Does AAA Give You a Rental Car Discount?

Last Updated on September 18, 2022

If you’re a AAA member, then you could save on rental cars. Some rental car companies offer significant discounts to AAA members.

AAA has partnered with Hertz to provide discounted rental cars to AAA members. If you’re a AAA member, then you could save up to 40% on your Hertz rental car while enjoying other perks.

AAA members also save with Dollar and Thrifty, including 8% to 10% savings off the base rate of Dollar and Thrifty rentals.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about AAA’s rental car discounts with Hertz and other companies.

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Save Up to 40% on Hertz Rental Cars with AAA

As a AAA member, you enjoy a number of perks. One perk includes saving 40% on your Hertz rental car.

AAA members enjoy mobile battery service, car care perks, roadside assistance, towing, travel benefits, discounted auto buying rates, and other discounts and rewards. Today, AAA members also save money on Hertz rental cars.

AAA has partnered with Hertz to provide members with a range of discounts and benefits, including:

  • Up to 20% off the base rate of Hertz rental cars
  • Free additional drivers
  • Free child safety seat
  • 10% savings on fuel
  • Up to 40% discount on Hertz rental cars overall
  • And more

These Hertz perks are available when renting cars across the United States and around the world. The perks tend to be better when renting within the United States, but AAA members can still save when renting outside of the country.

AAA Rental Car Perks with Hertz

When you rent a car with Hertz and provide your AAA number, you can enjoy a range of perks. We’ll go into greater detail about these perks below.

20% Off the Base Car Rate: If renting a car with Hertz costs $50 per day, you can save 20% off the base car rate, or $10 per day, just by being a AAA member.

Free Additional Driver: Most rental car companies charge extra to add another driver. With Hertz, AAA members can add additional drivers at no extra cost, saving you around $13.50 per day.

Free Child Seat: Hertz typically charges around $13.99 per day for a child seat. As a AAA member, you get free use of one child, infant, or booster seat.

Waived Young Renter Fee: Drivers under 25 typically pay an extra fee to rent a vehicle. According to Hertz, this fee is typically around $29 per day. If you’re a AAA member, then Hertz will waive this fee.

Free Unlimited Mileage on Most Rentals: Hertz offers free unlimited mileage on most rentals to AAA drivers, allowing you to drive the vehicle as far as you like within your rental period.

10% Discount on International Rentals: Hertz is available around the world. As a AAA member, you save 10% when renting a vehicle internationally with Hertz.

10% Discount on Prepaid US Rates: If you prepay for your rental car in the United States upfront, then Hertz will lower the price by 10%.

Satellite Radio Discount: AAA membership gives you discounted rates on satellite radio with Hertz. You can save 50% daily on SiriusXM Satellite Radio, or around $2.50 per day.

Fuel Discount: If Hertz needs to refuel your rental car after using it, you can get a 10% discount.

Join Hertz Gold Plus Rewards for Added Perks

Hertz has a free membership program called Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. If you’re a AAA member and a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member, then you enjoy added perks, including:

  • Earn points toward free rental days and upgrades
  • Skip the counter and go straight to your rental car
  • Choose from a wider selection of vehicles
  • Additional AAA-exclusive offers for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members who are also AAA members

AAA Members Save with Dollar

AAA has also partnered with Dollar to provide discounts to members.

If you book a Dollar car rental in advance and provide your AAA membership, then you can enjoy savings of up to 10%, according to AAA.

Dollar also provides a number of additional perks to AAA members. The full list of perks, according to, includes:

  • Enjoy up to 10% off your base car rental rate
  • Get a free additional driver
  • Get one free child seat
  • Get 10% off prepaid fuel

Dollar provides AAA discounts at participating locations in the United States and Canada. You must provide your AAA Club discount code at the time of reservation for discounts and benefits.

AAA Members Save with Thrifty

AAA has also partnered with Thrifty. If you’re a AAA member, then you can save 8% by booking a car in advance with Thrifty.

Thrifty, like Dollar, provides additional perks to AAA members beyond the 8% savings. According to, AAA members enjoy the following perks:

  • Enjoy up to 8% off your base car rental rate
  • Get a free additional driver
  • Get one free child safety seat
  • Get 10% off prepaid fuel

You must provide your AAA Club number at the time of booking to qualify for the perks above. You may need to reserve a child seat in advance to receive a free child seat.

Other AAA Car Rental Perks

Beyond the company-specific discounts above, AAA members also enjoy other car rental perks, including:

Road Trip Planning: AAA has tools and resources to help plan road trips and other adventures, including everything from maps to travel guides.

International Driving Permit: Many countries require an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive legally. If you’re renting a car outside of the United States, then you may need an International Driving Permit. AAA provides members with an International Driving Permit at a discount rate, allowing them to legally drive in 150 countries. The IDP translates your name and driver information into dozens of languages and includes your photo, allowing foreign officials to verify your driver’s license information.

Travel Packages: AAA also offers discounted rates on hotels, flights, cruises, activities, and travel packages. For example, you can bundle a rental car with a hotel or flight to save money.

Does AAA Offer the Cheapest Rental Cars?

If you’re a AAA member, then you could pay the cheapest possible rates by booking with Hertz, Dollar, or Thrifty. All three of these companies provide significant savings to AAA members.

These savings are even more significant if you need to add an additional driver, use a child seat, or add a youth driver to the rental car. If you take advantage of all the perks, you can easily reduce your car rental fee by $50 per day or more as a AAA member.

However, compare rates with other rental car agencies to verify you’re paying the cheapest possible rental car rates.

Depending on your location, you may find cheaper rental cars regardless of your AAA membership status.

Final Word – AAA Rental Car Discount

If you’re a AAA member, then you can save up to 40% by booking a rental car with Hertz. Hertz offers a number of perks to AAA members, including free additional drivers, waived young driver fees, free child car seats, and more.

AAA members also save when booking with Dollar and Thrifty. You can save 10% by booking a rental car in advance with Dollar as a AAA member, for example, and 8% when booking with Thrifty.

To learn more about AAA’s rental car benefits or to book a rental car, visit or contact Hertz, Dollar, or Thrifty and enter your AAA number.

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