How Much Is Alamo Rental Car Insurance?

Last Updated on April 11, 2022

Alamo is one of America’s best-rated rental car companies. Like other rental car companies, Alamo offers a full suite of insurance products.

Your personal auto insurance policy covers you when renting a vehicle. However, some drivers buy Alamo’s rental car insurance for added protection or to fill in gaps.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Alamo rental car insurance and how it works.

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Alamo Rental Car Insurance Products

Alamo offers all of the following rental car insurance products for purchase:

Collision Damage Waiver

The collision damage waiver (CDW) is not insurance; it’s an optional coverage that limits your rights of covering damage to the rental vehicle.

Alamo, like all car rental companies, offers a collision damage waiver. Typically, this collision damage waiver costs $10 to $50 per day, although it could cost more or less, depending on your rental vehicle and location.

When you buy the CDW, Alamo waives your responsibility for all or part of the cost of damage to the rental vehicle, along with theft of the rental vehicle.

Without the CDW, you would make a claim through your own insurer for any damage to the rental vehicle. You pay your deductible, and your insurer covers the remaining costs. After an at-fault accident, your rates may rise. With the CDW, Alamo covers damage to the rental car through its own insurance.

According to Alamo, the cost of the CDW ranges from $10.99 to $500 per day, depending on the type of vehicle rented.

Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP)

Formerly known as Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI), Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP) adds liability insurance to your existing coverage.

If you have low liability limits with your personal auto insurance policy, then you may want to buy SLP to increase that coverage.

Alamo’s liability coverage, like all liability coverage, includes bodily injury and property damage liability coverage. Here are the terms of Alamo’s supplemental liability coverage, where applicable:

  • SLP provides additional third-party liability protection through an excess liability policy
  • The policy adds $300,000 per accident for bodily injury, death, and/or property damage to others arising out of the use or operation of the rental vehicle
  • SLP includes uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage for bodily injury and property damage
  • Specific limits vary based on your state and your state’s insurance law; some states have high liability limits, while others have specific rules on rental car liability coverage

Alamo does not disclose the cost of SLP upfront. However, costs vary widely based on your location and your rental vehicle.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) and Personal Effects Insurance (PEC): Alamo offers Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) and Personal Effects Insurance (PEC) as a combined PAI/PEC policy.

For an additional daily charge, Alamo covers additional damages and losses:

  • PAI covers medical expenses and ambulance expenses for the renter and the renter’s passengers after an accident involving the rental vehicle. It also includes coverage for accidental death.
  • PEC covers the personal effects of the renter, additional drivers, and members of the renter’s immediate family, among other party members. If someone steals luggage from your Alamo rental car, for example, then you can make a claim through your PEC coverage for compensation.

Roadside Plus

Alamo offers a roadside assistance policy called Roadside Plus (RSP). For n additional fee, RSP provides 24/7 roadside assistance throughout the duration of the rental agreement.

Items covered in Roadside Plus include:

  • Replacement of lost keys (including remote entry devices)
  • Flat tire services (if no inflated spare is available, the vehicle will be towed, and the cost of a replacement tire is not covered by RSP)
  • Lockout services (if the keys are locked inside the vehicle)
  • Jumpstarts
  • Fuel delivery service (for up to 3 gallons, or the equivalent liters) if the rental vehicle is out of fuel

If you do not purchase RSP, then you can still access Alamo’s roadside assistance services, but you pay out of pocket for each incident. With RSP, most incidents are covered, up to a certain limit.

Deductible Protection

Alamo offers a unique type of rental car insurance coverage called Deductible Protection. Also known as Zero Deductible Coverage, Deductible Protection is only available to be purchased in conjunction with collision damage waiver (CDW) coverage to reduce the CDW deductible to zero, regardless of the source of the damage.

International Third Party Insurance

Alamo’s International Third Party Insurance (TPI) offers unlimited indemnity with respect to third-party injuries and property damage. It’s not available in the United States or Canada, but it is available at Alamo locations worldwide.

Master Cover

Alamo offers a unique insurance product called Master Cover in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Master Cover reduces or removes the excesses applicable to some of the rental options.

Do I Need Alamo’s Rental Car Insurance?

If renting a car from Alamo, your personal auto insurance policy should cover you throughout the duration of the rental car agreement.

Most car insurance companies extend your personal policy to cover any cars you rent. Your rental car has the same coverage as your personal vehicle. If you have a full coverage policy with all of the bells and whistles, then your rental car will be protected with similar coverage. If you have a basic liability policy, then your rental car will only have basic liability coverage.

Check your car insurance policy or contact your insurer to verify rental car coverage. Even if you have car insurance, you may not have sufficient insurance. Or, some people mistakenly buy insurance through Alamo for added protection, only to realize they’re doubly insured.

Similarly, your credit card may cover you when renting an Alamo vehicle. Many credit cards offer secondary car insurance on all rental vehicles. Your car insurance functions as primary coverage, and your credit card coverage functions as secondary coverage. You must decline Alamo’s CDW for your credit card to cover the rental car. You must also pay for the rental car fully with your credit card for coverage to apply.

How Much Does Alamo’s Rental Car Insurance Cost?

Alamo’s rental car insurance can add anywhere from $10 to $500 per day to the cost of your car rental, depending on the type of car you’re renting, your location, and other factors.

Alamo does not disclose pricing estimates upfront. However, you can contact your Alamo rental car location for further information. You can also check your Alamo rental confirmation document, as it may disclose certain insurance prices upfront.

Final Word on Alamo Rental Car Insurance

Alamo offers a suite of rental car insurance products for added protection.

Typically, Alamo’s car insurance products are priced between $10 and $100 per day, depending on your coverages. However, some coverages cost up to $500 per day.

Contact Alamo or check your rental confirmation document to verify the cost of your Alamo car insurance coverage.

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