Is Hagerty Good for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on November 24, 2023

Hagerty is a car insurance company best known for its classic car insurance.

Hagerty insures classic cars and collectible vehicles across the United States, selling unique car insurance policies for drivers with unique insurance needs.

Is Hagerty good for auto insurance? Should you insure your classic or collector car with Hagerty? Find out everything you need to know about Hagerty auto insurance today in our review.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hagerty is a specialized insurer for classic and collectible vehicles, offering lower premiums and guaranteed replacement value than standard auto insurance.
  • Hagerty has flexible usage and no fixed mileage limits for its customers as long as they meet the storage and daily driver requirements.
  • Hagerty provides additional coverage for spare parts, new purchases, auto shows, automobilia and track days, as well as roadside assistance and access to valuation tools and events.
  • Hagerty has positive reviews from customers and industry experts, who praise its service, cost, and benefits.
  • Insurance Panda rates Hagerty 4.0/5

About Hagerty

Hagerty is an auto insurance brand under The Hagerty Group, LLC. The company provides classic and collectible car insurance in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Founded in 1984, Hagerty is headquartered in Traverse City, Michigan.

Although Hagerty is best known for insuring collectible and classic cars, the company also offers other unique insurance products – like boat insurance.

The founders of Hagerty were motivated to launch the company after being disappointed with existing classic car insurance options. As classic car enthusiasts themselves, they decided to launch an insurance company specializing in classic and collectible cars.

Today, Hagerty claims its insurance premiums for collectible cars are 30% to 40% lower than the insurance premiums offered by traditional companies. You get the same insurance for your classic car – but because Hagerty knows classic cars better than anyone, you pay lower rates.

Hagerty is also unique because it re-invests in various classic car initiatives. The company funds educational initiatives for the classic car community, for example, as well as historical vehicle programs, youth education programs, and other programs that benefit the classic car community.

How Hagerty Car Insurance Works

Hagerty car insurance works similarly to the car insurance offered by other companies – but with classic or collectible cars as a focus.

The company offers the same liability insurance, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage as other providers. You buy Hagerty insurance to protect your vehicle and your liability.

Common insurance products available through Hagerty car insurance include:

Liability Coverage: Hagerty sells bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage for classic cars, allowing you to legally drive your collectible car on the road while abiding by state laws. Most states require drivers to have a certain minimum amount of liability coverage, and Hagerty lets you meet or exceed these limits to drive legally.

Collision Coverage: If you damage your classic car while driving, you can file a claim through your Hagerty classic car insurance collision coverage, which covers damage to your vehicle after an accident.

Comprehensive Coverage: Hagerty’s comprehensive coverage covers theft, vandalism, environmental damage, and other damage that occurs to your classic car outside of an accident.

Other Coverage: Some states require personal injury protection (PIP), medical payments coverage, uninsured and underinsured driver coverage, and other insurance coverages. Hagerty can provide all of this coverage to ensure you meet minimum state insurance requirements.

If buying car insurance with Hagerty in the United States, your policy may be underwritten by Essentia Insurance Company, Nationwide Insurance Company of America, or Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, all of which are partnered with Hagerty.

Hagerty also sells classic car and boat insurance in Canada, along with classic car and motorcycle insurance in the United Kingdom.

What Makes Hagerty Unique?

Hagerty does business differently from traditional insurance providers. While traditional insurance companies insure all vehicles, Hagerty specializes in classic and collectible vehicles.

Classic and collectible vehicles are difficult to insure. They have unique valuations. Typically, a 50-year-old vehicle isn’t worth much money. However, a classic car often appreciates in value with age.

Some classic car owners also have unique requests. They might want an agreed value policy, for example, where they insure a portion of the vehicle – but not the full value of the vehicle. You might insure $50,000 of your $200,000 classic car, for example, because you don’t want to pay a full $200,000 insurance policy. In this situation, your insurer covers up to $50,000 of value for the classic car after an accident.

Hagerty is also unique in its strict eligibility requirements. Many drivers do not qualify for Hagerty car insurance because they’re considered high-risk. Hagerty does not want high-risk drivers in its insurance pool, so it denies eligibility. We’ll explain more about Hagerty’s eligibility requirements below.

What Types of Vehicles Does Hagerty Insure?

Hagerty insures all of the following types of vehicles:

  • Antique, classic, and collectible vehicles
  • Classic trucks and utility vehicles
  • Modified vehicles
  • Collector, antique, and collectible trailers
  • Collectible or vintage motorcycles and scooters
  • Classic military vehicles

What Types of Vehicles Does Hagerty Not Insure?

Hagerty does not insure vehicles you drive every day for normal purposes: like your daily commuter vehicle. Hagerty prices its insurance assuming you drive your classic car occasionally – or not at all.

Types of vehicles that aren’t eligible for Hagerty car insurance include:

Who Is Eligible for Hagerty Car Insurance?

Some drivers are not eligible for Hagerty car insurance. Even if you want a Hagerty car insurance policy, you may not be able to obtain that policy due to extenuating factors.

Drivers who fall into any of the following categories may not be eligible for Hagerty car insurance:

Eligibility requirements vary between drivers. Some drivers qualify for Hagerty car insurance even if they fall into one of the categories above. Request a Hagerty auto insurance quote to see if you qualify.

Other Hagerty Classic Car Insurance Restrictions

Hagerty has other restrictions drivers need to understand before they buy a policy.

Although you’re not allowed to use classic cars for commercial use, drivers are allowed to use classic cars for club functions, exhibitions, tours, organized meetings, and occasional pleasure driving.

Drivers must also store their vehicles in a private, enclosed, and secure structure – like a locked garage or shed, a barn, or a residential storage unit.

As mentioned above, you cannot use your classic car for daily commutes to and from school, work, or other daily activities. Your Hagerty insurance policy allows for occasional pleasure-use driving – but not daily commuting or similar tasks.

Assuming you meet all of the above qualifications, you should qualify for Hagerty’s classic car insurance coverage.

Hagerty Reviews & Ratings

Hagerty is generally well-rated among classic and collectible vehicle owners. Hagerty is one of the best-known names in the space, and the company works hard to maintain its strong ratings and reviews.

Hagerty has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, with seven complaints closed in the last three years. That’s a very good rating compared to other insurance companies, as many drivers don’t bother rating their insurer unless they’re dissatisfied with a claim.

A.M. Best judges the financial stability of insurance companies. In 2013, A.M. Best awarded an A+ rating to Essentia Insurance Company, which underwrites Hagerty policies in the United States. The company has maintained that A+ rating over the years. This is considered a very good rating for a car insurance company. It shows Hagerty is in a strong position to cover its liabilities and claims for the foreseeable future.

Online review websites are generally favorable towards Hagerty, with most customers giving the company good ratings for customer service, claims satisfaction, and pricing.

Like any insurance company, Hagerty has minor complaints with claims processing and other issues. Generally, however, most Hagerty policyholders are satisfied with the company.

Hagerty Car Insurance Discounts & Features

Hagerty offers classic car insurance, which makes them different from other insurance companies. However, the company offers several products, services, discounts, and features that make it unique, including:

Guaranteed Value Coverage: If your vehicle is involved in a covered total loss event, then Hagerty compensates you based on your car’s agreed-upon value in full. That means there’s no depreciation: if you insured your vehicle with Hagerty 5 years ago at an agreed-upon value of $50,000, then Hagerty reimburses you up to $50,000 in a covered loss.

Hagerty Plus Plan: Hagerty offers a 24/7 roadside assistance plan. If you need towing, fuel delivery, a tire change, or other roadside assistance in your classic vehicle, then you can make a claim through your Hagerty Plus Plan, which means Hagerty covers the cost.

Spare Parts Coverage: Hagerty lets drivers add spare parts coverage to their policy. Spare parts coverage protects the tools and parts in your vehicle while also giving access to original replacement parts if you need repairs.

Medical Coverage: Hagerty offers supplemental medical coverage for your auto insurance policy. If you, your family, or someone else is injured in an incident related to your classic car (say, at an auto show), then Hagerty could cover costs.

Hagerty Drivers Club: The Hagerty Drivers Club is a community of car enthusiasts who meet regularly. You pay $45 per year, receive a subscription to Hagerty’s magazine, and enjoy special events, roadside assistance, and other features.

Classic Car Discounts: Hagerty claims to offer 30% to 40% cheaper insurance premiums when insuring a classic car compared to ordinary insurance providers. While GEICO might charge $100 per month for your classic car, Hagerty might charge just $60 or $70 per month.

Hagerty Pros and Cons


  • Hagerty provides specialized and customizable insurance for classic and collectible vehicles.
  • Hagerty has extensive knowledge of classic cars and employs in-house parts specialists.
  • Hagerty offers guaranteed replacement value, which means you get the full insured value of your car if it’s totaled.
  • Hagerty allows for occasional pleasure use with no fixed mileage limits.
  • Hagerty offers various membership benefits, including a subscription to Hagerty magazine, access to events and seminars, and a discount program for automotive-related products and services.


  • Hagerty’s policies do not cover everyday driving. You must have a separate policy for your regular-use vehicle.
  • To qualify for coverage, classic car owners must agree to use their vehicle for limited purposes, such as exhibitions, club activities, and occasional pleasure driving, which may not suit everyone’s needs.
  • Hagerty Auto Insurance is not available in all states, so some classic car owners may not be able to take advantage of their specialized coverage.
  • Hagerty does not have many discounts available for its customers.
  • Hagerty is not BBB accredited.

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Our Rating of Hagerty

Hagerty is a car insurance company available across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The company insures classic cars, antique vehicles, and collectibles, charging cheaper rates than traditional providers.

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Hagerty specializes in coverage for classic and collector cars, providing specialized coverage and expertise. They offer agreed-value coverage, membership benefits, and a focus on limited usage. However, their coverage may not be available in all states, they don’t offer online quotes, and their policies may come at a higher cost than traditional car insurance policies (although cheaper than other classic car insurance providers).


Hagerty Contact Info

To learn more about Hagerty or request a quote today, visit online at

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