• Do Car Insurance Companies Do Background Checks?

    Your record follows you around for a long time. If you’ve ever been convicted of a crime or have had issues with your credit, your future can be negatively affected. If you have any blemishes on your background, you’re probably already aware of the trials and tribulations it can cause; for example, your record may… Continue reading

  • Does Car Insurance Cover Air Conditioning?

    When the forecast calls for a heat wave, long commutes can be made even more miserable by the blazing hot temperatures in your car. But you take solace in knowing that your vehicle is equipped with air conditioning, which will ensure your comfort while you’re driving. However, when you get into your car and turn… Continue reading

  • Can I Add My Girlfriend or Boyfriend to my Car Insurance?

    If you have a significant other and he or she uses your car on a regular basis or you are moving in together, you might be considering adding him or her to your auto insurance policy. Adding your boyfriend or girlfriend to your car insurance is a serious decision that requires serious consideration. While it… Continue reading

  • Is GAP Insurance Worth it On a Used Car?

    Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance, more commonly referred to as GAP insurance, is an add-on insurance coverage option. This type of insurance is intended to cover the value of a vehicle between the amount that you still have to pay for it and the amount that the vehicle is really worth. While this type of insurance… Continue reading

  • Does Auto Insurance Cover Falling Asleep at the Wheel?

    Driving is a huge responsibility. As soon as you get behind the wheel of a car and start driving, there is a chance that you could be involved in an accident. As such, every motorist is expected to use the utmost care while operating a motor vehicle. This includes ensuring that you are driving defensively,… Continue reading

  • Do Car Insurance Companies Ask for Proof of Marriage?

    If you are about to say “I do”, there are a lot of preparations that need to be made. These preparations extend far beyond the wedding day; in fact, many of these preparations are much more important than the wedding itself. That’s right: you need to plan for your future together as husband and wife.… Continue reading

  • Does GEICO Have the Cheapest Auto Insurance?

    GEICO is one of America’s biggest and best car insurance companies. Over the years, GEICO has developed a reputation for offering good insurance at a reasonable price. But does GEICO really have the cheapest car insurance? Is GEICO the cheapest car insurance company in America? Are there better options for people seeking the cheapest possible… Continue reading

  • Someone Keyed My Car. Will Insurance Cover This?

    Whether your car is brand new, it’s a classic that you painstakingly restored yourself, or it’s just a vehicle you’ve had for a while, nothing’s more upsetting than finding out that it’s been keyed. Your first thought is, “Why would someone do this to my car?” Your second thought is, “How am I going to… Continue reading

  • What’s Better for Car Insurance – Allstate or State Farm?

    Allstate and State Farm are dtwo of the most popular car insurance companies in the United States. Both offer similar quotes in most states – but which one is best for you? Today, we’re helping you decide whether you should buy car insurance from Allstate or State Farm. Why Allstate and State Farm? There are… Continue reading

  • Can You Have Two Cars on One Auto Insurance Policy?

    Whether you’re married, you have a teen who recently started driving, or if there is anyone else living in your household who drives, you are probably wondering if you can insure two cars on the same insurance policy. Yes, you can! And doing so can save you a tremendous amount of money! Car insurance providers… Continue reading

  • Can Someone Drive My Car If They Are Not On My Insurance?

    When you own a vehicle, you are legally required to carry auto insurance for a car. In fact, in most states, you are required to maintain the minimum amount of coverage (liability coverage, with the amount determined by your state) before you will be permitted to register a vehicle and operate it. While you know… Continue reading

  • Does Car Insurance Cover Mechanical Repairs?

    Car insurance can help cover unexpected expenses related to your vehicle – including the cost of vandalism, theft, or a collision. What about mechanical repairs? Will an ordinary car insurance policy cover mechanical repairs? Today, we’re answering that question and explaining everything you need to know about car insurance policies covering mechanical repairs. Most Car… Continue reading

  • Is Full Coverage The Same As Comprehensive Coverage?

    Is full coverage auto insurance the same as comprehensive coverage? A growing number of insurance companies advertise their policies as “full coverage” plans. Some drivers also describe their car insurance policies as being “full coverage”. Full Coverage and Comprehensive Coverage Are Different Policies Full coverage and comprehensive coverage are two different things: Full Coverage: Full… Continue reading

  • Do Car Insurance Companies Price Match?

    When you’re comparing car insurance quotes online, you might find one quote significantly lower than the competition. You may wonder: will other insurance companies price match? Maybe you’re comparing car insurance quotes online. You’re happy with your current car insurance company, but you decide to explore what other options are available. You find a cheaper… Continue reading

  • How Much is a Ticket for No Proof of Insurance?

    So you were unable to provide proof of insurance to a police officer. What kind of fine can you expect? How much is a ticket for no proof of insurance? Are there any other penalties – like points – for getting caught driving without proof of insurance? Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know… Continue reading

  • Can You Sue An Uninsured Driver?

    Uninsured drivers, by definition, do not have car insurance. That’s why in many cases, your best option is to sue the uninsured driver. Uninsured drivers are a huge problem in the United States. In 2018, approximately 1 in 7 drivers in the United States are uninsured. That means out of every 7 cars you pass… Continue reading

  • Can You Keep the Same Car Insurance from One State If You Move to Another State?

    So you’re moving to a new state. Are you able to keep the same car insurance from your old state when moving to a new state? Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about car insurance requirements between states. No, You Typically Cannot Keep the Same Exact Car Insurance Policy in a New State… Continue reading

  • Can You Get a Car Insurance Discount for Having a Dash Cam?

    Dashboard cameras, or dashcams, are becoming increasingly popular across the United States. Dashcams can help you avoid becoming a victim of insurance fraud – especially in a litigation-prone country like the United States. But can you expect to receive an insurance discount for having a dashcam? Will your insurance company lower your premiums when you… Continue reading

  • Do Single People Pay More for Car Insurance?

    One of the more common myths about car insurance is that single people pay more. Is this myth true? Do single people genuinely pay more for car insurance? Can you save money on car insurance by getting married? Keep reading to discover the answers to all of these questions. Young Single Drivers Pay Significantly More… Continue reading

  • Are There Automatic Payment Options for Car Insurance?

    Setting up an automatic payment option on your car insurance policy may be a good idea. As long as there’s always enough money in your account, you never have to worry about policy lapses or late payments. Are there automatic payment options for car insurance? How can you setup auto-pay on your car insurance policy?… Continue reading

  • What Can I Do If My Car Insurance Company Won’t Pay or Is Stalling?

    Is your car insurance company dragging its feet? Are they refusing to pay your claim? Do they continue to stall while your bills pile up? In this situation, you have a number of different options available. Sometimes, an insurance company is stalling for a legitimate reason – they’re waiting to get your medical records from… Continue reading

  • Will My Auto Insurance Policy Cover My Pet?

    If you get into a car accident, your car insurance policy, at the very least, will pay for damages to the other party. If the other driver is at fault, his/her insurance will pay for damages to your vehicle and your medical bills. If the other party is uninsured, or you are ruled to be… Continue reading

  • What Are the Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies?

    Jill from Monroe, Louisiana Asks – “What are the cheapest car insurance companies out there?” Answer: While the lowest premium price is the most crucial element in finding the cheap car insurance that will work best for you, there are still a lot of other elements that you should consider when coming to a decision.… Continue reading

  • Do You Need Car Insurance to Rent a U-Haul?

    If you’re preparing for a major move, then you might rent a U-Haul. The popular moving trucks are an affordable way to move your possessions across the city or across the country. But do you need car insurance to rent a U-Haul? Should you purchase U-Haul’s additional, optional insurance when you rent your truck? Today,… Continue reading

  • Are Hybrid Vehicles Or Electric Vehicles Cheaper To Insure?

    Hybrid and electric vehicles come with a number of advantages. Is cheaper insurance one of the advantages? Will you pay less for insurance on a hybrid or electric vehicle? Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about the costs of insuring your hybrid or electric vehicle. Hybrid Cars and Electric Cars Are Typically More… Continue reading