• What’s the history and background behind AAA?

    Andrew from Brooklyn, NY asks: What’s the history and background behind AAA? InsurancePanda.com answers: AAA was founded in 1902 and despite the small number of cars on the road (when compared with today’s vehicles) there were already 50 motor clubs. AAA was formed when 9 of the clubs joined together in Chicago and the American Automobile… Continue reading

  • Is AAA worth it?

    James from Tallahassee, FL asks: Is getting a AAA membership worth it? InsurancePanda.com answers: Whether or not you think AAA is worth the cost depends on what you value and the resources you have at hand. AAA is a roadside services membership program that can assist you when you’re broken down. While many insurance companies offer… Continue reading

  • How often do the safest drivers have accidents?

    Tal from New York City today asked us: “Sometimes accidents are unavoidable.  Safe drivers still have car accidents, right?” Answer: Accidents can happen to anyone at anytime. No matter how safe you try to be on the road, some accidents are unavoidable. If you have yet to file an insurance claim for a car accident,… Continue reading

  • How to chose the right auto insurance company for my car and specific needs?

    Bob from Pennsylvania asks: How can I chose the best car insurance company for my vehicle? How do I know which rates are best for my situation and if the carrier does really deliver?

  • What are the most expensive cars to insure?

    A classic and still interesting question was brought to us by Dan from Colorado: “What are the most expensive cars to insure?” The question is natural and the answers ever changing, at least to some degree. So let’s get started. Answer: The list of most expensive cars to insure is kind of an obvious list.… Continue reading

  • Does your insurance premium go up if you file a claim for something you’re not at fault for?

    Elaine from Minnesota asked us last week whether “your insurance premium go up if you file a claim for something you’re not at fault for?” – The question is tricky, as it depends pretty much on the type of the claim and the circumstances. Anyways, here we go: Answer: Filing claims for accidents you aren’t at… Continue reading