Is Fremont Good for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on April 11, 2020

Founded in 1876, Fremont Insurance is one of America’s oldest insurance companies.

Today, Fremont Insurance continues to use its network of independent agents to serve customers throughout Michigan. Fremont exclusively sells car insurance in Michigan.

Fremont, appropriately, is based in Fremont, Michigan. The company sells a full suite of insurance products, including homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and additional insurance products for RVs, motorcycles, boats, and other vehicles.

If you have recently compared car insurance quotes in Michigan, then you may have stumbled upon Fremont Insurance. Is Fremont good for car insurance? Or are there better providers in the Wolverine State? Keep reading our Fremont insurance review to find out.

Is Fremont Good for Auto Insurance?

Fremont Car Insurance

Fremont provides car insurance to customers throughout the state of Michigan. The company provides basic liability car insurance that meets minimum requirements in the state of Michigan. The company also offers collision coverage (which covers repairs to your own vehicle after an accident) and comprehensive coverage (which covers theft, vandalism, and non-accident-related damage).

To sell car insurance, Fremont uses a hybrid model, selling car insurance both directly to consumers and through independent agents. Customers who prefer a more personalized customer service experience can talk to a Fremont agent, while customers who prefer getting insurance directly from a website can get their insurance through Fremont’s website.

Finding an agent near you is as easy as visiting the Fremont website and selecting your location. Alternatively, you can enter your ZIP code into the Fremont website for an immediate quote.

Fremont offers a range of car insurance discounts similar to the discounts offered by other major insurance companies. You can find multi-car discounts, good credit score discounts, claim-free discounts, accident-free discounts, low mileage discounts, and good grade discounts, among others.

Customers who have both homeowners insurance and car insurance with Fremont may also be eligible for additional bundling discounts. Non-smoker discounts, multi-policy discounts, home alarm system discounts, and other discounts are all available to homeowners.

Fremont Car Insurance Endorsements: Additional Coverage Options Available

Fremont is a full-service car insurance company with a suite of insurance products to suit all types of needs.

Policyholders with unique needs can get boat insurance, RV insurance, farm insurance, commercial auto insurance, inland marine insurance, mobile home insurance, identify theft insurance, and even cyber-liability insurance through Fremont.

Some of the other insurance products available through Fremont include:

Personal Lines Insurance: Homeowners, personal auto, marine, farm owners, country estates, mobile homeowners, renters and rentals, cyber liability, and umbrella insurance.

Business Lines: Home business, business owners, commercial, business automobile, workers compensation, and umbrella insurance.

Whether looking for basic liability car insurance, full coverage car insurance, or a bundle of insurance products for all your property, Fremont may be the right choice for you.

Is Fremont a Good Insurance Company? Fremont J.D. Power Rankings

J.D. Power ranks the largest insurance companies in the United States at both a national and regional level. Sometimes, smaller companies appear on regional J.D. Power rankings. However, since Fremont only serves a single state (Michigan), the company is too small to appear on any J.D. Power rankings.

Fremont has also not been ranked by any other major consumer rating organizations – like Consumer Reports.

Is Fremont a Good Insurance Company? Financial Strength

We analyze an insurance company’s financial strength based on its rating from A.M. Best, which is the leading financial analysis organization for the insurance industry.

When deciding whether or not an insurance company is “good”, it’s crucial to check the financial strength of the insurance company. Poor-quality insurance companies might struggle financially, increasing the likelihood of declaring bankruptcy (or having your claim denied due to insolvency).

A.M. Best has given Fremont an average rating of A- (Excellent). That’s a good rating, although it’s not as strong as some of Fremont’s larger competitors. A rating of A- indicates that Fremont should have no trouble paying out claims in the near future. Fremont has had its A- (Excellent) rating since 2005.

A.M. Best has also rated that the long-term outlook of the company is positive.

Is Fremont a Good Insurance Company? Customer Reviews

Fremont has surprisingly good customer reviews online. Most insurance companies – even good ones – have poor reviews online. Few customers take the time to review their insurance company unless they’ve had a bad claim experience. Ratings tend to skew negative, which is why we’re surprised to see that Fremont has mostly reasonable reviews online.

Despite being in business for 145 years, Fremont is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. BBB accreditation doesn’t mean much, but it does help organize certain reviews and complaints about companies. As of January 2020, Fremont has a “B-” rating from the BBB. Just two complaints about Fremont have been filed in the last three years.

Meanwhile, one insurance review aggregator website has given Fremont an average rating of 4.34 stars out of 5 with 25 customer reviews. 64% of customers have given Fremont an “Excellent” rating of 5/5 stars, with all other customers giving “Great” (4/5) or “Good” (3/5) ratings.

Final Word

Fremont sells insurance products – including car insurance – exclusively in Michigan. The company is generally well-rated by drivers and policyholders in Michigan.

Fremont isn’t the largest car insurance company. However, the company has been smoothly operating since 1876. Fremont also seems to be in a stable financial position. Although Fremont isn’t rated by large consumer rating agencies like J.D. Power, most customer reviews indicate a positive experience with Fremont overall.

Is Fremont a good insurance company? It certainly seems to be. The company offers well-rated car insurance, home insurance, and business insurance to policyholders throughout the state of Michigan.

You can request a quote with Fremont online today through the official website. Or, you can use the official Fremont website to find an independent agent near you.

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