What Are the Most Common Car Insurance Claims?

Last Updated on July 15, 2023

If you’re a new driver, you know that you need to have insurance coverage before you take your car out on the road. But there are a lot of questions when it comes to car insurance coverage. One of the most frequently asked questions concerning auto insurance coverage is, “What are the most common car insurance claims?”

That’s a good question. After all, you want to know what type of incidents you might be involved in that would necessitate the need to file a claim with your auto insurance provider. With that said, here’s a look at some of the claims that are most frequently filed with car insurance companies.

1) Minor Accidents

What are the Most Common Car Insurance Claims?Without a doubt, one of the most commonly filed claims drivers make with their auto insurance companies are fender benders. These are minor accidents that result in minimal damage to a vehicle and no injuries. Unfortunately, while these types of claims are common and usually don’t cost an auto insurance provider a lot, they can end up making your premiums go up. This is especially true if you file several claims in a short period of time.

If the damage is minor, instead of filing a claim, you might want to consider paying for the repairs yourself. Why? – Because the damages might not be enough for your insurance to actually kick in. Additionally, if you file a claim, as we mentioned, your premiums could increase. Higher premiums may end up costing you more than repairing a few dents and scratches.

2) Damaged Windshields

Whenever you take your car out on the road, there is a chance that your windshield can be damaged. A rock can kick up from another vehicle and shatter your windshield. The glass can also be damaged in an accident or even if your car is parked in a lot or on the street.

If you carry comprehensive insurance, a damaged windshield may be covered. If the glass can be repaired, your insurance provider may waive the deductible. But, if the windshield can’t be repaired and has to be replaced, the deductible will be applied, and the cost can be extensive.

3) Vandalism

Vandalism is another claim that drivers often make with their auto insurance providers. If your vehicle is broken into, spray painted, keyed, smashed with a baseball bat, or vandalized in any other way and you have comprehensive insurance, your provider will cover this type of claim. However, do note that you will be responsible for paying the deductible before your insurance kicks in and covers the cost of repairs. Additionally, the more claims you make, the higher your premiums will be. Therefore, if the damage is minor, you might want to consider fixing it yourself instead of filing a claim.

4) Storm Damage

Storms can cause extensive damage to a vehicle. Hailstones and flooding are of particular concern. In fact, the damage from hail and floods can be so severe that a vehicle could end up being totaled. If you live in an area where storms damaging storms are a frequent occurrence, make sure you take extra precautions to protect your car so you can avoid filing a claim.

5) Single-Vehicle Collisions

Accidents involving collisions that do not involve another vehicle but rather another object are among the most commonly filed claims that motorists file with their auto insurance providers. These types of accidents can include run-ins with street lamps, fence posts, and mailboxes, for example.

Believe it or not, single-vehicle collisions can cause extensive damage and severe injuries. Ensure that you always heed caution and pay attention to the rules of the road when you’re behind the wheel. Also, avoid driving in inclement weather, as single-car accidents often occur during bad weather, such as snow, ice, sleet, or downpours.

6) Whiplash

Whiplash occurs when the neck is jerked forward in a quick motion, straining the muscles and even damaging the ligaments. This type of injury often occurs during rear-end collisions, but any other type of accident can result in whiplash.

This type of injury can be minor or severe and necessitates medical care. Since it is such a common accident-related injury, many drivers file this type of claim.

7) Theft

Lastly, vehicle theft is one of the most frequently filed auto insurance claims. If you have comprehensive insurance, your carrier will cover theft but keep in mind that there may be some stipulations. For example, if you are financing the car, you may have to make up the difference between the amount you owe your lender and the amount your car insurance provider will pay out. Additionally, a theft claim will lead to a substantial increase in your premiums.

Always take precautions to avoid theft. Never leave your keys in the vehicle, always keep the doors locked, park in secure areas, and never leave anything of value inside your vehicle.

Final Word on the Most Common Car Insurance Claims

In today’s world, filing an auto insurance claim is common. It’s right up there with going to the dentist and getting your taxes done. Preparing for some of the more common insurance claim scenarios can make a difference in terms of helping you stay away from them. The most common auto insurance claims are for minor accidents, fender benders, damaged windshields, vandalism, storm damage, single-vehicle accidents, whiplash, and theft. Understanding some of these dangers that are lurking around can help you make a conscious effort to avoid getting into a situation where you would have to file these claims.

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