Grundy Auto Insurance Review

Last Updated on November 24, 2023

Grundy is one of America’s best-known classic car insurance companies. But do they have good auto insurance?

Grundy has strong financial strength ratings, indicating it should have no trouble covering insurance claims or liabilities in the future. However, the company has average reviews for customer service and claims satisfaction.

Keep reading to discover Grundy auto insurance reviews and everything you need to know about Grundy auto insurance before you buy a policy.

What Is Grundy?

Grundy is an insurance company best known for its classic and collector car insurance coverage. The company also provides classic yacht insurance, commercial insurance, agreed value car insurance, and ordinary insurance for personal vehicles.

Based in Horsham, Pennsylvania, Grundy was founded in 1947 by James A. Grundy, Sr.

In fact, James A. Grundy, Sr. is credited with inventing agreed value insurance, which is now a cornerstone of the classic car insurance industry.

James A. Grundy, Sr. created agreed value insurance in response to a business proposal from his father-in-law. His father-in-law, Sam Baily, told James he would inherit the family’s manufacturing business if he found a way to insure Sam’s collection of antique cars. James invented agreed value insurance in response, and the rest is history.

Today, Grundy insures over a million individual vehicles and several major collections around the world. The company is the largest insurer of several categories of collector cars, and Grundy is best known for insuring classic and antique cars. Out of the 200 largest classic car collections in the United States, the majority are covered by Grundy.

In recent years, however, Grundy has begun to offer agreed value insurance for regular-use vehicles like light trucks, trailers, motorhomes, and ordinary passenger vehicles. In fact, this category of insurance is now the fastest-growing part of Grundy’s business. By extending the agreed value insurance model to ordinary vehicles, Grundy has discovered an underexplored niche in the insurance industry.

Grundy Products & Services

Grundy offers a range of insurance products to meet various insurance needs, including everything from classic car insurance to ordinary, agreed value insurance for personal vehicles.

Although Grundy specializes in insuring classic and antique cars, the company provides similar coverage to a standard insurance policy, along with insurance for homes, businesses, collections, and other properties.

Here are all of Grundy’s insurance products and services:

Full Agreed Value Guaranteed Coverage: You and Grundy agree on a specific value for your vehicle. If you believe your classic car is worth $50,000 and Grundy’s experts agree, then your Grundy insurance policy covers the full $50,000 value of your vehicle. In most states, Grundy offers this coverage with no deductible.

Comprehensive & Collision Coverage: Grundy provides comprehensive and collision coverage, which protects your vehicle from accidents with other drivers, collisions with animals, theft, vandalism, fire damage, water damage, and other incidents.

Liability Coverage: Grundy’s auto insurance includes liability coverage with limits up to $1,000,000, including bodily injury and property damage liability coverage.

Personal Injury Protection (Where Required): If your state requires personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, as is the case with many no-fault states, then your Grundy policy comes with PIP coverage.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Grundy’s policies include coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists, protecting you from hit-and-run incidents and drivers who have too little insurance.

Inflation Guard Value Protection: If inflation impacts the value of your vehicle, then Grundy’s Inflation Guard protection could help cover more of the vehicle’s value.

Spare Parts Inventory Coverage: Grundy offers spare parts inventory coverage up to $500.

Trip Interruption Coverage: If your trip is interrupted due to an incident involving your vehicle, then Grundy may provide trip interruption coverage up to $600 for hotels and repair costs.

Towing & Labor: Grundy offers up to $250 of towing and labor coverage. If your vehicle needs to be towed, or if you need any roadside labor, then you could receive compensation from Grundy.

Automatic Coverage on New Vehicles: If you buy a new vehicle, then Grundy’s auto insurance policy extends to cover that vehicle.

Uninterrupted Coverage During Repairs: If your vehicle needs repairs, then your Grundy auto insurance policy provides uninterrupted coverage through the duration of those repairs.

Commercial Insurance: Grundy offers commercial insurance for companies linked to the classic car industry. You can buy Grundy insurance for different businesses through the car restorer program, car builder program, classic car dealer insurance program, and car museum insurance program, among other options.

Personal Insurance Via Motor Vehicle Program (MVP): Grundy now lets drivers insure all of their vehicles under one roof via its Motor Vehicle Program (MVP). You can use Grundy’s same agreed value insurance on your ordinary vehicle or on alternative vehicles – like trailers and motorhomes.

Homeowners Insurance: Grundy offers homeowners insurance to insure primary and secondary homes, historic homes, and waterfront properties. Homeowners can take advantage of unique Grundy perks like Guaranteed Replacement Coverage.

Yacht and Boat Insurance: Grundy insures classic boats and yachts, including everything from mahogany runabouts to mega yachts, using its agreed value insurance. You can insure your home and classic car on a single policy.

Special Collections Insurance: Grundy has 65+ years of experience insuring car collections, antiques, artwork, gun collections, jewelry, and more using its agreed value insurance.

Personal Excess Liability and Umbrella Insurance: Grundy’s umbrella policies, also known as their personal excess liability insurance policies, increase your level of protection while offering additional options like fraud guard and employment liability coverage.

Car Collections Insurance: Grundy claims to insure the majority of the top 200 private American automobile collections. To insure private car collections across the country, Grundy claims to use “only the best underwriters with impeccable financial strength,” allowing them to meet the needs of serious collectors.

How Does Grundy Auto Insurance Work?

Grundy’s auto insurance works differently from conventional auto insurance. Grundy offers agreed value insurance, which means you and your insurer agree to insure only a portion of the car’s value.

Today, many insurers use agreed value insurance. However, Grundy pioneered agreed value insurance in the 20th century.

Here are some of the important differences between Grundy’s agreed value insurance and a traditional car insurance policy:

  • With agreed value insurance, you and your insurer agree on a specific value for your vehicle.
  • With ordinary car insurance, your insurer insures the whole value of your vehicle. If you have a car worth $25,000, for example, then your full coverage car insurance policy covers the full $25,000 value of your vehicle.
  • Agreed value insurance is ideal for collector cars, classic cars, high-value vehicles, and other unique vehicles. Instead of paying a fortune to cover the full value of the vehicle, you can save money on premiums while still getting good car insurance coverage. Or, if you want to cover more of the vehicle’s value, you can cover more of that vehicle’s value in exchange for higher premiums.

According to, Grundy’s agreed value insurance can save drivers at least 50% off the cost of regular insurance while delivering better protection.

In fact, Grundy’s agreed value insurance gives you 100% of your car’s agreed value in the event of a total loss, and your coverage is never reduced for as long as you maintain your policy.

Grundy Vehicle Requirements

Grundy covers most types of vehicles 25 years old and older. The company also insures modern muscle cars and exotic vehicles of all years. Additionally, Grundy covers modified vehicles with higher-performance engines, suspensions, and modified bodies.

How Grundy Determines Vehicle Value

To determine the value of your vehicle, Grundy asks you to send emails and photos of your car. Then, tell Grundy what you believe the vehicle is worth.

Then, Grundy’s experts (who have decades of appraisal and insurance experience) consult with you to reach a value on which you both agree. Once you and Grundy determine a value, Grundy never reduces that value (unless you choose to reduce it).

With classic car prices continuing to go up, Grundy is finding many drivers increase their agreed value over time instead of reducing it.

Other Things to Know About How Grundy Works

One perk of Grundy is the ability to drive your car without limitations on mileage. Some classic car insurers require you to track mileage or limit your driving habits. With Grundy, you have unlimited miles for pleasure driving and can freely participate in collector car-oriented activities.

With Grundy, you can even occasionally drive your collector car to work. However, you are not permitted to use your collector car as your daily driver.

Grundy has certain storage requirements. You must keep your car in an enclosed, secure garage when not using it. If you’re away from home on “extended outings,” your car is fully protected when parked outside (say, in a hotel parking lot).

Grundy also includes trip interruption coverage, reimbursing you for hotels and repair costs in the event of a breakdown. Grundy policies also include up to $250 of towing and labor charges.

What Makes Grundy Unique?

Grundy is unique for pioneering agreed value car insurance. However, many other collector car insurance companies now offer agreed value car insurance similar to Grundy. Fortunately, Grundy has additional coverages and policies that make it unique from those providers.

Here are some of the things that make Grundy unique:

Agreed Value Insurance: Grundy pioneered agreed value insurance, becoming the first company to offer this unique coverage in 1947. Today, many other collector car companies use agreed value coverage. You tell Grundy the value of your vehicle, and Grundy’s experts determine if it’s a fair value. Once you and Grundy reach an agreed value, Grundy covers the full agreed value of your vehicle based on the terms of your policy.

Agreed Value Coverage for Personal Cars: Grundy has recently started to offer agreed value insurance for ordinary vehicles under its Motor Vehicle Program (MVP). That means you can buy agreed value coverage for daily drivers and other non-classic cars. In fact, this is the fastest-growing area of Grundy’s business. If you want to enjoy the benefits of agreed value coverage on your RV, truck, trailer, motorhome, van, or ordinary car, then Grundy could be the right choice.

No Mileage or Driving Restrictions: Grundy lets you drive your vehicle without keeping a mileage journal or tracking your trips. You can drive an unlimited number of miles in your Grundy-covered vehicle. However, Grundy does not cover your daily driver vehicle (i.e., your Grundy vehicle should not be your primary car).

Drive Occasionally to Work: With other classic car insurers, you are prohibited from driving your vehicle to work or for any other commercial purposes. With Grundy, you can drive occasionally to work (as long as your car isn’t your daily driver).

Covering More than 1,000,000 Collector Cars Across America: Grundy covers over 1,000,000 collector cars and collections across the United States.

Largest Insurer of Hot Rods in the United States: Grundy is the largest insurer of hot rods and many other classic vehicle categories in the United States.

Collector Car Insurance: Of the top 200 largest private car collections in the United States, most use Grundy for their insurance needs. Grundy’s collector car coverage offers unique perks like global coverage, a 150% coverage cushion, and diminution of value coverage.

150% Replacement Coverage: If a loss occurs and your car’s current market value exceeds your coverage limit, you could receive up to 150% of the insured amount. This coverage is only available in certain states by endorsement (i.e., you need to buy extra coverage upfront).

Working Exclusively with A++, A+, and A Carriers: Grundy policies are exclusively underwritten by A++, A+, and A carriers, indicating your claims should be handled by an organization with a strong financial strength rating.

Roadside Assistance, Travel Reimbursement, and Car Rental Coverage: Grundy bundles additional insurance perks with all policies, including roadside assistance, travel reimbursement coverage, and car rental coverage. If you need to rent a car because your ordinary vehicle is being repaired, for example, then Grundy will cover your car rental costs.

OEM Parts: Grundy only uses the original manufacturer’s parts (OEM parts) when repairing your vehicle.

Use the Repair Shop of your Choice: Like most insurers, Grundy lets you use the repair shop of your choice if your vehicle needs to be repaired after a covered loss.

Full Glass Coverage: Grundy offers full glass coverage, including repair and replacement with no deductible, in most states.

Waiver of Deductible: Grundy waives your deductible if your car is damaged beyond repair.

Cash Settlement for Certain Losses: If damage to your vehicle is more than half of the agreed value of the vehicle, then you can choose to receive a cash settlement instead of a claim payout.

Insurance for Other Luxury Property: Grundy lets you bundle multiple insurance products under a single policy, including insurance for yachts, homes, secondary vacation homes, luxury collections, and more.

Grundy Auto Insurance Discounts

Grundy does not advertise any upfront discounts on car insurance.

However, like all insurers, Grundy charges different premiums based on factors like:

A 55-year-old with decades of safe driving history and a strong credit score pays less for car insurance than a 25-year-old with multiple DUIs and at-fault accidents, for example.

Grundy may also offer discounts for bundling multiple policies together. If you bundle your luxury home and car insurance together under a single policy, for example, then you could save.

Grundy Reviews & Ratings: What Do Customers Say?

Grundy insures over 1 million classic cars across the United States, and most of the 200 largest car collections in the country use Grundy for auto insurance. Here are some of the reviews from customers and ratings organizations for Grundy.

According to, all Grundy policies are underwritten by A++, A+, and A carriers, and all carriers’ claims settlement satisfaction ratings “are among the highest in the industry.”

Grundy has average reviews from customers and car blogs online. WalletHub users, for example, awarded the company a 3.3 star rating based on 40+ reviews. Grundy has strong reviews on Trustpilot, where it scores 4.5 stars out of 1,000+ reviews. Many customers seem satisfied with their insurance coverage and claims process, although some customers have complained about a poor settlement process and unsatisfactory claims handling.

Overall, Grundy has a similar online presence to most insurers. Most classic car owners don’t review their insurance company until they’re dissatisfied with a claim, at which point they leave a negative review. Overall, Grundy has comparable online and industry reviews to other classic car insurers.

Grundy Contact Information

Grundy Insurance Contact Info
Mailing Address410 Horsham Road, Suite 100
P.O. Box 1957
Horsham, PA. 19044
Phone Number(866) 338-4006
Website URL

Final Word on Grundy

Grundy offers classic car insurance across the United States, covering classic cars, antiques, collectibles, and more with agreed value coverage.

Today, Grundy also offers agreed value coverage for ordinary vehicles, trailers, motorhomes, and other vehicles. Plus, the company offers insurance for homes, classic yachts, private collections, and other property.

To learn more about Grundy and how the company works or to compare Grundy’s classic car insurance today, visit the official website.