Is Adirondack Insurance Exchange Good?

Last Updated on May 27, 2023

Adirondack Insurance Exchange is a full-service property and casualty insurance company based in New York, serving customers across New York State. The company sells home and auto insurance through a network of independent agents across the state.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adirondack Insurance Exchange is a New York-based insurance company that sells home and auto insurance through independent agents statewide.
  • The company offers customized insurance products to fit customers’ unique needs, including OneChoice CustomPac, a single-policy solution that covers multiple assets.
  • The company has an A Prime financial stability rating from Demotech and is operated by National General, a subsidiary of Allstate.
  • The company provides all its members roadside assistance, identity theft resolution services, and 24/7 claims processing.
  • Insurance Panda gives Adirondack 4.1/5

What Is Adirondack Insurance Exchange?

Adirondack Insurance Exchange is a New York-based company offering homeowners insurance, auto insurance, umbrella insurance, and more.

Available exclusively in New York State, Adirondack Insurance Exchange offers customized insurance to fit customers’ unique needs. The company also aims to offer fair and convenient claims resolutions and a personal experience through a network of independent agents – including local professionals who work and live in communities across the state.

Adirondack Insurance Exchange’s operating company is National General Insurance. National General Insurance is a subsidiary of Allstate. The company is headquartered in Buffalo and was founded in 1920.

How Does Adirondack Insurance Exchange Work for Car Insurance?

Adirondack Insurance Exchange provides three core insurance products: auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and package insurance (a combination of home and auto insurance).

The company provides auto insurance to meet your unique needs. You can buy minimum liability insurance to meet the requirements set by New York State, for example. Or, you can buy a full coverage policy with higher liability limits for added protection.

Adirondack Insurance Exchange sells insurance through a network of independent agents. These agents represent multiple providers. They assess your insurance needs, then determine the best product for those needs. Adirondack Insurance Exchange likes the independent agent system because it puts the customer first while giving the agent a stake in the process.

Contact an independent agent near you to buy Adirondack Insurance Exchange’s auto, homeowners, or package insurance. Independent agents are available in communities across New York.

Adirondack Insurance Exchange Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Adirondack Insurance Exchange offers a range of auto insurance products to meet your unique needs. Whether looking for minimum liability insurance or maximum coverage for peace of mind, you can find a range of products through Adirondack Insurance Exchange.

Available auto insurance coverage options include:

New York state requires drivers to carry a minimum of $25,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per person, $50,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per accident, and $10,000 of property damage liability coverage. The state also requires $50,000 to $100,000 of death coverage.

Your Adirondack Insurance Exchange policy can meet or exceed those limits. Some drivers want to drive at the cheapest possible rate and choose a policy that meets these requirements. In contrast, other drivers want maximum peace of mind with full coverage auto insurance and high liability limits.

Adirondack Insurance Exchange Auto Insurance Features

Drivers in New York have plenty of options for car insurance. Why pick Adirondack Insurance Exchange? What makes the insurer unique compared to other providers available today?

Here are some of the features that distinguish Adirondack Insurance Exchange from other auto insurance providers in New York:

Sold Through Independent Agents: Adirondack Insurance Exchange works with independent agents across New York state to sell insurance to policyholders. Independent agents work with multiple insurers – including Adirondack Insurance Exchange and others. They assess customers’ needs, then recommend the best policies to clients. Sometimes, Adirondack Insurance Exchange is the best option. In other cases, another insurer has better pricing or coverage. Adirondack Insurance Exchange likes this system for its customer-centric approach.

Available Exclusively in New York: Adirondack Insurance Exchange exclusively serves customers in New York. The company was founded in New York and only serves New York drivers and homeowners.

Buy Auto, Homeowners, or Package Insurance: Adirondack Insurance Exchange offers three core insurance products, including home, auto, and package insurance. Package insurance combines home and auto coverage, similar to the bundles available through other insurers.

Access Policy Information & Pay Premiums Online: Like most insurers, Adirondack Insurance Exchange lets you access policy information, customize parts of your account, and pay your insurance premiums online.

Exceptional Financial Stability: Adirondack Insurance Exchange has an “A” (“Unsurpassed”) Financial Stability Rating (FSR) from Demotech, Inc. Demotech assesses the financial stability of insurance companies based on their assets and liabilities. Because of Adirondack Insurance Exchange’s strong financial position, the company should have no trouble covering claims and paying policyholders for the foreseeable future.

24-Hour Claims Processing: Adirondack Insurance Exchange can process claims 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can reach the company’s 24-hour claims center at 1-877-629-8003.

Roadside Assistance Available to All Members: You automatically receive roadside assistance coverage as an Adirondack Insurance Exchange member. If you have a flat tire, run out of gas, or experience any type of roadside emergency, you can contact Adirondack Insurance Exchange’s 24/7 toll-free roadside assistance number at 1-800-668-1398 for help.

Complimentary Identity Theft Resolution Services: All Adirondack Insurance Exchange policyholders also receive complimentary identity theft resolution services. As an Adirondack Insurance Exchange member, you’re automatically enrolled in Identity Theft 911, an identity theft protection service. These specialists monitor your personal information 24/7 for any issues, giving you better peace of mind.

Exclusive Underwriter of OneChoice Products: Adirondack Insurance Exchange is the exclusive underwriter of OneChoice insurance products in New York.

OneChoice CustomPac Coverage: Because Adirondack Insurance Exchange is the exclusive provider of OneChoice insurance products, customers can buy products like CustomPac. CustomPac is a single-policy solution that can protect your car, home, boat, and other valuables. Instead of buying multiple policies, you can buy a single policy for optimal coverage.

Operated by National General, an Allstate Subsidiary: Adirondack Insurance Exchange’s operating company is National General, one of the country’s largest insurers and a subsidiary of Allstate, an even larger insurer.

Adirondack Insurance Exchange Auto Insurance Discounts

Adirondack Insurance Exchange provides limited information about its discounts upfront. Coverage and discounts vary between drivers.

Some of the discounts available through Adirondack Insurance Exchange include:

Is Adirondack Insurance Exchange Auto Insurance Legit? Adirondack Insurance Exchange Auto Insurance Reviews

Adirondack Insurance Exchange is a smaller insurance company. However, the company has a strong financial strength rating and generally has positive customer reviews.

Here are some of the reviews and ratings for Adirondack Insurance Exchange from across the internet:

  • Adirondack Insurance Exchange has published a small number of customer reviews on its official website. Customers describe the company as “a wonderful insurance company,” claiming they were “completely satisfied from beginning to end.”  One customer was “very pleased with how fast everything was taken care of.” In contrast, another customer claims to “recommend Adirondack” to friends and family because of its “very efficient” processing and overall customer service.
  • Demotech, which assesses the financial strength of insurance companies, has given the company an A Prime, or “Unsurpassed” Financial Stability Rating (FSR) as of April 2023. The company was found to be in a strong financial position because of its net admitted assets ($349,295,870), gross premiums written (485,287,900), net premiums written ($144,508,582), and policyholders surplus ($51,332,970), with all numbers being reported for December 2022.
  • Adirondack Insurance Exchange may not be the best-known company. However, the company is connected to National General, a subsidiary of Allstate. National General is the operating company of Adirondack Insurance Exchange. Some like Adirondack Insurance Exchange for having the service of a small company with the amenities and financial strength of a larger firm.
  • Adirondack Insurance Exchange has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. The company has 1,562+ complaints closed in the last three years, with an average rating of 1.06 stars out of 5 with 430+ customer reviews. Customers complain about poor claims handling and dissatisfaction with the company’s service. However, many other insurers have similarly poor ratings online because few people leave reviews for their insurer unless they have a bad experience.

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Our Rating of Adirondack

Adirondack Insurance Exchange is a New York-based insurance company that offers a range of insurance products, including homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and umbrella insurance. Operating exclusively in New York state, the company provides customized insurance solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of its customers. Adirondack Insurance Exchange works through a network of independent agents who offer personalized service and assess customers’ insurance needs to find the best coverage options. With a strong financial position and positive customer reviews, Adirondack Insurance Exchange provides New York residents with reliable and comprehensive insurance coverage.

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Buffalo’s Adirondack Insurance Exchange serves customers across New York. Backed by 103+ years of experience, Adirondack Insurance Exchange works with National General, an Allstate subsidiary, as its operating company. Adirondack Insurance is a good option for car insurance in New York if you want affordable rates, great coverage, and high customer satisfaction. The company also offers all its members roadside assistance, identity theft resolution services, and 24/7 claims processing. However, the company is only available in New York and has a limited choice of packages for car insurance.


Contact Information

To learn more about Adirondack Insurance Exchange or to browse the company’s selection of insurance products today, contact them or visit the official website.


Adirondack Insurance Exchange
P.O. Box 1623
Winston-Salem, NC 27102

Phone Number: 877-629-8003 (for claims, billing, customer service, and technical assistance) or 800-668-1398 (for roadside assistance)


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