Is Alliance United Auto Insurance Good?

Last Updated on April 20, 2023

If you’re considered a high-risk driver, it can be difficult to find auto insurance. Luckily, many providers specialize in non-standard insurance and offer coverage for those who require SR-22s or have a history of DUIs or accidents. Alliance United is a company in Southern California that specializes in insurance for high-risk drivers. If you live in the Los Angeles area and are looking for non-standard auto insurance, you may consider Alliance United. Here’s what you need to know before investing in a policy.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Alliance United is a Kemper Auto Insurance division specializing in coverage for California’s high-risk drivers.
  2. They offer liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments, uninsured/underinsured motorist, high-risk, non-owner, roadside assistance, and rental reimbursement coverage.
  3. Alliance United’s auto insurance rates for high-risk drivers are generally higher than other insurers in California. They also have a high complaint ratio for their fees and delays in claims processing.
  4. Benefits of using Alliance United include their individual broker model, local presence in Southern California, and ability to offer SR-22 certificates to high-risk drivers.

About Alliance United Auto Insurance

Alliance United is a division of Kemper Auto Insurance, which is a larger company that specializes in coverage for those with high-risk driving records. They offer coverage for drivers throughout California, with offices in the Los Angeles area. The more extensive Kemper network has hundreds of brokers throughout the country. To get coverage from Kemper, you’ll need to go through an individual broker instead of the organization directly. Kemper specializes in car insurance for drivers who are considered high-risk and may struggle to find coverage elsewhere. They have a bilingual claims adjustment team, which caters to the large Spanish-speaking population in Southern California.

What Types of Coverage Does Alliance United Offer?

Alliance United offers a basic selection of car insurance coverage to protect you while on the road. Their coverage options include:

  • Liability coverage: This is required in all states. It pays for the cost of any injuries or property damage if you are found at fault in an accident. If you get into an accident and don’t have liability coverage, you could be held responsible for making the payments yourself.
  • Collision coverage: This covers your vehicle repair costs if you get into any collision, whether that be a collision with another vehicle or with a stationary object like a building or light post.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This pays for most other vehicle costs you might incur. For example, if your car experiences weather damage or vandalism, you can use your comprehensive coverage to pay for the costs.
  • Medical payments coverage: This offers extra coverage for ongoing medical payments that happen as the result of a car accident, both for yourself and your passengers.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: If you’re hit by a driver that doesn’t have insurance, or doesn’t have enough insurance to cover the damages, then this type of insurance will cover the damages.
  • High-risk coverage: Alliance specializes in high-risk coverage. This is coverage for people who need SR-22 certificates and cannot go through a normal insurance provider. This type of coverage can also be for people who have DUIs or a recent at-fault accident on their record.
  • Non-owner coverage: If you don’t have your own car but frequently drive someone else’s, you can get non-owner coverage to ensure you’re protected while you’re out on the road.
  • Roadside assistance coverage: Roadside assistance coverage can help you with a number of car-related problems if you get stuck on the road. This add-on can help you with towing or repairs if your car gets stuck. They can also help you if you get locked out of your car or if you need a spare tire.
  • Rental reimbursement coverage: If you get into an accident and can’t drive your car, this add-on will reimburse you for the rental cost.

Alliance United Auto Insurance Rates

So how do Alliance United’s auto insurance rates compare to other insurers in California? Below, we compared Alliance United’s rates against other insurance companies for drivers with a clean record, drivers with one speeding ticket, and drivers with an at-fault accident.

InsurerRates w/ Clean Record Rates w/ Speeding TicketRates w/ At Fault Accident
Alliance United$70/month$100/month$150/month
State Farm$60/month$60/month$60/month

Alliance United Customer Service

Alliance receives mixed reviews for their customer service. They have a very high complaint ratio when compared to other insurance companies with similar offerings. Many customers complain about the fees associated with their policies. Although Alliance boasts low rates for their policies, they charge several broker’s fees on top of them. For example, they charge additional fees to process SR-22 certificates, which can essentially undo any other discounts you may have on your policy. They also charge several different types of payment processing fees, including fees for paying over the phone or online, as well as fees for setting up a monthly payment plan. This means the final policy cost might be much more expensive than the customer initially expected.

Here’s a look at some of the fees Alliance United has:

Renewal billing fee$9.60 to $15
Manual processing fee (payment fee)$5 for all payments made by phone or online
Endorsement fee$6.40 to $8 for policy changes
Bank return fee$25
Reissue (or reinstate) policy fee$10 to $13
SR-22/SR-1P filing fee$5
Installment billing fee$12 to $15
New business policy fee$20 to $25

These aren’t the only customer complaints – there are also complaints about delays in claims processing. If you file a claim with Alliance, it could be a long time before you receive your final payout. Some reviews say it can also be challenging to get a representative on the phone at times. They also have very limited coverage areas, so only people in specific Southern California cities can get coverage.

Alliance and the broader Kemper network allow you to pay your bills and file claims on their website. They offer service in both English and Spanish to cater to a broader range of potential customers. Customers can get discounts for insuring multiple cars on the same policy or having a good driving record. Kemper has an AM Best rating of A-, which means they are financially stable.

Benefits of Alliance United

There are some benefits of using Alliance United as your car insurance provider. If you live in Southern California and prefer to work with a local insurer, they may be a good option for you. Many people prefer the individual broker model that Alliance uses because it allows them to develop a strong relationship with their insurance provider. If you require an SR-22 or are having trouble getting insurance because of your driving record, you may also be able to get a reliable policy from Alliance United. However, it’s essential to ask about any add-on fees and get quotes from multiple insurers before making a decision.

Disadvantages of Alliance United

There are also many disadvantages to using Alliance United as your car insurance provider. The biggest disadvantage of this company is the number of fees they add to their policies, particularly for making payments. This can make policies much more expensive than they are initially quoted. Alliance United also receives abysmal reviews for its customer service in general.

Additionally, Alliance has extensive coverage limitations. They only offer coverage for some areas in California. Even if you currently live in California, you would have to switch to another insurance provider if you moved. While Alliance does offer standard auto insurance coverage, they don’t have many add-ons to help you customize your policy. They also don’t offer much in the way of discounts to help you save.

Our Rating of Alliance United

Alliance United Auto Insurance is a division of Kemper Auto Insurance that specializes in coverage for high-risk drivers who have trouble finding auto insurance. They offer a basic selection of car insurance coverage and cater to the large Spanish-speaking population in Southern California with their bilingual claims adjustment team. Still, customers have complained about delays in claims processing and various fees that can add up to a much higher final policy cost than expected.

Customer Satisfaction
Coverage Options
Financial Stability
Claims Processing


While Alliance could be a good option for high-risk drivers living in California, its coverage also has many limitations. Policyholders complain about claims processing delays and the fees associated with their policies. Drivers should always get quotes from many insurance companies to find the most affordable option.


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