Is Good2Go Auto Insurance Legit?

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If you are like most people, you have not heard of Good2Go Auto Insurance. Even if you caught wind of this auto insurance provider, you probably do not know much about it.  Good2Go Auto Insurance takes pride in providing customers with affordable auto insurance. This coverage is geared toward those who desire minimal coverage at an affordable rate.  Let’s take a look at whether Good2Go is worth your business.

An Overview of Good2Go Auto Insurance

good2go auto insuranceGood2Go Auto Insurance is not the same as Good To Go Insurance.  The two companies are completely distinct from one another. Good2Go Auto Insurance claims to have been in business for nearly three decades.  However, this company is a wing of a much older insurance business known as Independent Insurance Investments, Inc. Take a look at the Good2Go Auto Insurance website and marketing materials and you will find the company’s aim is to insure drivers’ cars at the cheapest possible rate.  This approach has its fair share of positives and negatives. Insuring automobiles at a rock-bottom rate means the company primarily provides liability coverage.

Liability coverage is the most affordable form of auto insurance protection.  If you strike another driver’s car, your liability coverage will kick in to cover the cost of the damage inflicted on the other vehicle yet not cover the repair costs of your vehicle.  However, Good2Go is also willing to provide auto insurance quotes for comprehensive and collision insurance in addition to liability coverage.  The question is whether you are interested in expansive auto insurance coverage and how much you are willing to pay.

Convenient Quotes

Good2Go provides customers with the ability to complete auto insurance paperwork on the web.  This convenient process ensures customers can be insured quicker than otherwise would be possible with a more conventional auto insurer.  Good2Go deserves accolades for making it as easy as possible to obtain an auto insurance quote.

Can Good2Go be Trusted?

In short, yes.  Good2Go has a sterling A- rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Good2Go was accredited by BBB back in May of 2015 so a considerable amount of time has passed to give the company ample opportunity to prove its legitimacy.  The lack of Good2Go complaints filed with the BBB is a testament to this company’s merits. In fact, Good2Go is on par with GEICO, Nationwide, and State Farm in the context of BBB ratings.  The aforementioned insurers received A+, A- and A+ BBB ratings, respectively.

Chinks in the Good2Go Armor

Take a close look at Good2Go’s profile on the BBB website and you will find some negative reviews.  A handful of customers have complained about the company’s customer service and practices.  Keep digging and you will find additional negative reviews posted to other online portals such as Consumer Affairs.  In particular, customers have commonly complained of unanticipated rate hikes and fees. However, those who take the time to fully understand the entirety of their auto insurance plan prior to acquiring coverage are well aware of such fees and the potential for rate hikes.

Good2Go’s Limited Availability

Plenty of drivers have not heard about Good2Go simply because the auto insurance provider’s coverage is limited to drivers in specific states.  Those who reside in Kansas, Montana, Hawaii, Alaska, and Massachusetts will not be able to acquire Good2Go auto insurance as the company is not licensed to operate in these states.

Good2Go Discounts

Good2Go has more than its fair share of discounts.  As an example, discounts are available for those who pay in full, those who insure multiple vehicles through the company, those who have demonstrated academic merit, those who complete a defensive driving course, homeowners, and driver’s education participants.  There is even a discount for cell phone safety to boot. Drivers who install a device in their vehicle to block text messages will receive a 5% policy discount.  There is also an anti-theft discount available to those who opt for comprehensive coverage.

Good2Go’s Flexible Payment Plans

Hop on the web to check out Good2Go’s aggregation tool and you will find three payment plans: annual, quarterly, and economy.  If you pay upfront for the yearly plan, you will receive the discount noted above. However, you can still pay by the month with the economy plan if desired.  Select the option best for your unique budget and you will likely be pleased with your Good2Go auto insurance coverage.

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