Nationwide vs. State Farm – What’s Better for Car Insurance?

Last Updated on January 4, 2022

As you shop for a new car insurance policy, two names are likely to come up in your search – Nationwide and State Farm. These are huge companies with wide-ranging insurance options to consider. We’d like to help you make the difficult choice between these two options by comparing their various features and benefits below.

Getting to Know Nationwide and State Farm

Before you get into the process of choosing between thnationwide vs. state farmese two industry titans, let’s get to know them a little better. You already know the names of these two businesses from the many commercials they run across a variety of media channels, but are you familiar with their histories?


Originally the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company – that’s a mouthful – this company was founded in 1926 and has been doing business as Nationwide since 1955. As the name suggests, they operate across the country, and they offer far more than just auto insurance. You can get an insurance policy from Nationwide for just about anything you need to protect, including life insurance, dental, homeowners, flood, and many other coverages.

Company AddressOne Nationwide Plaza
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone Number1-877-669-6877
Website URL

State Farm

The history of State Farm dates back to a similar point in time – the 1920s. In this case, the company was founded in 1922. While they started as an auto insurance company offering a single line of coverage, today they are similar to Nationwide in that they offer many different insurance products. If you want a company that can meet all of your coverage needs in a single place, State Farm is a great option to consider.

State Farm
Company Address1 State Farm Plaza
Bloomington, IL 61701
Phone Number1-309-766-2311
Website URL

State Farm and Nationwide Have A Lot in Common

We can already see that these two companies have much in common. Both have a history that dates to the 1920s, and both now offer a wide range of policy options and discounts. Also, each of these companies is among the biggest in the country, with a place inside the Fortune 100.

As you shop for car insurance, there are a few things that you will want to be sure to find, and both Nationwide and State Farm will have no problem delivering on these points.

  • Uninsured motorist coverage. Everyone on the road is supposed to have insurance. Of course, people don’t always do what they are supposed to do, and there is a chance that you will get into an accident with an uninsured driver. This coverage is going to help pay for things like medical bills if the other driver doesn’t have insurance that will do so. This is an essential component of any auto insurance plan, and you’ll find it from both Nationwide and State Farm.
  • Comprehensive coverage. This is the part of your auto insurance policy that will protect your vehicle from damage that is not caused by hitting another vehicle. So, if your vehicle is pelted by a particularly nasty hailstorm or a gust of wind knocks a tree down onto the vehicle, you’ll have protection through your comprehensive coverage. Ask about adding this to your policy no matter which insurance company you pick.
  • Personal injury protection. You can’t get this coverage in every state, but it is actually mandatory in some places. If you decide to carry PIP insurance, you will have coverage related to injuries that you suffer in an accident. PIP can pay for more than just medical bills in some cases, as it can also help to cover other expenses that stem from the accident.

Any auto policy you get from Nationwide or State Farm is going to carry all of the coverages that are required in your state. Of course, in addition to those necessary elements of the policy, both of these companies offer many other additions that you may choose to carry. By adding additional coverage, you will end up paying more for the policy, so look into a variety of options to find the right balance of coverage and cost.

Why Would You Choose Nationwide Car Insurance?

With so many drivers already on a Nationwide policy, you can be sure they are doing plenty of things right to take care of their customers. But what is it about Nationwide that keeps their customers with them over the competition? The following list touches on some of their strengths –

  • Customer service. You might not need service from your car insurance company very often, but when you do need that service, you’ll want it to be good. Many current customers are happy with the way they are treated by Nationwide when they have to get in touch to file a claim or resolve another issue.
  • Simplicity. This goes right along with the last point, but Nationwide does a good job of making car insurance simple. Ideally, you would sign up for a good policy, set up your payment details, and mostly forget about it. After all, you have better things to do than spending your time managing an insurance policy.
  • So many options. A multi-policy discount is only useful if the company has enough insurance products available for you to cover your various belongings. Fortunately, Nationwide can cover nearly anything you own.

It’s unlikely that you will regret the choice to go with Nationwide. Countless other drivers on the road today will be fellow Nationwide policyholders, which is a sure sign that you have picked a quality company.

Why Would You Choose State Farm Car Insurance?

We’ve already established that each of these insurance companies is a solid pick. At this point, we need to check in on what it is that might sell you on State Farm over Nationwide, or any of the other many insurance providers on the market today.

  • App convenience. It’s true that most insurance companies today offer an app where you can manage your account quickly and easily. However, State Farm’s app receives particularly good reviews from users, indicating that it will make your life as a policyholder a little easier.
  • Rental car benefits. When your own vehicle is in the shop for repair work after a collision that your policy covered, the rental car you need to get around will be paid for by your insurance. You will need to choose to have this coverage in place to benefit from this perk.
  • Cover your rideshare work. Are you picking up work driving for a rideshare company? Depending on where you live, you might be able to add coverage for your rideshare driving on your existing personal policy.
  • Insurance Rates. State Farm is known for its affordable policies and competitive rates. Many drivers will struggle to find better auto insurance rates than what State Farm has to offer.

State Farm has a lot to offer any driver in need of an auto policy. With such a prominent place in the insurance industry and millions of customers, it would be an understandable choice to go this way.

Who’s the Winner – Nationwide or State Farm?

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you that one of these brands is better than the other for car insurance. There are simply too many variables involved in car insurance to clearly recommend one over the other for all cases. Some drivers will find that Nationwide offers a better combination of coverage and rates for their needs, while others will find just the opposite to be true.

The best way to settle this debate is to seek out quotes from each company. You’ll be able to directly compare the prices and policy details that you are offered. By taking the guesswork out of the process and comparing these options with each other after getting a quote, it will be easy to pick the one that suits your requirements. Good luck!

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