How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Side Mirror?

Last Updated on June 19, 2022

Side mirrors are crucial for safe driving. Generally, it costs $150 to $400 to replace a side mirror.

The cost of side mirror replacement varies based on vehicle type, the extent of damage, the cost of labor in your location, and other factors.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the cost of replacing or repairing a side mirror.

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It Costs $150 to $400 to Replace a Side Mirror

Depending on your vehicle, the type of damage, and the cost of living and labor in your area, you could pay anywhere from $150 to $400 to replace a side mirror, on average.

A cheaper, domestic, common car has cheaper side mirror replacement costs than an exotic, foreign, or luxury vehicle.

You may not need to completely replace your side mirror. Sometimes, you can repair a side mirror. If the mirror is intact but has mechanical issues, for example, then a repair shop may be able to fix a single part without replacing the entire apparatus.

Types of Side Mirror Damage

The cost of replacing a side mirror varies widely based on the type of damage to the mirror.

Most mirror damage falls into two categories:

  • Cracks, shatters, or other damage to the surface of the mirror
  • Additional damage to the case around the mirror or other parts of the mirror assembly

Replacing the mirror surface itself is affordable, and you may be able to complete repairs at home. Replacing the entire mirror assembly is more expensive and may require professional installation due to the mechanical functions and electrical wiring inside the mirror.

Factors that Impact the Cost of Side Mirror Replacement

Depending on several factors, you could pay less than $150 for side mirror replacement – or more than $400.

Here are some of the factors that impact the cost of replacing a side mirror:

Cost of Labor in Your Area: Areas with high costs of living have higher side mirror replacement costs than areas with low costs of living. Generally, replacing a mirror takes 1 to 3 hours of labor. Labor costs on a side mirror range from $50 to $200.

Cost of Parts: Some vehicles have cheap and mass-produced side mirrors with low replacement costs. Others – like foreign or exotic vehicles – have rare side mirrors that are costly to produce. A typical side mirror costs $100 to $350 for parts, although some mirrors cost over $1,000.

OEM Versus Aftermarket Parts: Do you want a side mirror from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)? Or would you rather save money with an aftermarket side mirror? OEM parts may fit the vehicle better, but aftermarket side mirrors are cheaper.

Type and Year of Car: It may be difficult to find a side mirror for an older, rarer car than a newer, domestic vehicle. The type and year of your vehicle will impact side mirror replacement costs.

DIY Versus Professional Installation: Some people choose to install side mirrors on their own to avoid labor costs. Others get their mirrors professionally installed.

Mechanical and Electrical Functions Within the Mirror: Some mirrors have complex electrical wiring inside, while others do not. The complexity of the mirror impacts the cost of replacement.

Damage to the Mirror: Sometimes, you don’t need to replace the entire side mirror; instead, you only need to replace the mirror itself – and not the case around the mirror. Depending on the extent and scale of damage to the mirror, you could pay anywhere from $50 to $500 for replacement.

Signs You Should Replace a Side Mirror

It may be time to replace or repair your side mirror. Your side mirror is a crucial part of driving safely. If you are unable to see out of your side mirror, or if the mechanical functions of the mirror no longer work, then it impacts the safe operation of your vehicle.

Some of the signs you need side mirror replacement include:

  • You can no longer see out of the mirror
  • The mirror no longer swivels, rotates, or functions correctly
  • The mechanical or electrical functions of the mirror have been damaged
  • There are cracks, chips, or missing pieces of the side mirror that impact your ability to safely drive

Does Insurance Cover Side Mirror Replacement?

Car insurance may or may not cover side mirror replacement, depending on how the damage occurred.

Car insurance covers damage that occurs in accidents and other unexpected situations. However, it does not cover maintenance or ordinary wear and tear.

  • If the damage occurred during an accident, then the at-fault driver’s insurance would cover the cost of repairing your vehicle to pre-loss condition, including any necessary side mirror replacements or repairs
  • If the damage occurred in a hit-and-run situation (say, after a collision in a parking lot), then you would make a claim through your uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage
  • If you damaged your side mirror yourself in a single-vehicle accident, then insurance could cover the claim through your collision or comprehensive coverage

Is It Worth Filing a Claim for Side Mirror Replacement?

Insurance may cover the cost of replacing a side mirror. However, it may not be worth it to file a claim, depending on the situation.

A typical car insurance deductible is $250 to $1,000. This is the amount you pay before insurance covers the remaining repair costs.

It costs $150 to $400 to repair a side mirror, so it may not be worth making an insurance claim. The cost of replacing the mirror is lower than your deductible (or close to it).

If it costs $200 to replace a side mirror, for example, and you pay a deductible of $250, then it’s not worth filing a claim.

If making a claim under collision coverage, then insurance premiums may rise after making a claim for side mirror replacement. You might save money today on the side mirror replacement costs, only to pay higher insurance premiums for months.

Unless side mirror replacement costs significantly more than your deductible, it’s generally not worth filing a claim for side mirror replacement. Instead, you’re better paying for side mirror replacement out of pocket.

Final Word – Side Mirror Replacement Cost

It costs $150 to $400 to replace a single side mirror on an average vehicle. However, costs vary widely based on vehicle type, the cost of repairs in your area, and the extent of damage to the mirror, among other factors.

Contact your insurance company to determine if filing a claim for side mirror replacement is worth it. Generally, you’re better paying out of pocket to replace a side mirror.

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