Last Updated on December 19, 2023

Do you love helping people find the best auto insurance for their needs? Do you have a passion for the insurance industry and a knack for writing, marketing, or web development? If so, you might be a great fit for our team at Insurance Panda.

Insurance Panda is an online platform that connects drivers with multiple auto insurance quotes from various providers. We are not an insurance company, but a trusted partner that helps consumers save time and money on their auto insurance.

We are looking for talented, motivated, and creative individuals who share our vision and values. If you are interested in joining our team, check out our open positions below and apply today.

Current Job Openings

  • Social Media Manager
  • Correspondent and Editor

Social Media Manager

Do you have good knowledge of insurance-related products, risk management, and a Bachelor’s degree? Are you always up to date with any new developments on the internet, especially in social media, communities, and the blogosphere? Do you love to get to know new people and to reach out and make new friends? Are you eager to establish yourself as an active member of different insurance industry networks and to chit-chat daily with their web influencers? Do you look forward to interacting with our visitors and consumers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram?

-> If so, we should talk.

Correspondent and Editor

Are you a licensed insurance agent or otherwise highly qualified industry professional? Do you dream and breathe the internet and blogosphere? Do you think and feel that risk management is an interesting topic? Are you always up to date with recent developments in the insurance industry, laws and regulations, and understand how even the tiniest change will impact consumers? Do you consider yourself a consumer advocate and are passionate about writing for them and on their behalf? Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge and writing engaging content that people appreciate, like, and share?

-> If so, we should talk.

Why Work for Insurance Panda?

Insurance Panda was born by combining the passion for two main areas: first, the desire to help people find the best and most affordable insurance rates. Second, a deep passion to connect with people over the internet.

By combining a team of veteran internet publishing experts and licensed insurance agents with year-long track records as editors, Insurance Panda strives to deliver excellent quotes, advice, and user experience.

If you strive for excellence, over-achieve in an agile environment, and enjoy your work – we should meet. Please use our contact form to get in touch. Please have a resume and relevant documents prepared once we get back to you.