• What If the Other Party in an Accident Has the Same Insurance Company as You?

    If you’re involved in a car accident, there’s always a chance that the other party involved could have the same insurance company as you. This is particularly common in areas where one insurance company is the most accessible. Once you find out that the other party has the same insurance provider, you might be wondering… Continue reading

  • Is The Hartford Good for Auto Insurance?

    The Hartford might seem quirky because of its name, “The” Hartford, but it’s one of the oldest insurance companies in the United States and could be the perfect choice for your auto insurance. Who is The Hartford? The Hartford Financial Services Group was founded in 1810 in Hartford, Connecticut, where it still has its headquarters.… Continue reading

  • Can a Car Have Two Separate Insurance Policies by Two Different People?

    If you share a car with others, you may be wondering if you can have two insurance policies on it by two different people. Maybe you share a car with a partner, sibling, or roommate and you each want coverage for the car when you drive it. This might happen if you live in an… Continue reading

  • Should You File a Claim If You Hit a Road Obstruction?

    Running into an object in the road can be very dangerous – in some cases, almost as dangerous as hitting another car. Road obstructions will often cause damage to your car, and in some cases, they can even lead to injury as well. You may wonder how to handle this with your insurance company. Here’s… Continue reading

  • Is Nationwide Good for Auto Insurance?

    Nationwide is popular today partly for its commercials featuring former NFL star Peyton Manning and country music star Brad Paisley. However, there’s a lot more to Nationwide than its funny ads and its catchy slogan, “Nationwide is on your side.” Who is Nationwide? The Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company was founded in 1926 in Ohio, and… Continue reading

  • Is Auto-Owners a Good Car Insurance Company?

    If you are on the prowl for new auto insurance, Auto-Owners Insurance is worth consideration.  This insurance company provides affordable insurance from a trustworthy group with some unexpected niceties.  If you are looking for direct, one-on-one interactions with a friendly agent at your convenience, you will find it with Auto-Owners Insurance.  The company also provides… Continue reading

  • Is Car Insurance Cheaper If You’re Self Employed?

    Most people assume car insurance is cheaper for the self-employed as self-employed business owners often work from home.  After all, those who have a short commute to work or no commute at all typically have comparably low auto insurance rates.   Let’s take a look at exactly what might happen to a driver’s auto insurance… Continue reading

  • If Your Airbags Deploy Is the Car Considered Totaled?

    Just because your vehicle’s airbags deploy upon impact does not mean your vehicle is totaled.  Each state has its own unique requirements for determining if a damaged vehicle as totaled.  In general, if the damage to a vehicle equates to 70-75% of its actual cash value, it is totaled and should be transported to a… Continue reading

  • Is Amica Good for Car Insurance?

    With the huge number of insurance companies out there, most of whom are seemingly spending millions of dollars in advertising money just trying to get your attention, it can be easy to forget about Amica. How good is Amica when it comes to auto insurance? Who is Amica? Amica’s full name is Amica Mutual Insurance… Continue reading

  • Does Allstate’s Drivewise Really Save You Money?

    With insurance rates continuously going up each year, people are looking for ways to save money any way they can. One of the biggest discounts drivers can receive is by using telematics. Telematics are an increasingly popular option that’s offered by most of the biggest car insurance companies. Allstate’s telematics program is called Drivewise, and… Continue reading

  • Which Discounts Does Farmers Offer for Auto Insurance?

    Farmers Insurance is the 7th largest auto insurance company in the United States and has come a long way since its founding in 1928. As its name suggests, the company was originally founded to serve the farming and ranching market. With revenues of over $12 billion annually, it’s expanded to much more than that. As… Continue reading

  • What Discounts Does Liberty Mutual Offer for Auto Insurance?

    Liberty Mutual is the 6th largest auto insurance company in the United States and is also one of the oldest, having been founded in Boston in 1912. Liberty Mutual is a Fortune 500 company with a worldwide presence, and also owns many subsidiary companies. However, it’s bread and butter continues to be auto insurance. Liberty… Continue reading

  • Why Is Car Insurance So Expensive In New Jersey?

    Car insurance is egregiously expensive in New Jersey for a variety of reasons.  For one, New Jersey residents are jam-packed into a small, fairly urban area with ample traffic congestion.  The fact that so many drivers are tasked with sharing roads in tight spaces with one another is problematic in and of itself.  The close… Continue reading

  • Is Car Insurance Cheaper In Arizona Than In California?

    Those relocating to Arizona from California or vice versa are likely focused on covering the primary costs of the move.  The cost of a moving service, a new apartment or house, and other major expenses are likely to weigh heavily on your budget.  However, auto insurance has the potential to become quite costly if you… Continue reading

  • Is MetLife Auto Insurance Good?

    MetLife auto insurance provides drivers with competitive rates, solid customer service, and respectable coverage.  Those who qualify for an auto insurance discount through MetLife are especially pleased with the company’s service.  In fact, it is possible to decrease auto insurance rates by 50% with one of the company’s many discounts. MetLife even provides special perks… Continue reading

  • Why is Car Insurance so Expensive in Nevada?

    Nevada auto insurance is much more expensive than auto insurance in other states.  Auto insurance in Nevada is about $1,800 more than auto insurance throughout the rest of the country.  This means Nevada drivers pay about 25% more for car insurance than other drivers. However, the driver’s specific location in the state of Nevada combined… Continue reading

  • Is American Family Good for Car Insurance?

    Wisconsin-based American Family Insurance provides several forms of insurance including automobile insurance.  American Family’s auto insurance rates are fairly low compared to the competition, partially because it has been in business for nearly a full century.  American Family’s financial success is passed on to its customers in the form of affordable insurance rates. Furthermore, the… Continue reading

  • Is Car Insurance Cheaper in Florida or New York?

    New York and Florida are two of the most expensive states for auto insurance.  Part of the reason why these states have comparably high auto insurance rates is the fact that each has a sizable population.  Though most people moving from Florida to New York and vice versa are focused on the primary costs of… Continue reading

  • Why is Car Insurance so Expensive in New Orleans?

    New Orleans drivers pay more for auto insurance than those throughout the rest of Louisiana and just about everyone else in the United States for a variety of reasons.  Chief among these reasons is the fact that the Crescent City is rife with particularly wide and deep potholes. Potholes are likely to cause flat tires,… Continue reading

  • Is Arbella Good For Car Insurance?

    The average Arbella auto insurance customer is more than happy with the company’s service, pricing and coverage levels.  This auto insurance superstar provides coverage through a network model based on independent agents. The company’s rates, range of insurance protection and customer service care have earned favor amongst those living throughout the northeastern region of the… Continue reading

  • Which Auto Insurance Company is Better – Progressive or Allstate?

    Progressive and Allstate are the #3 and #4 largest auto insurance companies in the United States. Both companies were founded in the 1930s but have had very different paths since then. What are those differences, and is one better than the other? Progressive Progressive is the 3rd largest auto insurer in the United States and… Continue reading

  • Why is Car Insurance so Expensive in Miami?

    Miami drivers pay for more auto insurance than the rest of those living in Florida as well as other drivers throughout the rest of the United States.  Though auto insurance rates have spiked across the entirety of the nation in recent years, Miami drivers have been hit particularly hard. Even Miami drivers with flawless driving… Continue reading

  • Is Erie Insurance Good For Auto Insurance?

    If you have ever looked at lists of the best car insurance companies in the country, no doubt you’ve probably seen the name Erie Insurance at one time or another. But just how good is Erie Insurance for auto insurance? Who is Erie Insurance? Erie Insurance takes its name from its hometown, Erie, Pennsylvania. It… Continue reading

  • Which Auto Insurance Company is Better – GEICO or Allstate?

    GEICO and Allstate are two of the largest auto insurance companies in the United States, with GEICO at #2 and Allstate at #4. It might be surprising to know that Allstate is only 5 years older than GEICO, having been established in 1931 compared with GEICO in 1936. What other differences are there between the… Continue reading

  • Is Arizona Expensive for Car Insurance?

    Next time you get your car insurance bill, either in the mail or electronically, it’s easy to think that you are paying some of the highest car insurance rates of anyone you know. While that might actually be true, there are many people in Arizona and the rest of the country that are paying higher… Continue reading