Will Liberty Mutual Insure a Rebuilt Title?

Last Updated on April 30, 2024

Liberty Mutual is one of several major insurers in the United States offering rebuilt title car insurance.

If you have repaired a salvage title car, then you could receive a rebuilt title for that vehicle and then obtain car insurance through Liberty Mutual.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Liberty Mutual’s rebuilt title car insurance.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Liberty Mutual offers liability-only insurance for vehicles with rebuilt titles, which are former salvage vehicles that have been repaired and verified for safe driving.
  2. Rebuilt title insurance from Liberty Mutual requires additional documentation, such as a certified mechanic’s statement and repair estimates, compared to ordinary car insurance.
  3. While Liberty Mutual does not provide full coverage for rebuilt title vehicles, they make it relatively easy to obtain liability coverage, helping owners legally drive these cars.

Yes, Liberty Mutual Insures Rebuilt Title Vehicles

Liberty Mutual provides liability-only insurance to rebuilt title vehicles.

Rebuilt title vehicles are former salvage title vehicles that have completed repairs. To obtain car insurance for a rebuilt title vehicle, you may need to provide a certified mechanic’s statement, a copy of the original repair estimate, and other paperwork to Liberty Mutual.

Once you provide this information, Liberty Mutual can cover your rebuilt title vehicle with a liability-only policy.

How Liberty Mutual’s Rebuilt Title Insurance Works

Liberty Mutual’s rebuilt title insurance works differently than it would for vehicles with an ordinary title:

  • Liberty Mutual does not offer full coverage car insurance for rebuilt title vehicles. Full coverage car insurance includes collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Without these coverages, you may not receive compensation for your own vehicle after an accident.
  • Instead, Liberty Mutual’s rebuilt title policies only cover liability coverage.
  • Liability coverage includes bodily injury liability coverage, which covers medical bills and related costs for anyone you injure in an accident.
  • Liability coverage also includes property damage liability coverage, which covers the cost of repairing another person’s property – like their vehicle – after an at-fault accident.
  • To receive rebuilt title insurance from Liberty Mutual, you need to provide greater paperwork than you normally would. Typically, Liberty Mutual requires a certified mechanic statement and a copy of the original repair estimate. You may also need to provide photos and videos of the vehicle.

Despite these restrictions, Liberty Mutual makes it relatively easy to buy rebuilt title insurance, and the company insures thousands of rebuilt title cars across the United States.

Salvage Titles vs. Rebuilt Titles

The terms “salvage title” and “rebuilt title” are often used interchangeably. However, they’re different titles with different restrictions.

A salvage title belongs to a vehicle declared a total loss. When a vehicle is a total loss, it means the cost of repairing damage to the vehicle has exceeded the value of the vehicle. No reputable insurance company provides car insurance to salvage title vehicles. You cannot legally drive salvage title vehicles on public roads, nor can you buy insurance for salvage title vehicles.

Rebuilt titles belong to former salvage title vehicles that have been repaired to safe driving condition. Someone may have purchased a salvage title vehicle at an auction, repaired it to pre-loss condition, and verified repairs with a mechanic. You can buy insurance for a rebuilt title vehicle. Liberty Mutual and other major insurers offer rebuilt title car insurance.

Rebuilt Title Insurance vs. Ordinary Car Insurance

Your rebuilt title vehicle may look identical to a vehicle with an ordinary title. However, insurers treat these vehicles differently.

Here are some of the differences between rebuilt title insurance and ordinary car insurance:

  • Rebuilt title insurance costs more. Insurers like Liberty Mutual tend to charge higher premiums for rebuilt title insurance. There’s more risk involved with insuring rebuilt title vehicles. For example, the vehicle may not have original parts after the repairs. The repairs could be substandard, or there could be hidden damage within the vehicle. Insurers charge higher premiums to offset this risk.
  • There’s limited coverage for your own vehicle (liability-only coverage). Liberty Mutual only provides liability coverage for rebuilt title vehicles. This coverage protects other people and property, but it does not protect your own property. If you want collision and comprehensive coverage, then you may want to work with another insurer (insurers like USAA and State Farm offer full coverage car insurance on rebuilt title vehicles).
  • You must provide additional paperwork and photos. Liberty Mutual and other insurers typically require greater paperwork and visual evidence to insure your rebuilt title vehicle. You may need to provide a certified mechanic’s statement, for example, along with a copy of the original repair estimate. Liberty Mutual may also require photos and videos of the vehicle. This visual evidence will be used as “before” photos to identify pre-existing damage to the vehicle during a future claim.

Overall, Liberty Mutual’s rebuilt title insurance functions similar to a liability-only plan but with higher pricing and paperwork requirements.

Final Word

Liberty Mutual is one of several major insurers offering rebuilt title car insurance.

If you have a rebuilt title vehicle and are looking for liability-only coverage, then Liberty Mutual is one option. The company’s insurance plans allow you to resume legally driving your rebuilt title vehicle.

Contact Liberty Mutual or request a quote online today to find out how much insurance costs for your rebuilt title vehicle.

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