Does Erie Have Good Roadside Assistance Coverage?

Last Updated on October 21, 2023

Erie Insurance is known for strong customer service and good claims satisfaction. But does Erie have good roadside assistance coverage?

Erie Insurance’s emergency roadside service coverage covers lockouts, flat tires, mechanical breakdowns, dead batteries, and other roadside emergencies.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Erie’s roadside assistance coverage and how it works.

How Erie’s Roadside Assistance Coverage Works

Erie Roadside Assistance CoverageErie’s roadside assistance coverage works similar to roadside assistance plans from other car insurance companies. You add roadside assistance to your policy for a few dollars per year, then get covered for certain emergencies.

Priced at around $5 per vehicle per year, Erie’s roadside assistance policy is one of the best deals in the auto insurance industry. Most insurers charge $40 to $100 per year for roadside assistance.

You must have comprehensive or collision coverage to buy Erie’s roadside assistance coverage.

Roadside assistance covers cars, light trucks, and motorcycles. It also covers horse, livestock, and other trailers pulled by vehicles that Erie insures.

Drivers can also bundle Erie’s roadside assistance with rental car expense coverage through the Erie Roadside & Rentals bundle. In exchange for a few dollars per year, you’re protected against roadside emergencies and get reimbursed for certain rental car costs.

How to Make a Roadside Assistance Claim with Erie

To contact Erie’s roadside assistance for a roadside emergency, call 800-367-3743. You will be directly connected to Agero, which is Erie’s nationwide roadside service partner.

You can contact Agero’s service 24/7/365. Regardless of when your vehicle breaks down, you can make a claim through your Erie roadside assistance policy.

How Much Does Erie’s Roadside Assistance Coverage Cost?

Erie’s roadside assistance is priced at around $5 per vehicle per year with the purchase of comprehensive or collision coverage.

If you buy Erie’s Roadside & Rentals bundle, then you may pay a little more, but you get extra coverage for rental cars.

How to Add Roadside Assistance to your Auto Insurance Policy

You can add roadside assistance to your auto insurance policy by contacting your local Erie agent.

What’s Covered by Erie Roadside Assistance?

Erie’s roadside assistance covers all of the following:

Locksmith Services: If you are locked out of your vehicle and do not have a spare key, then Erie will cover the cost of dispatching a locksmith to your location. That locksmith will enter your vehicle to retrieve the key. If you need to replace locks or keys, then Erie will not reimburse these costs.

Fuel Delivery: If you run out of gas while driving, then Erie will cover the cost of delivering fuel to your location. Erie will dispatch a technician to your location with enough fuel to drive to the nearest gas station. Erie covers the cost of dispatching the technician, although Erie does not cover the cost of fuel itself.

Towing Up to 20 Miles: If your car breaks down and cannot be driven, then Erie will cover the cost of towing your vehicle up to 20 miles away (or to the nearest service station, whichever is closer). If you need to tow your vehicle further than 20 miles, then you will pay for this extra mileage out of pocket.

Car Extraction: If your car is stuck in a snowbank or ditch, then you can call Erie to cover the cost of extracting your vehicle.

Changing a Flat Tire: If you have a flat tire that needs to be patched or changed, then Erie can cover the cost of servicing that tire. Erie will not cover the cost of the patch or the tire itself. The technician can use your spare. Or, you can pay for the patch or tire.

Battery Service: If your vehicle’s battery dies and needs to be jumpstarted, then Erie can dispatch a technician to jumpstart your vehicle.

Erie Roadside Assistance Reviews

Erie is one of the best-reviewed insurance companies in the United States. The company consistently scores well for customer service and claims satisfaction, and most customers have good experiences with Erie’s roadside assistance program.

According to the 2021 J.D. Power auto insurance study, Erie scored above average in most subregions, indicating the company was better than competing companies for claims handling, customer satisfaction, and overall quality. Erie also scored top ratings in the North Central area, where it was picked as the best overall car insurance company.

To compile these rankings, J.D. Power contacts customers who have recently made a claim. Customers who had a good claims experience rate their company higher than customers who had a bad claims experience. Based on reviews, Erie consistently provided fair claims experiences to customers across the United States, indicating their roadside assistance policy should work as advertised to help protect you against roadside emergencies.

Do Roadside Assistance Claims Raise Premiums?

For most customers, roadside assistance claims will not raise premiums.

However, if you are abusing the roadside assistance system, or if you make an excessive number of claims per year, then it’s possible Erie may raise rates.

How Many Claims Can I Make Per Year?

Erie does not list a specific maximum number of claims you can make per year through its roadside assistance program.

Generally, most roadside assistance programs limit you to 4 to 6 claims per year before you need to pay out of pocket.

Do All Erie Auto Insurance Policies Include Roadside Assistance?

No, not all Erie auto insurance policies include roadside assistance. You need to specifically add roadside assistance to your policy for around $5 per vehicle per year.

Any Erie customer with comprehensive or collision coverage is eligible to add roadside assistance to their policy.

Final Word on Erie’s Roadside Assistance

Erie’s roadside assistance program is one of the best-rated roadside assistance policies in the country. In exchange for just $5 per vehicle per year, Erie provides basic coverage against lockouts, breakdowns, tire problems, dead batteries, and more.

To learn more about Erie’s roadside assistance policy or to add it to your plan, contact Erie today.

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