Is Kelly Klee a Good Choice for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on November 24, 2023

Kelly Klee is an Aspen-based insurance company specializing in insurance for high net worth individuals.

Today, Kelly Klee offers insurance products for homes, cars, specialty vehicles, and other high-value assets.

Technically, Kelly Klee is an insurance broker – not an insurance company. The company partners with carriers like Chubb, Hagerty, and Nationwide. When you request an insurance quote through Kelly Klee, you may get a policy with Chubb, Hagerty, or one of six other insurance partners.

Is Kelly Klee a good choice for car insurance? Or are there better options in the luxury insurance market? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Kelly Klee and auto insurance.

kelly klee auto insurance review

What is Kelly Klee?

Kelly Klee is an insurance broker that offers comprehensive, bundled insurance packages. The company focuses exclusively on insurance packages instead of individual policies.

Kelly Klee’s calls itself “insurance for the top 10%”. The company’s website claims they “believe in better insurance for those with more than most”. The company isn’t shy about the fact that it caters to the wealthiest Americans.

If you’re looking exclusively for single-vehicle auto insurance, then Kelly Klee is not a good option. However, if you’re looking for car, home, and other insurance policies bundled together in a convenient package, then Kelly Klee may be the right choice.

Kelly Klee is staffed by professional agents who provide individual service. As an insurance broker, Kelly Klee will create a package of insurance policies through a company like Chubb, Hagerty, or Nationwide.

Kelly Klee car insurance can cover luxury cars, classic cars, antique cars, and collector cars. The company emphasizes high-value coverage for high-value vehicles.

Kelly Klee is a digital insurance broker launched in 2018. The company does business exclusively through its website and over the phone.

Is Kelly Klee Good for Auto Insurance?

Your insurance agent at Kelly Klee will custom-build a policy to fit your specific needs, including the unique needs of your vehicle. You can add original equipment coverage to your policy, for example, to ensure your high-end vehicle is repaired with original manufacturer parts instead of knock-off parts.

Kelly Klee also offers agreed value coverage. Under agreed value coverage, the customer and the insurance company agree on a value for an asset, and the insurer guarantees coverage up to that amount in the event of a total loss.

Typically, we rank car insurance companies by their J.D. Power rating, Better Business Bureau rating, or other metrics. However, Kelly Klee does not appear on any J.D. Power rankings. J.D. Power ranks the largest insurance companies in the United States. Kelly Klee is not among the top 20 largest insurance companies and they’re an insurance broker – not an insurance provider.

However, Kelly Klee does partner with some of the top-ranked insurance companies in the United States. As of May 2020, the company’s affiliated carriers include:

The companies associated with Kelly Klee all have strong financial ratings and customer service scores. The companies above are some of the top-rated insurers in the country based on claims satisfaction and other metrics.

According to the Kelly Klee website, customers have rated the company 9.1 stars out of 10.

Why do high net worth individuals need different car insurance? Well, ordinary car insurance policies are built for people with ordinary net worth. If you have a high-end vehicle or high-value property, then an ordinary car insurance company might charge high rates with little difference in coverage. High net worth individuals have different insurance needs, and that’s why they turn to Kelly Klee and other high net worth insurance providers.

Kelly Klee Auto Insurance: What Makes Kelly Klee Different?

Kelly Klee caters to high net worth individuals seeking to insure high-end vehicles and other property. Some of the features that make Kelly Klee car insurance unique include:

Agreed Value Coverage: Kelly Klee offers car insurance policies with agreed value coverage. You and the insurer agree on a specific value for a covered item, and the insurer is guaranteed to pay that value in the event of a total loss.

Original Equipment Coverage: For most high-end vehicle owners, repairing a car with third party replacement parts is not an option. Kelly Klee offers original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts coverage, which means your vehicle will be repaired with the same parts used on new vehicles.

New Car Replacement: Kelly Klee offers new car replacement, which provides the newest model year of your same vehicle if your older year model is totaled.

Rental Reimbursement: Kelly Klee has rental reimbursement coverage, which covers the cost of renting a vehicle if your car breaks down.

Overnight Breakdown Expenses: If your car breaks down more than 50 miles from home, then Kelly Klee will cover up to two nights’ worth of expenses.

Ultimately, coverages vary widely between policies. Remember: Kelly Klee partners with multiple carriers and no two Kelly Klee policies are identical.

How Does Kelly Klee Insurance Work?

Kelly Klee is a unique insurance broker for wealthy individuals. The company will build a customized insurance package for you:

Step 1) Fill out the online application at

Step 2) A specialized coverage advisor will shop the market based on your unique needs, then make recommendations

Step 3) Your agent delivers a custom plan with clear recommendations; you choose what options work best for you

Your customized insurance plan can cover a high-value home, specialty vehicles, valuables, boats, and more.

Kelly Klee Insurance Prices & Discounts

Kelly Klee is a customized car insurance provider, and rates will vary widely between individuals.

While other companies package policyholders into specific categories and prices, Kelly Klee builds a customized suite of insurance products based on each individual’s unique needs.

Kelly Klee also focuses on a segment of the market with vastly different insurance needs. The company might offer an insurance policy for a $20 million house, for example, and a $400,000 vehicle. The price for this policy is going to be significantly different from a policy for a $1 million house and a $50,000 vehicle.

That means prices, discounts, rates, and premiums vary widely between Kelly Klee customers.

Final Word on Kelly Klee

Kelly Klee is a digital insurance broker catering to high net worth individuals. You request a quote online, and the company creates an insurance package through its six affiliated carriers.

Kelly Klee is well-rated online for its coverage and convenience. Most customers agree that Kelly Klee works as advertised, providing strong insurance coverage for unique property – including high-end vehicles, high-value homes, boats, specialty vehicles, and more.

To learn more about Kelly Klee, or to request a customized quote today, visit online at

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Aspen, CO 81611
Phone Number844-885-1600
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