Is InsureMax Legit?

Last Updated on April 19, 2023

InsureMax sold car insurance across select states for over 15 years, specializing in non-standard car insurance. In 2015, InsureMax stopped writing insurance policies and was absorbed by AssuranceAmerica soon after.

Is InsureMax legit? Should you buy car insurance through InsureMax or AssuranceAmerica? Keep reading in our review to find out everything you need to know about InsureMax today.

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What Is InsureMax?

InsureMax was a non-standard car insurance company founded in 1998 in Newburgh, Indiana.

For 17 years, InsureMax sold car insurance to non-standard policyholders across select states. The company insured high-risk drivers, for example, and other drivers with unique insurance requirements.

In 2015, InsureMax announced it was shutting down operations. They would not renew any customer policies, and the company ceased doing business.

In 2017, Atlanta-based insurance company AssuranceAmerica announced it was acquiring the remains of InsureMax’s business.

Today, there’s little evidence of InsureMax remaining online. The company’s website redirects to the AssuranceAmerica website. AssuranceAmerica has eliminated the InsureMax brand, and all policyholders are now under the AssuranceAmerica family with no visible connection to InsureMax.

How Does InsureMax Work for Car Insurance?

InsureMax has not sold car insurance since 2015. The company was acquired by AssuranceAmerica in 2017, however, and that company does continue to sell car insurance – including to policyholders who used to be part of the InsureMax umbrella.

AssuranceAmerica is a licensed and active insurance company based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company launched in 1998. Today, they sell insurance in roughly half of all states, with a particularly strong presence in the southwest, central, and southeast parts of the country.

AssuranceAmerica, like InsureMax, is a non-standard car insurance provider. The company specializes in insuring high-risk drivers, including those who struggle to find affordable coverage through the open market.

InsureMax Coverage Options

InsureMax no longer sells car insurance. However, the company was fully absorbed by another non-standard car insurance provider, AssuranceAmerica, which continues to sell car insurance in roughly half of all states.

You can buy the following types of car insurance coverage through AssuranceAmerica:

Whether searching for a minimum liability coverage policy at the cheapest possible price or exploring full coverage options, you may be able to find what you need through AssuranceAmerica.

InsureMax Features

InsureMax has not sold car insurance since 2015. However, AssuranceAmerica continues to offer similar non-standard coverage since acquiring the company in 2015, including car insurance with features like:

Non-Standard Car Insurance: As a non-standard car insurance company, InsureMax specialized in insuring drivers with a bad driving record. Today, AssuranceAmerica continues to offer non-standard car insurance, making it an alternative to the insurance policies offered by mainstream insurance providers.

Designed for High-Risk Drivers: AssuranceAmerica is available to high-risk drivers, including those with a history of accidents, tickets, and other driving violations. Normally, a poor driving record makes it tough to find insurance through ordinary providers. With AssuranceAmerica, high-risk drivers could find the coverage they need.

More Affordable than Open Market: If you’re a high-risk driver who is struggling to find affordable car insurance through the open market, then AssuranceAmerica could be the right choice for you. AssuranceAmerica specializes in insuring drivers who have few other affordable options. If you want a basic liability plan that gets you back on the road, then AssuranceAmerica’s policies could help. Non-standard car insurance tends to be more expensive, although it could be your only option as a high-risk driver.

Available in Select States: InsureMax exclusively did business in select states when operational. Today, AssuranceAmerica is licensed and active in Arizona, Texas, Nebraska, Missouri, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Virginia. The company is also licensed in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, California, and Nevada.

Mobile App: AssuranceAmerica offers a mobile app for Android and iOS. You can make payments, download ID cards, review documents, and receive billing notifications via the mobile app.

The Generous Policy, Sending 5% of Profits to Those in Need: AssuranceAmerica offers a unique service called The Generous Policy, where the company dedicates 5% of profits to helping those in need. The company provides financial support to the communities where they operate. You can view the list of partner charities on the AssuranceAmerica website here.

InsureMax Auto Insurance Discounts

InsureMax offered a small range of discounts to non-standard drivers, including high-risk drivers who had few other options.

Today, AssuranceAmerica continues to offer several discounts to non-standard drivers and high-risk operators. Available discounts include:

Talk to your AssuranceAmerica agent about qualifying for additional discounts. The company’s discounts vary from state to state.

Is InsureMax Legit? InsureMax Reviews

InsureMax was a legitimate business for 17 years, offering car insurance across the United States between 1998 and 2015. The company was based in Newburgh, Indiana. Today, there’s limited evidence of the company online, although some review pages remain.

InsureMax’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) page continues to exist, for example. The company is not BBB-accredited (NR). However, the BBB page continues to list InsureMax’s original headquarters (4976 State Road 261 in Newburgh, Indiana) and phone number (812-858-4100). The most recent InsureMax review comes from 2016, soon after the company stopped renewing policies.

AssuranceAmerica, which acquired InsureMax, has a better online presence and remains an active insurance company. AssuranceAmerica has a rating of B from the Better Business Bureau, with fewer than ten complaints over the past three years.

Final Word on InsureMax

InsureMax operated between 1998 and 2015, selling car insurance to high-risk drivers in select states.

After closing shop in 2015, InsureMax was acquired by AssuranceAmerica in 2017.

Today, AssuranceAmerica continues to sell non-standard car insurance across the country. However, they do not use the InsureMax brand, and there are few references to InsureMax anywhere online. If you are a high-risk driver who needs non-standard car insurance, then AssuranceAmerica is one of several options available to you.

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