Is 1st Auto and Casualty Insurance Legit?

Last Updated on April 17, 2020

1st Auto and Casualty Insurance is a small insurance provider based in Madison, Wisconsin, and serving clients in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota, and Arkansas. They are a regional company with a local, small business approach to insurance. If you live in the Midwest and are looking for reliable auto insurance, you may be wondering if 1st Auto and Casualty Insurance is a legitimate company. Here’s what you need to know about 1st Auto and Casualty Insurance.

Is 1st Auto and Casualty Insurance Legit?

About 1st Auto and Casualty Insurance

1st Auto and Casualty Insurance is part of the larger Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation, which owns and funds several insurance companies in the Midwest. They were founded in 1991 and initially specialized in personal car insurance. They now offer several other types of insurance as well, including farm truck, commercial auto, and umbrella insurance. You can find other types of insurance through the larger WRC network of insurers.

1st Auto and Casualty Car Insurance Policies

1st Auto and Casualty Car Insurance offers a fairly standard range of car insurance policies. These include:

  • Liability insurance: This type of insurance is required in all 50 states. It covers the other party’s expenses if you’re found at fault in a car accident, including the cost of property damage and medical payments.
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage: These types of coverage will pay for your damages as a result of an accident or any other issues. This way, you don’t have to rely on the other party’s liability coverage kicking in if you are in an accident. Collision coverage will pay for your damages if you hit another car or an inanimate object, while comprehensive coverage will pay for damages as a result of weather, vandalism, or other factors out of your control.
  • Specialized car insurance coverage: These policies are designed for specialized vehicles that wouldn’t typically be covered under a standard auto insurance policy. Through 1st Auto, you can purchase special coverage for classic cars and antique cars, RVs and trailers, large pickup trucks, and more. Since 1st Auto is a local agency, you can work with your agent to develop a policy that makes sense for your needs.
  • Farm truck: These specialized insurance policies are designed for trucks that are used for agricultural purposes. Since much of the Midwest is agricultural, this is a great option for farmers who need additional financial protection for their farm vehicles.
  • Commercial auto insurance: If you have a vehicle that you use for business purposes, you can benefit from commercial auto insurance. These policies provide additional protection for business vehicles.
  • Umbrella coverage: This type of insurance will cover you if your existing car or property insurance isn’t enough in the event of an accident. 1st Auto’s umbrella coverage can be used in combination with policies from other insurance companies.

1st Auto and Casualty Discounts

While 1st Auto doesn’t offer as many discounts as the large national companies, they still offer a good range of standard discounts. Here are some of the discounts they provide for their customers.

  • Bundle discounts: This is a discount for purchasing multiple insurance policies with 1st Auto. You can also get a bundling discount for buying other policies from the WRC Group’s other insurers. WRC Group works with over 90 different insurance companies, which means you’ll have plenty of options for bundling your policies.
  • Good driver discounts: If you have a reliable driving record, you’re considered less of a risk to your insurance company. 1st Auto offers a significant discount for those who have a solid driving record.
  • Safety features discount: If your car has safety features on it, you can get a discount, because safety features can help prevent you from getting into an accident. Some of the safety features they offer discounts for include airbags, anti-lock brakes, and anti-theft devices.
  • Mature driver discount: If you’ve been driving for a long time, your experience can make you more reliable on the road. 1st Auto offers mature driver discounts for those with more experience.
  • Good student discount: Statistically, good students are less likely to get into accidents, which is why 1st Auto offers a standard student discount.

Buying A 1st Auto and Casualty Insurance Policy

In order to buy a 1st Auto and Casualty insurance policy, you’ll need to get in touch with a local agent. They don’t offer the option to get a quote or buy a policy online. You’ll need to talk to an agent, who will assess your driving history, the type of vehicle you have, and the amount of coverage you want to give you an insurance quote. Since they are a regional insurer, their rates will vary significantly depending on your personal situation. They may be less affordable than some of the larger national companies, but they also will offer more flexibility and personalization.

Is 1st Auto and Casualty Trustworthy?

While they don’t allow you to file claims online, they do have a 24/7 claims line, so you can file claims right as they happen. You can also file claims with your local agent at their office. There isn’t much information available on the quality of their customer service. 1st Auto also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, with very few complaints. They don’t have an AM Best rating, which makes it very difficult to determine the overall financial stability of the company. However, their parent company, the WRC Group, has a B++ rating from AM Best, which means they are financially trustworthy.

If you live in the Midwest and are looking for the personal approach of a small local company, then 1st Auto and Casualty Insurance may be a good fit for you. They also could be a good fit for those who need coverage for agricultural vehicles.

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