. When you compare quotes with Insurify, your inbox won’t be filled with spam.

Licensed Agent in 50 States: Insurify is a licensed agent in 50 states, and drivers in all 50 states can request accurate car insurance quotes through And, because Insurify is a licensed agent, you can buy insurance entirely through the website without leaving

4.6 Million Customers to Date: Since launching nine years ago, Insurify has helped to insure 4.6 million customers across the United States.

More than Just Auto Insurance: In addition to auto insurance, Insurify offers home, pet, health, and life insurance.

Overall, Insurify aims to be the one-stop shop for all car insurance needs. You can easily compare quotes online, buy car insurance through the website, and save hundreds per year on high-quality insurance.

Is Insurify Legit? Insurify Reviews

Insurify is a legitimate and transparent car insurance comparison website. The company makes it easy to compare car insurance by state, add and edit the number of drivers, and view the top insurers available to you based on your current situation.

Generally, customers have a good experience with Insurify. Most customers agree the car insurance comparison website works as advertised to get the car insurance they need.

Here are some of the reviews and thoughts shared by Insurify customers online:

  • Most reviewers agree Insurify is fast, easy, and informative. The website makes it easy to input information and quickly view car insurance providers and quotes from your local area.
  • Reviewers tend to have good things to say about the Insurify customer service team and virtual agent experience. You don’t need to contact Insurify’s customer service team at any point. However, if you choose to contact them, you can generally expect a fair and transparent process.
  • Some reviewers claim to have saved hundreds of dollars by comparing car insurance quotes with Insurify. For example, one customer claims an Insurify representative helped her find a policy priced at less than half of what she was currently paying.
  • Many reviewers were overwhelmed by car insurance options before working with Insurify. They found Insurify clarified the process, made it easy to view the best options, and helped them choose the best policy for their unique needs.

Because Insurify is not a car insurance provider, reviewers do not comment on their actual car insurance coverage. Insurify connects you with 300+ insurance providers across the United States. Although Insurify manually vets each insurance company, your insurance experience could be good or bad based on your provider.

On, Insurify has an average rating of 4.75 stars out of 5 based on 4,000+ customer reviews. 84% of customers give the company a 5-star rating.

Insurify also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an average rating of 4.74 stars out of 5 based on 110+ BBB reviews. WalletHub, meanwhile, has an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 for Insurify based on 75+ customer reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Rating of Insurify

Insurify is a car insurance comparison website that uses AI to help you find the best deal on insurance. You can compare quotes from over 300 insurers in your area and buy insurance online or by phone. Insurify has excellent customer ratings and reviews and does not sell your data.

Customer Satisfaction


Insurify is not an insurance provider but rather lets you compare car insurance quotes from many carriers with different coverage options, benefits, and discounts. Insurify has a high BBB rating and works with reputable companies. You can find discounts for various situations and needs. Comparing rates with Insurify can help you save thousands of dollars annually on your car insurance.


About Insurify

Insurify is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based insurance comparison website. The company was founded with the goal of helping anyone get good, cheap insurance.

Insurify was founded by MIT graduate Snejina Zacharia. After a minor accident raised Snejina’s rates, she found the car insurance comparison process confusing and overwhelming. So she started a company to solve the problem.

Insurify’s investors include Nationwide, MassMutual, Viola Fintech, and other major names.

You can contact Insurify via the following:


Mailing Address: 10 Canal Park, 5th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02141

The company also maintains an office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Final Word on Insurify

Insurify is a legitimate car insurance comparison website known for transparent rates, AI-powered search algorithms, and a one-stop-shop insurance comparison process.

By comparing Insurify rates online today, you can discover the best providers in your area based on price and other metrics.

To learn more or to buy car insurance with Insurify online today, visit the official website at

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