Is Republic Group Good for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on November 26, 2021

Republic Group is a Dallas, Texas-based insurance company founded in 1903.

Today, Republic Group continues to sell auto insurance throughout Texas. Although the company is not as well-known as many of its larger competitors, Republic Group insures thousands of drivers across Texas and nearby states.

Is Republic Group a good insurance company? Should you buy car insurance with Republic Group? Find out everything you need to know about Republic Group auto insurance today in our review.

What is Republic Group?

republic group auto insuranceRepublic Group, also known as Republic Companies Group, Inc., is an insurance company headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

The company sells car insurance, home insurance, and other insurance products through a network of agents primarily in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Arkansas.

Today, Republic Group is a subsidiary of AmTrust Financial Services, and Republic Group is an AmTrust Financial Services company. AmTrust Financial Services is a publicly-traded multinational insurance company headquartered in New York. Founded in 1990, AmTrust owns over a dozen insurance companies across the United States, including Milwaukee Casualty Insurance Company, Southern Insurance Company, and Wesco Insurance Company, among others.

Republic Group operates several different insurance brands, all of which are owned under the AmTrust umbrella. Most of these companies have ‘Republic’ in the name. Different insurance brands operate in different states. Subsidiaries or partner companies of Republic Group include:

  • Republic Underwriters Insurance Company: Licensed in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.
  • Republic Fire and Casualty Insurance Company: Licensed in Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, and Oklahoma.
  • Republic Lloyds: Licensed in Texas and Louisiana.
  • Republic-Vanguard Insurance Company: Licensed in most states.
  • Southern County Mutual Insurance Company: Licensed in Texas.
  • Southern Insurance Company: Licensed in most states.
  • Southern Underwriters Insurance Company: Licensed in Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Each company is a separate legal entity licensed in different states.

You can learn more about Republic Group online through As of 2020, the company’s website is surprisingly dated: it has a design similar to websites from 20 years ago.

Dated website aside, let’s take a closer look at Republic Group’s insurance products and services.

Republic Group Insurance Products and Services

Republic Group sells several types of personal insurance, including:

  • Automobile
  • Homeowners
  • Condominium
  • Renters
  • Dwelling Fire
  • Umbrella

Like other insurance companies, Republic Group lets you bundle policies together for convenience and cost savings. You can protect your home, car, and other personal property through Republic Group insurance products and services.

As far as we can tell, Republic Group only sells insurance through independent agents. You cannot obtain a quote online, nor can you purchase a policy online. You must buy insurance through a Republic Group agent.

How Does Republic Group Car Insurance Work?

Republic Group’s car insurance works similarly to car insurance from other providers. The company provides a range of auto insurance policies and coverage options to meet various driver needs.

You can buy minimum liability insurance through Republic Group, buying enough car insurance to legally drive on the road. You can also buy full coverage car insurance through Republic Group, which includes collision and comprehensive coverage to cover your own vehicle.

According to Republic Group’s website, the company covers young and old drivers, new and experienced drivers, and low-risk and high-risk drivers. The company does not deliberately focus on a specific type of driver, nor do they claim to discriminate against any demographics of drivers.

Republic Group Auto Insurance Discounts

Like all major car insurance companies, Republic Group provides a range of auto insurance discounts, including discounts for all of the following:

Good Credit Score: Drivers with a high credit score (say, above 700) could qualify for a car insurance discount with Republic Group. Insurance companies use something called a credit-based insurance score to calculate premiums, and drivers with good credit are less risky to insure than drivers with low credit.

Bundling: Republic Group describes its bundling discounts as “companion policy” discounts. You can receive a discount by bundling multiple policies together.

Homeownership: You receive a discount with Republic Group just for being a homeowner. Statistically, homeowners are safer to insure than people who do not own a home.

Agency Credit: Republic Group offers agency credit discounts, which means you receive a discount for being a member of certain agencies, employment groups, or other organizations.

Loss-Free Renewal: If you renew your policy and have not had a loss since the last renewal, then you qualify for Republic Group’s loss-free renewal discount.

Mature Operators: Are you a mature or older driver? You could qualify for a mature operators discount with Republic Group. Most insurance companies charge cheaper rates to older, more experienced drivers with a safe record.

Driver Training: If you recently completed a driver education course or driver training, then you could qualify for a driver training discount.

Good Student: Do you get good grades in school? Republic Group offers discounts to students who earn good grades in high school or college. Typically, you need a B average or higher to qualify for this discount.

Student Away at School: If you are a college student living away from home while attending school full-time, then you qualify for a student away at school discount with Republic Group. You get a steep discount on car insurance while still being able to drive your car whenever you return home.

Republic Group Ratings & Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

Republic Group is not one of America’s largest insurance companies, so it doesn’t have the same number of ratings as some of its larger competitors.

However, A.M. Best has given Republic Underwriters Insurance Company a rating of A- (Excellent) for its financial strength, with the latest rating occurring in August 2020. That’s a lower rating than many of Republic Group’s largest competitors, although it still indicates that Republic Group is in a good position of financial strength.

Republic Group also has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) page, where the company has a B+ rating. Republic Group has 4 complaints closed in the last 3 years and 1 complaint closed in the last 12 months.

Other review websites have mixed ratings for Republic Group. However, this is normal for insurance companies. Most people don’t take the time to rate an insurance company unless they have a bad experience, so most insurance companies have poor ratings online. At the time of writing, Republic Group has a rating of 2 stars on Consumer Affairs, 2 stars on Yelp, and 1.3 stars on Clearsurance – although there are fewer than 25 reviews across all of these websites.

History of Republic Group

Republic Group was founded in 1903 by brothers Ike and George Jalonick. The two brothers wanted to launch a Texas-owned fire insurance company after watching similar companies try and fail.

Ike and George launched a new stock company in Dallas. This company would later combine with other companies, finally evolving to create Republic Group.

Beyond that, the Republic Group website has limited information about the company’s history. However, Republic Group has over 100 years of experience selling insurance across the United States. The company aims to live up to principles like honesty, integrity, and fairness.

Final Word on Republic Group

Republic Group is an insurance company based in Texas with a strong presence across Texas and neighboring states. Founded in 1903, Republic Group is now part of the AmTrust family of insurance companies.

Republic Group sells auto insurance through a network of independent agents in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Arkansas. You can request a quote by contacting a Republic Group insurance agent today.

Republic Group Company Information
Address5525 LBJ Freeway 4th floor
Dallas, TX 75240
Telephone Number800-344-2275
Website URL
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