Countryway Insurance Review – Is Countryway Good For Car Insurance?

Last Updated on April 27, 2023

You have a wide range of options when purchasing car insurance, and it can be challenging to narrow down the best insurer for your needs. The best way to find the right policy for you is to get quotes from many different agencies, including large national providers and local insurers. 

Countryway Insurance is one of many regional insurance providers you may want to consider. They are based in Syracuse, New York, and offer insurance in New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Virginia, and Kentucky. They specialize in insurance products for farmers and those in rural communities, although anyone can apply for a policy. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Countryway Insurance is a regional insurance provider specializing in insurance products for farmers and rural communities, but anyone can apply for a policy.
  2. Countryway offers standard car insurance, home and renters insurance, personal umbrella coverage, and specialty policies for farmers, including insurance for farm equipment.
  3. Countryway offers a range of car insurance coverage options, including liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and more.
  4. Countryway’s policies are sold through independent agents. While they offer in-person customer service and discounts for bundling policies, they don’t offer online quotes or claims filing, and coverage is limited to certain east coast states.
  5. The company’s rates vary depending on various factors, such as the type of coverage chosen, the make and model of the vehicle, and the customer’s driving record.

What Kind of Products Does Countryway Offer?

Countryway offers standard car insurance for rural drivers. There isn’t much information available about the specific types of car insurance policies that Countryway offers. Countryway also offers home and renters insurance, as well as personal umbrella coverage. They also provide specialty policies for farmers, including insurance for farm equipment. 

What Discounts Does Countryway Offer?

Countryway offers a ‘preferred tier’ for those with good driving records. You may also be able to get a better rate by insuring multiple cars or getting multiple types of insurance from Countryway. They do offer a number of discounts for home insurance as well. When shopping for any kind of insurance, you should always ask about discounts to make sure you get the best possible deal on your policy. 

What Kind of Customer Service Does Countryway Offer?

Countryway’s policies are sold through independent agents throughout the East Coast. In order to get a quote, you will need to reach out to an agent. They can also help you learn more about the specific types of policies and add-ons that Countryway offers. The Countryway website has an agent directory, which provides the email addresses and phone numbers of each agent. There isn’t an option to get a quote online. 

Once you have a policy set up, there is the option to make online payments. Claims can be filed by email or over the phone. You can also renew and purchase policies online once you have an account set up. Since Countryway’s products are sold via agents, the agents are able to develop a relationship with their customers to guide them through the shopping process, answer questions, and assist with claims. They also are very familiar with the unique challenges that farmers and other rural residents face. 

Is Countryway Financially Stable?

When choosing an insurance company, you want to ensure they are financially stable enough to pay out any claims you may need to file. Countryway Insurance has an A- rating from AM Best. AM Best is a firm that evaluates the financial stability of insurance companies and other financial institutions. This rating indicates that the company is generally reliable and can withstand changes in the financial markets. 

Advantages of Conway Insurance

There are a number of benefits that Countryway offers for its customers. If you prefer the experience of working with an insurance agent, you’ll enjoy the in-person interaction and ongoing relationship you can develop with your insurer. You’ll know exactly who to contact if you have questions or need to file a claim

Another benefit of getting your insurance through Countryway is that they specialize in rural areas. If you work in the agricultural industry or just live in the countryside, they know the unique challenges that you face as a driver and can provide coverage to match that. Their service has a small-town feel to match the pace of life in these smaller communities. They also offer specialized insurance policies for farm vehicles. 

If you want to bundle your car insurance with home insurance or umbrella insurance, Countryway also gives you the option to do so. Bundling your insurance products can help you save money on each of your policies and can make your monthly payment process much easier. 

Disadvantages of Countryway Insurance

There are also some disadvantages to using Countryway Insurance that you should be aware of before you commit to using them as your insurer. One of the biggest disadvantages of using Countryway is that there isn’t much information available about their policies online. This means you have to take the time to schedule an appointment with an agent to learn more about what kind of policies they can offer you. This can increase the amount of time it takes to get your policy set up. If you live a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to schedule an appointment, this can be frustrating. 

Another disadvantage of Countryway Insurance is that it doesn’t allow you to get quotes or file claims online. They allow you to make payments online, but their website isn’t the most user-friendly. For those who prefer to manage their insurance policy online, this could be very frustrating. 

It’s also important to note that Countryway Insurance is only available in certain East Coast states. This means that coverage won’t be available everywhere. This means that if you move out of the state where you have your Countryway coverage, you would need to switch to a different insurer

Frequently Asked Questions About Countryway

Our Rating of Countryway Insurance

Countryway Insurance is a regional car insurance company providing coverage for personal and commercial vehicles, with over 30 years of experience in the industry. The company offers comprehensive coverage options, discounts, and personalized service to help customers find affordable insurance solutions.

Customer Service
Claims Handling
Financial Stability


Countryway Insurance received an A- score from AM Best, indicating strong financial backing and the ability to pay claims on time. Online reviews of Countryway Insurance are mixed, with some customers praising the company for its competitive rates, personalized service, and responsive claims handling. In contrast, others have reported negative experiences with the company’s customer service and claim handling.


Is Countryway Insurance Right for Me?

If you live in a rural community where Countryway is offered, it’s worth getting a quote to see what rates they can offer. If you want to manage your policy online without going through an agent, this company may not be the right fit for you. However, if you like the customer service benefits of going through an agent and can get a reasonably priced policy, Countryway could be a good fit. When shopping for an insurance policy, you should always get quotes from several different agencies and compare – you might be surprised by which companies can offer the best deal for your needs.

Countryway Company Info
Company Address224 Harrison Street
Suite 800
Syracuse, NY 13202
Phone Number1-800-472-4368
Fax Number(804) 290-1581
Website URL
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