How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Fuel Pump?

Last Updated on December 1, 2022

The fuel pump takes fuel from your tank and delivers it to your engine. According to our research, it costs $395 to $825 to replace a fuel pump in an average vehicle.

Fuel pump replacement costs vary widely from vehicle to vehicle. Some vehicles have cheap, easy-to-replace fuel pumps. Other vehicles have specialty fuel pumps. Some vehicles have complicated assemblies that require hours of extra labor, while others are straightforward.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the cost of fuel pump replacement.

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It Costs $395 to $825 to Replace an Average Fuel Pump

You should expect to pay at least $395 to replace a fuel pump in your vehicle, according to our research.

Most drivers pay between $395 to $825 to replace their fuel pump. Prices vary based on the type of vehicle, your local cost of living, and other factors.

Generally, you’ll pay more to replace a fuel pump in a luxury vehicle. Luxury vehicles tend to have costlier components. However, some vehicles – including luxury vehicles – have fuel pumps that are easier to access, which could impact labor costs.

You generally cannot save money by repairing a fuel pump, and most shops do not perform fuel pump repairs. Once your electric fuel pump fails, you generally need to replace it.

You need to replace your fuel pump every 100,000 miles, on average.

It’s also important to note some older vehicles have manual fuel pumps. If you want to replace your manual fuel pump with an electric one, then you could pay significantly more than the estimates above. Replacing a manual fuel pump requires new wiring, plumbing, equipment, testing, and troubleshooting. You may also need to visit a specialty shop.

Signs You Need Fuel Pump Replacement

If you have a bad fuel pump, you may notice issues starting your vehicle, difficulty accelerating your vehicle, and unusual noises from your vehicle, among other symptoms.

Here are some of the most common signs you need fuel pump replacement:

Difficulty Starting the Vehicle: If you have trouble starting the vehicle, your fuel pump could be struggling to send fuel to the engine as needed, which indicates trouble with your fuel pump.

Difficulty Accelerating: Does your vehicle feel weird when pressing the gas? If you have a hard time accelerating your vehicle, then your faulty fuel pump may be providing insufficient fuel pressure to your engine.

High Gas Usage: Do you feel like you’ve been filling your tank more often? Poor gas mileage could indicate a fuel pump problem.

Unusual Noises: If you ignore fuel pump problems over time, you could eventually notice unusual noises. Whining noises, for example, could indicate a serious problem with your fuel pump.

Rough Idling: Does your car feel strange when you’re stopped at a traffic light? Does it make weird noises when you park and leave it running? Rough idling could signal low fuel pressure caused by a bad fuel pump.

Stalling, Misfiring, and Other Issues: If your vehicle is stalling, misfiring when you start it up, or displaying other issues, it could be a sign you have a bad fuel pump.

How a Fuel Pump Works

There are two types of fuel pumps, including mechanical pumps and electric pumps. Mechanical pumps were once the norm, but they’re not only found on older vehicles. Today’s vehicles use electric pumps.

Both mechanical and electric fuel pumps have similar functions: they pump fuel through a series of one-way valves to reach your engine.

A mechanical fuel pump has a lever that operates a diaphragm or plunger. That lever is connected to a camshaft that moves up or down. As the camshaft moves up and down, it opens and closes the diaphragm or plunger, pushing fuel toward the engine. An electric pump works similarly, but with an electric motor powering the system instead of a mechanical lever.

Why You Need Fuel Pump Replacement

If you’ve noticed the signs of fuel pump replacement above, then you should replace your fuel pump as quickly as possible.

You can continue to drive with a bad fuel pump. However, if your fuel pump fails, then your car will not start, which could leave you stranded.

Does Insurance Cover Fuel Pump Replacement?

Insurance will not cover fuel pump replacement. You must pay for fuel pump replacement out of pocket – just like you would pay for other car maintenance jobs or wear and tear-related expenses.

Fuel pump replacement is an expected part of owning a vehicle. It’s an anticipated cost. You expect to replace your fuel pump roughly every 100,000 miles. Because it’s an anticipated cost of vehicle ownership, insurance does not cover it.

Insurance is designed to cover unexpected costs – like collisions or vehicle theft. It’s not designed to cover maintenance or related expenses.

Factors Impacting the Cost of Fuel Pump Replacement

You could pay less than $395 for the fuel pump replacement. Or, you could pay over $895. The average driver pays between $395 and $895 for fuel pump replacement, but your cost varies based on many factors, including:

Make and Model of Vehicle: Some vehicles have cheap, easy-to-source fuel pumps and standard fuel assemblies. Others have complicated assemblies, unique parts, and hard-to-find components. Your make and model affects the cost of fuel pump replacement significantly. Generally speaking, vehicles with low repair costs also have low fuel pump replacement costs.

Converting from Manual to Electric: Some drivers want to convert an old mechanical fuel pump to an electric pump. This requires extra labor and parts and will increase the cost of fuel pump replacement.

Local Costs: Do you live in an area with a high cost of labor? Is it expensive to ship parts to your area? Do you pay high local taxes or fees? All of these local costs could impact the cost of fuel pump replacement.

Required Labor: It typically takes 1 to 5 hours to replace a fuel pump, depending on the complexity of your fuel assembly and the mechanic’s expertise. Because of this wide variance in labor costs, you could pay cheap or expensive fuel pump replacement costs.

Final Word – Fuel Pump Replacement Cost

It costs $395 to $825 to replace an average fuel pump, according to our research. However, costs vary widely based on your location, the type of vehicle you drive, and the cost of labor in your area, among other factors.

By comparing costs among multiple mechanics in your area, you can ensure you’re paying the cheapest possible rate for the fuel pump replacement.

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