Is Estrella Insurance Good for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on May 1, 2023

Estrella Insurance is a Miami-based insurance broker that sells policies across multiple states.

You can buy auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and other insurance products through Estrella. The company is particularly popular among Spanish-language speakers in the United States.

Is Estrella Insurance good for auto insurance? Should you buy car insurance through Estrella? In our review, find out everything you need to know about Estrella Insurance and what makes it unique today.

Key Takeaways:

  • Estrella Insurance is an insurance broker that sells auto, home, life, and other insurance products from 30+ insurers in Florida, Arizona, California, and Texas.
  • Estrella Insurance aims to save customers time and money by comparing multiple quotes and offering personalized service from local agents, especially for Spanish-speaking communities.
  • Estrella Insurance also offers immigration services, ticket defense, and various discounts to its customers.
  • Estrella Insurance has average reviews online, and its quality depends on the local agent or office.

About Estrella Insurance

Estrella Insurance is a Miami-based insurance broker offering home insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, life insurance, and other insurance products.

Estrella Insurance has a particularly strong presence in Miami and South Florida, and you can find hundreds of agents in Florida offering Estrella Insurance car insurance.

The company also maintains a strong presence in Tampa, Orlando, and other major cities in Florida. You can also find Estrella Insurance agents in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Denver, Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Salinas, and other metro areas across the United States.

Estrella Insurance is not technically an insurance company: they’re an insurance broker. They partner with 30+ insurance companies in Florida, Arizona, California, and Texas, helping policyholders find the right insurance for their needs. The company’s goal is to save you time and money while shopping for insurance.

Estrella Insurance Contact Info
Phone Number1-800 CAR INSURANCE
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Estrella Insurance Products & Services

Estrella Insurance makes it easy to buy all types of insurance for your unique needs. You can buy all of the following types of policies through Estrella Insurance:

Auto Insurance: Estrella Insurance offers auto insurance throughout its covered states. When you request a quote through an Estrella Insurance agent, you receive multiple quotes from multiple insurers, making it easy to choose the right policy for you.

Commercial Insurance: Estrella Insurance offers commercial insurance, including commercial auto insurance and other types of business insurance. The company specializes in insuring contractors, for-hire transportation services, towing services, restaurant delivery services, and other types of businesses.

Homeowners Insurance: You can buy home insurance through Estrella Insurance to cover your home, condo, or mobile home. The company also sells landlord insurance and renters insurance to protect your personal property.

Business Insurance: Estrella Insurance offers workers’ compensation insurance, general liability insurance, and other business owners’ policies. You can bundle multiple business insurance policies together to save money.

Health & Life Insurance: Estrella Insurance offers health and life insurance in participating locations. The company can help you enroll in Obamacare, answer questions about health care in the United States, and provide you with a life insurance quote.

Alternative Vehicle Insurance: Estrella Insurance offers a range of alternative vehicle insurance policies, including boat insurance, RV insurance, motorcycle insurance, and insurance for other types of vehicles.

How Does Estrella Insurance Auto Insurance Work?

Estrella Insurance is an insurance broker. The company provides quotes from up to 30 different auto insurance companies, depending on your location. Your Estrella Insurance agent can help you pick the right insurer for your needs.

Some drivers want the cheapest possible auto insurance policy. They want a plan that lets them drive on the road as quickly as possible. Other drivers want a full coverage policy for added peace of mind and added protection. An agent can help you decide which policy is right for you.

Here’s the step-by-step process for buying car insurance through Estrella Insurance:

Step 1) Select Coverage: Tell your Estrella Insurance agent about you, your vehicle, and any additional drivers. The agent will use this information to find customized insurance quotes.

Step 2) Compare Rates: Compare coverage and rates. See what discounts are available, and discuss the pros and cons of different policies with your agent.

Step 3) Choose Policy: Finally, choose your policy and start saving today with Estrella Insurance.

The goal of Estrella Insurance is to help customers save time and money when shopping for car insurance. The Estrella Insurance agent wants to help you find the best option based on your unique needs. If you are overwhelmed by the insurance comparison process, or if you want expert assistance throughout the process, then Estrella Insurance may be the right choice for you.

Estrella Auto Insurance Products & Services

Estrella Insurance offers the same auto insurance products and services as competing companies. You can buy minimum liability insurance plans, full coverage plans, and everything in between.

Estrella ranks its auto insurance based on three main types of coverage:

Property Coverage: Covers damage to or theft of your vehicle. Property coverage includes collision coverage (which repairs your vehicle after an accident) and comprehensive coverage (for damage outside of accidents).

Liability Coverage: Most states require drivers to carry a certain minimum amount of property damage and bodily injury liability coverage. Your Estrella Insurance policy can cover your legal responsibility to others for bodily injuries and damage.

Medical Coverage: Estrella Insurance provides medical coverage for treating your own injuries after an accident, regardless of fault. This can also cover lost wages and funeral expenses, among other costs. Some states require personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, while others do not.

What Makes Estrella Insurance Unique?

Drivers have plenty of options for car insurance. Why choose a broker like Estrella Insurance? What makes Estrella Insurance unique? Here are some of the advantages advertised by the company:

Save Time & Money: Yes, you can compare insurance on your own. However, Estrella Insurance aims to save you time and money. Instead of spending hours comparing plans and shopping for car insurance, you can rely on the expertise of a professional agent. Like other brokers, Estrella Insurance can get lower rates through insurance companies than you could get on your own.

Personal Service from Professional Agents: Many drivers prefer working with a locally-based agent for their insurance needs. If you like a personalized approach to car insurance instead of dealing with a faceless nationwide company, then you may want to contact an Estrella Insurance agent in your area.

Well-Known Among Communities: Estrella Insurance emphasizes the value of community when comparing insurance. The company wants to be the insurance broker you recommend to family and friends.

Popular Among Spanish-Speaking Populations: Estrella Insurance is popular among Latinos and members of the Spanish-speaking community. The company has a strong presence in Florida, Texas, California, Colorado, Nevada, and other states. If you want a local agent who speaks Spanish and recognizes your unique situation, then Estrella Insurance may be the right choice.

Immigration Services: Estrella Insurance also offers immigration services through its Estrella Immigration division. The company provides free consultations to help answer your immigration questions.

Ticket Defense: Estrella Insurance also offers ticket defense, helping you defend against traffic tickets and remove traffic tickets from your record. The company’s ticket defense starts at just $69.

Estrella Insurance Discounts

Estrella Insurance’s discounts vary between insurers. Estrella Insurance works with 30+ insurers, and each insurer offers unique discounts.

Your Estrella Insurance agent can help you pick the best insurance company based on the discounts available. Some benefit from choosing an insurer with a good student discount, for example, while others can save hundreds with bundling discounts.

Some of the discounts available through Estrella Insurance and its network of insurers include:

Bundling Discounts: Bundle one or more insurance policies, i.e., home and auto, together to save money.

Safe Driving Discount: If you have three or more years of safe driving history with no at-fault accidents, speeding tickets, or other incidents, then you may qualify for a safe driving discount.

Multi-Vehicle Discount: Drivers who need to insure multiple vehicles could qualify for a multi-vehicle discount.

Good Student Discounts: Some of Estrella Insurance’s partners provide good student discounts. If you’re a full-time student under age 25 with strong grades I school, then you could qualify for a good student discount.

Estrella Insurance Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

Estrella Insurance has average reviews online.

Many customers enjoy the personalized approach of a locally-based Estrella Insurance agent. However, others have had poor experiences with their agents or the local Estrella Insurance office. Your experience depends heavily on your local agent or office.

Insurance review website WalletHub has an average rating of 3.1 stars out of 5 for Estrella Insurance based on 270+ reviews from across the internet. Other review websites are more supportive, with ratings as high as 4.9 stars out of 5 on many Google listings.

Estrella Insurance is not an insurance company, so they don’t appear on J.D. Power’s insurance rankings, nor are they rated by A.M. Best for their financial strength. You can check the J.D. Power and A.M. Best ratings for your specific insurer after buying a quote through Estrella Insurance.

Estrella Insurance is also not rated (NR) by the Better Business Bureau.

Our Rating of Estrella

Estrella Insurance is a broker that helps customers find the best insurance policies for their needs. The company works with 30+ insurers and offers personalized service from local agents, especially for Spanish-speaking communities. Estrella Insurance also provides immigration services, ticket defense, and discounts to its customers.

Coverage Options
Financial Strength
Customer Satisfaction


Estrella Insurance, a locally-based insurance agency, receives mixed customer reviews online. Some customers appreciate the personalized approach of their local agent, while others report negative experiences with agents or the local office. Estrella Insurance is not an insurance company and therefore is not included in J.D. Power’s insurance rankings or rated by A.M. Best for financial strength. The company is also not rated by the Better Business Bureau. Reviews from both English and Spanish-speaking customers indicate that Estrella Insurance may be a good choice for those in Florida but may not be the best option for customers outside of the state. Some recurring complaints include a lack of empathy and attention from agents.


Final Word on Estrella Insurance

Estrella Insurance is a Miami-based insurance broker offering auto, home, and business insurance to policyholders across the United States. The company has a particularly strong presence in Florida, Texas, and California, although they continue to expand across the country.

To learn more about Estrella Insurance and its insurance broker services, visit the company online today at or find an Estrella Insurance office near you.

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