Is West Bend Auto Insurance Good?

Last Updated on February 27, 2021

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company offers personal insurance and business insurance throughout Wisconsin and other Midwestern states.Is West Bend Auto Insurance Good?

Based in West Bend, Wisconsin, the company has sold insurance for more than 125 years. Today, the company provides home, auto, and commercial insurance in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and other states.

Is West Bend good for car insurance? Should you buy car insurance through West Bend? Find out everything you need to know about West Bend today in our review.

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About West Bend

West Bend is a mutual insurance company based in West Bend, Wisconsin.

The company employs more than 1,000 associates while serving drivers, homeowners, and business owners across Wisconsin and the Midwest.

After more than 125 years of selling insurance, West Bend aims to continue meeting its core values of excellence, integrity, and responsibility.

As a mutual insurance company, West Bend is owned by policyholders – not Wall Street shareholders. The company decides what to do based on the best long-term interests of policyholders, agents, and associates.

West Bend is found online at The company aims to provide “a silver lining” to policyholders, claiming “the worst brings out our best.”

West Bend Insurance Contact Info
Address1900 S. 18th Avenue
West Bend, WI 53095
Phone Number1-800-236-5010
8:00am to 4:30pm CST
Website URL

West Bend Insurance Products

West Bend sells insurance to property owners and business owners. You can buy all of the following insurance products and services through West Bend:

Auto Insurance: West Bend sells auto insurance to drivers across Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana, including minimum liability coverage and full coverage car insurance.

Homeowners Insurance: West Bend sells homeowners insurance to cover all different types of properties, including homes, condos, and more. West Bend’s home insurance is available in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.

Business Insurance: West Bend offers commercial insurance for businesses across industries. Businesses can also access loss control services, premium audit services, workers’ compensation insurance, and other services through West Bend. In addition to serving the states listed above, West Bend provides business insurance in Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, and Kansas.

Umbrella Insurance: Many property owners buy umbrella insurance for added protection. It extends your liability coverage for extra peace of mind.

How Does West Bend Auto Insurance Work?

West Bend offers similar auto insurance to other companies. You can buy minimum liability insurance that meets Wisconsin’s minimum insurance requirements. Or, you can buy full coverage car insurance for added protection.

Liability Insurance: Wisconsin and most other states require drivers to carry liability insurance to cover damage you inflict on other drivers or people. West Bend sells bodily injury and property damage liability coverage, allowing you to meet or exceed Wisconsin’s minimum insurance requirements.

Collision Coverage: Collision coverage covers the cost of repairing your own vehicle after an accident, regardless of fault.

Collision Coverage: Comprehensive coverage covers non-accident-related damages, including collisions with animals, theft, hail damage, fire damage, and other losses.

Roadside Assistance: West Bend provides roadside assistance anywhere in the United States and Canada through TravelNet. For a small extra fee per month, West Bend policyholders are covered against tire changes, fuel deliveries, and certain amounts of towing through TravelNet’s roadside assistance system.

Classic Car Coverage: West Bend offers specialized insurance for classic cars and other unique vehicles. If you have Home and Highway coverage with West Bend, then you can add classic car coverage while paying low premiums and no deductible – all while using your classic car as you wish.

What Makes West Bend Unique?

West Bend aims to differentiate itself from competing insurers in Wisconsin with the following unique options:

The Silver Lining: West Bend makes a big deal out of its ‘silver lining’ coverage. The company claims to be your silver lining by bringing out its best during the worst times. If you’ve recently encountered a disaster, then there’s a silver lining: you’re insured by West Bend.

Home and Highway Policy: West Bend offers a unique home and auto insurance bundle called the Home and Highway policy. You pay one deductible and one premium while dealing with one agent and one policy. Home and Highway can also cover pets, classic cars, motorcycles, boats, and other alternative items.

Born and Bred in Wisconsin: West Bend was founded in Wisconsin over 125 years ago, and the company continues to operate in Wisconsin today. If you like the idea of a Wisconsin-operated company instead of a faceless nationwide firm, then West Bend may be the right option for you.

Generations Coverage: West Bend incentivizes policyholders to remain with the company for generations. The company offers discounts like Association Plus. If your parents are current Home and Highway policyholders with West Bend, then you qualify for a discount.

Cash Back Claim Free Award: West Bend will pay you for each year you go without making a claim. If there are no claims on your policy for one year, then you receive a claim-free reward check equal to a portion of your annual policy premium.

Relationship-based Company: West Bend emphasizes the fact that it’s a “relationship-based company.” The company is owned by policyholders and aims to maintain high standards of excellence, integrity, and responsibility.

West Bend Auto Insurance Discounts

West Bend offers auto insurance discounts to drivers who meet any of the following requirements:

Accident-Free Discounts: If you have zero accidents over the past 3 to 7 years, then you qualify for different levels of West Bend’s accident-free discount.

Multi-Car Family Discount: If your family insures multiple vehicles with West Bend, then you qualify for West Bend’s multi-car family discount.

Good Student Discount: West Bend has a good student discount available to full-time students who maintain good grades. If you are under 25 and have an average of B or better, then you could qualify for West Bend’s good student discount.

Resident Student Discount: West Bend offers a resident student discount to students who are living away from home while attending school full-time.

Anti-lock Brake Discount: West Bend is one of the few companies that continue to offer a specific discount for anti-lock brakes. Anti-lock brakes have been required on all new vehicles for decades, although West Bend continues to offer a discount on vehicles with anti-lock brakes.

Group and Affiliation Discounts: West Bend offers discounts to certain professional groups through its Association Plus program. West Bend partners with CPAs, teachers, attorneys, dentists, bankers, and others to offer group and profession-based discounts.

Generation Discounts: If your parents have car insurance with West Bend, then you could qualify for a generation discount with West Bend. The company rewards drivers who have bought car insurance with them for generations.

West Bend Ratings & Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

West Bend is a smaller insurance company, which means it doesn’t appear on J.D. Power’s nationwide rankings, nor does the company have extensive reviews online. Overall, West Bend has average ratings for customer service and claims satisfaction, although some customers would appreciate more amenities – like what’s offered by a larger insurance company.

West Bend has maintained a rating of A (Excellent) or better with A.M. Best since 1971. The company has maintained a strong financial position since its founding in 1894. A rating of A (Excellent) is good for a small, regional insurance company like West Bend, and it indicates the company should be able to cover its liabilities and claims without issue.

West Bend’s BBB rating is A+, and the company has an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 with 26 customer reviews. That may not sound like a strong rating, but it’s better than most BBB pages for insurers. Most policyholders don’t bother reviewing their insurer until they’re dissatisfied with a claim. West Bend’s BBB page reports 14 closed complaints in the last 3 years.

WalletHub gives West Bend a rating of 3 stars out of 5 with 148 reviews, while Clearsurance gives the company 4.07 stars out of 5 with 181 reviews.

Final Word – West Bend Auto Insurance Review

West Bend is a Wisconsin-based auto insurance company serving policyholders throughout the Midwest.

The company is smaller than many of its competitors, and it lacks the amenities of some of its larger competitors. However, policyholders who appreciate strong values and customer service may find what they’re looking for with West Bend.

To request a quote on West Bend auto insurance, visit online today at

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