How Do You Contact Auto-Owners Insurance Customer Service?

Last Updated on July 20, 2023

Available in 26 states, Auto-Owners Insurance is a Lansing, Michigan-based mutual car insurance company founded in 1916.

Auto-Owners Insurance offers customer service through a network of independent agents across 26 covered states. You can contact your Auto-Owners Insurance agent for policy adjustments, claims reporting, and general customer service inquiries.

Alternatively, you can contact Auto-Owners Insurance directly by phone at 800-346-0346. The company’s customer service is available from 8am to 430pm EDT on Monday to Friday and closed on Saturday and Sunday. The company also offers 24/7 claims reporting and a 24/7 roadside assistance hotline.

To contact Auto-Owners Insurance, use the following:

Customer Service Phone: 800-346-0346

Local Independent Insurance Agent: View the agent locator form at

Online Form & Email:

Fax: 517-323-8796

24/7 Claims Hotline: 1-888-252-4626

24/7 Roadside Assistance: 1-888-869-2642

Does Auto-Owners Insurance Have 24/7 Customer Service?

Auto-Owners Insurance does not typically offer 24/7 customer service. Unless your local independent Auto-Owners Insurance agent offers 24/7 customer service, you may be restricted to normal business owners.

Most interactions with Auto-Owners Insurance occur through your local, independent agent. Most agents work during normal business hours and can respond to questions, concerns, and complaints during normal business hours. Outside of business hours, you can email your agent or leave a message, although you may need to wait until ordinary local business hours to receive a response.

Auto-Owners Insurance’s main customer service hotline at 800-346-0346 is also only available during normal business hours. You can contact the company directly at 800-346-0346, with customer service available from 8am to 430pm EDT on Monday to Friday (and closed on Saturday and Sunday).

However, you can contact Auto-Owners Insurance by email and online form via the official website at You can submit an email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, you may need to wait until normal business hours to receive a response.

What Are Auto-Owners Insurance’s Customer Service Hours?

Auto-Owners Insurance’s customer service hours are 8am to 430pm EDT on Monday to Friday and closed Saturday and Sunday.

Each local Auto-Owners Insurance agent has their own business hours. You can contact your local agent to ask about their business hours. Most agents work Monday to Friday during regular business hours, although some may offer extended evening or weekend hours.

Auto-Owners Insurance’s customer service hours include:

How Do You Contact Auto-Owners Insurance?

You can contact Auto-Owners Insurance via your local independent insurance agent, by phone, by fax, or by online form, among other methods:

Does Auto-Owners Insurance’s Customer Service Have Good Reviews?

Auto-Owners Insurance tends to have stronger-than-average reviews for customer service, claims handling, and overall claims satisfaction. Generally, customers are satisfied with their experience with Auto-Owners Insurance’s customer service team or their local agent.

J.D. Power ranks the top insurance companies in the United States by surveying policyholders who have recently made a claim. Because Auto-Owners Insurance is only available in roughly half the states, it isn’t ranked in all states and subregions. However, J.D. Power has ranked Auto-Owners Insurance in several states and subregions.

In Florida, for example, Auto-Owners Insurance scored near the bottom of the list based on customer service, pricing competitiveness, and claims satisfaction. Auto-Owners Insurance also scored near the bottom of the list in the Southeast subregion, ahead of only two insurers (National General and Farmers) for customer service and claims satisfaction.

In the North Central subregion, Auto-Owners Insurance scored much better, ranking fifth overall for customer service, claims handling, and pricing competitiveness. In fact, Auto-Owners Insurance ranked just 11 points behind the top-rated insurer (Erie), scoring 833 points on a 1,000-point scale.

Auto-Owners Insurance scored roughly average in the Southwest subregion, scoring 808 on a 1,000-point scale to rank 6th in the region overall, below the regional average but ahead of many competitors.

Auto-Owners Insurance scores top marks from industry ranking websites like Nerd Wallet (5 stars out of 5) and Value Penguin (80%), with industry experts giving the company top marks for its affordable rates, effective customer service from independent agents, and overall claims handling.

Auto-Owners Insurance has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 1.41 star out of 5 rating based on 70+ customer reviews. Customers tend to leave negative reviews for the company after a bad claims experience, although most customers seem satisfied with the company overall.

WalletHub, which aggregates reviews from customers across the internet, scores the company 2.5 stars out of 5 based on 170+ reviews. The company received a 3.6 star out of 5 rating from WalletHub editors and a 2.5 star out of 5 rating from reviewers.

Overall, Auto-Owners Insurance has fewer complaints to industry regulators (like the NAIC) than other companies of its size. And in many states and subregions, the company ranks very highly for customer service, claims handling, and overall satisfaction. Although below-average ratings in Florida and the Southeast drag the company down slightly, most customers are happy with their Auto-Owners Insurance experience.

How Do You File a Claim?

You can report a claim to Auto-Owners Insurance by contacting your local agent. The local agent can collect details about your claim and begin to process the claim immediately.

Alternatively, if it’s after hours or you cannot contact your local agent, you can use the 24/7 claims hotline at 1-888-252-4626.

Contact your agent to file a claim (find your agent using the agent finder at

If it’s after hours, or if you’re unable to contact your agent, use the 24/7 claims hotline at 1-888-252-4626.

Auto-Owners Insurance is proud of its local approach to claims handling. While other companies have centralized their claim operations, Auto-Owners Insurance maintains 100 claim offices in 26 states, which is one reason why the company has higher claims satisfaction rates than competing firms of its size.

How Do You Get Roadside Assistance?

You can contact Auto-Owners Insurance’s roadside assistance hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone at 1-888-869-2642.

Auto-Owners Insurance’s roadside assistance covers vehicle lockouts, vehicle jumpstarts, flat tire changes, towing, fuel or oil delivery, and general accident service, among other incidents.

How Do You Get a Quote?

Auto-Owners Insurance requires you to work with a local agent to receive a quote.

The company maintains a network of offices across 26 states. These offices are staffed with agents who can walk you through the quote request process and give you the information you need.

To find an agent near you, use the agency locator form here: Most local agents work during ordinary business hours.

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