Is Gabi a Good Place to Get Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on February 22, 2021

Gabi is a home and auto insurance comparison website and app that claims to save time and money.

Is a good place to get auto insurance? Or will the website recommend subpar insurance at inflated prices?

Gabi works with 40+ carriers to find the best insurance for drivers and homeowners. Gabi claims customers can save $825 per year, on average, by searching for insurance through Gabi.

Is Gabi a good place to find insurance? Will Gabi find good insurance policies at a good price? Or does the website recommend insurance providers that pay the highest commissions?

Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about Gabi and how it works.

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What is Gabi?

Gabi, found online at, is a home and auto insurance comparison website and mobile app. Gabi lets you compare your current insurance policy with other providers in your region.

You can get a free insurance quote through Gabi with no signup required. Just visit the official website and click ‘Get Free Quotes’.

Alternatively, Gabi also offers a comparison tool. You add your current insurance profile to Gabi. Then, Gabi analyzes dozens of providers in your region.

Gabi has partnered with 40+ carriers, including well-known names like GEICO, Progressive, and Travelers. Gabi organizes quotes from all of these top providers – as well as several smaller local providers – to bring you the best possible home and auto insurance rates.

How Does Gabi Work?

There are two ways to use Gabi. If you currently have insurance, then you can add your insurance profile and compare that information to other providers. Or, if you don’t have insurance, or don’t want to input insurance information, then you get a free quote through Gabi regardless.

Start by visiting or by downloading the Gabi app for iOS (no Android version is currently available).

Step 1) Input current insurance information, including your current company and the price you pay (optional)

Step 2) Enter your name, birthdate, home address, homeownership status, email address, and phone number (required)

Step 3) Enter the four-digit SMS code that was sent to your phone number

Step 4) Complete the registration

Step 5) Compare rates from up to 20 providers in your area

It takes about two minutes to sign up for Gabi and start comparing quotes.

If you already have insurance, then you can see how other local providers compare to your current insurance provider. You can see if you’re getting a good deal, for example, or if you’re paying significantly more for home and auto insurance.

Or, if you don’t have insurance (or if you chose not to enter your insurance details into Gabi), then you can view top providers in your region regardless.

How Is Gabi Free?

Gabi is free to use. The company claims that it will charge “no fees, ever”.

Like many other free insurance comparison websites, Gabi is using your personal information to recommend car insurance products. The company requires you to input personal information to use the website, including your name, age, contact information, and home address. You cannot compare insurance quotes on Gabi until you share this information.

When you share your contact information with Gabi, you agree to receive marketing communication from that company. Here’s what the company says in its SMS disclaimer, for example:

“By clicking “Next Step” you consent to receive text messages to your phone number from Gabi, with product-related notices and offers.”

Gabi Affiliated Insurance Companies

Gabi provides quotes from some of America’s largest insurance companies – including GEICO and Progressive. The company also provides quotes from insurance companies most drivers have not heard of – like Lemonade and Hippo.

Gabi shops from a network of 40 insurance companies, including all of the following:

As you can see, Gabi has partnered with a blend of well-known and lesser-known insurance providers.

Gabi Is Not a Car Insurance Company

To be clear, Gabi is not a car insurance company: the company has simply partnered with various car insurance companies across the United States.

You use Gabi to find car insurance. You enter your information into Gabi’s online form or app, then complete an insurance application with one of the partner insurance companies.

After you request a quote through Gabi, you are done dealing with Gabi: you are now a client of the insurance company you chose.

If you’re asking if Gabi “is good for car insurance”, then the answer is easy: Gabi recommends good and bad insurance companies. Be sure to research each individual insurance company before you sign up for car insurance through that company.

Types of Insurance Available Through Gabi

Gabi primarily advertises home and auto insurance comparisons. However, the company offers five types of insurance quotes in total, including:

Is Gabi Good for Car Insurance? Here’s What Customers Have to Say

We’ve established that Gabi does not sell car insurance itself. However, is the company good for comparing car insurance quotes? Does the company recommend good insurance providers?

Gabi is generally well-rated online by customers. The company has an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), for example, although there are only 14 customer reviews.

Some customers have had a very positive experience with Gabi, claiming they saved $500 to $1,500 per year after finding a different home and auto insurance provider through the website.

Other customers were less impressed, claiming that Gabi did not recommend cheaper home or auto insurance premiums, or that Gabi initially promised big savings – but later rescinded the offer.

Generally, customers seem to agree that Gabi works as advertised to help customers save money on home and auto insurance.

About Gabi

Gabi Personal Insurance Agency, Inc. is a San Francisco-based startup founded in 2016. The company has raised over $39 million in venture capital from top investors. Gabi is led by Dr. Hanno Fichtner (CEO), Krzysztof Kujawa (CPO), Pawel Olszewski (CTO), and Vincenz Klemm (Head of Ops).

You can contact Gabi via the following:


Address: 106 Lincoln Blvd, Suite 106, San Francisco, CA 94129

Final Word on

Gabi is a car insurance comparison website and app. You enter basic personal details and contact information, and Gabi finds home and auto insurance quotes for your region. You can enter your existing insurance policy to see how it compares. Or, you can find quotes without entering information.

Generally, customers have good things to say about Gabi’s car insurance recommendations, claiming the company helps them save money while recommending good insurance providers. However, it’s important to note that Gabi is not an insurance company: Gabi simply lists car insurance providers, which means you should still do your research on each provider.

To learn more about Gabi and how it works, visit today.

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