• Can You Keep the Same Car Insurance from One State If You Move to Another State?

    So you’re moving to a new state. Are you able to keep the same car insurance from your old state when moving to a new state? Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about car insurance requirements between states. No, You Typically Cannot Keep the Same Exact Car Insurance Policy in a New State… Continue reading

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  • Will My Auto Insurance Policy Cover My Pet?

    If you get into a car accident, your car insurance policy, at the very least, will pay for damages to the other party. If the other driver is at fault, his/her insurance will pay for damages to your vehicle and your medical bills. If the other party is uninsured, or you are ruled to be… Continue reading

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  • Am I Covered If I Drive Outside of the Country?

    Whether you’re crossing the border into Mexico or Canada or renting a car in Europe, you may be wondering if you’re covered while driving outside the country. Are you covered when you rent a car in a foreign country? Does your insurance provide the same coverage on a road in Canada or Mexico? Today, we’re… Continue reading

  • Does My Auto Insurance Policy Cover Rental Cars?

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    GEICO and Progressive are two of the most popular car insurance companies in the United States. Approximately 9% of American drivers are Progressive customers, while 11% are GEICO customers. Which insurance company is better – GEICO or Progressive? Which company offers better value on their car insurance policies? Which company handles claims more honestly and… Continue reading

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  • Do Traffic Violations Affect Insurance Premiums?

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  • Who is Eligible to Get Car Insurance from USAA?

    The United Services Automobile Association, or USAA, is an insurance company that serves active-duty military, veterans, and family members. Originally founded as a car insurance company, USAA now offers a wide variety of banking and insurance services. You may have noticed great prices on USAA auto insurance when comparing quotes online. However, not everybody is… Continue reading

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