• What Happens If Your Car Gets Hit When You’re Not There?

    Andrew from Columbus, OH Asks – “What Happens When Your Car Is Hit When It’s Parked And You’re Not There?” Our Answer: The primary issue in most car accidents is always who is liable for the damage caused, that is, which driver is at fault in the entire incident. More often than not, one driver… Continue reading

  • How Are Auto Insurance Rates For Teens Calculated?

    Vivian from Brooklyn, NY Asks – “How Are Premiums Calculated for Teen Drivers?” Our answer: On the surface, the answer is that car insurance premiums for teens are calculated the same as for adults. But underneath that, the insurance company will look at specific factors regarding the teen being insured, such as their gender, whether… Continue reading

  • Is pay as you go auto insurance available in the United States?

    Yes. Pay as you go insurance is picking up speed in the United States, but be careful how fast you go because someone is watching. American drivers are always interested in saving money on car insurance and if you don’t drive often, pay as you go insurance may be a great option for maintaining coverage… Continue reading

  • How long does it take for an insurance company to find out about a speeding ticket?

    Your insurance company won’t find out about your traffic ticket until you’ve submitted to the charges. Many people will automatically pay the fine because they realize that they were, in fact, speeding and just got caught. Others will contest the charges and try to get a ticket dismissed or charges lessened. Once you’ve paid your… Continue reading

  • Why don’t states verify that motorists have insurance when one is registering a vehicle?

    Jane from Binghamton, NY Asks – “Why don’t states verify that motorists have insurance when one is registering a vehicle?” Our answer: While all states except for New Hampshire require that drivers have at least a minimum amount of liability insurance, some don’t require proof of insurance when registering vehicles. Illinois, Montana, Washington, and New… Continue reading

  • Do any auto insurance companies offer discounts for driving very little?

    Zach in Rhode Island asks us this question – “Are there any discounts out there for drivers who don’t drive that much?” Insurance Panda answers: Drivers are always looking for a way to lower auto costs. Having a car can be expensive. When you factor in how much you pay for auto insurance, general repair… Continue reading

  • What’s the history and background behind AAA?

    Andrew from Brooklyn, NY asks: What’s the history and background behind AAA? InsurancePanda.com answers: AAA was founded in 1902 and despite the small number of cars on the road (when compared with today’s vehicles) there were already 50 motor clubs. AAA was formed when 9 of the clubs joined together in Chicago and the American Automobile… Continue reading

  • Is AAA worth it?

    James from Tallahassee, FL asks: Is getting a AAA membership worth it? InsurancePanda.com answers: Whether or not you think AAA is worth the cost depends on what you value and the resources you have at hand. AAA is a roadside services membership program that can assist you when you’re broken down. While many insurance companies offer… Continue reading

  • How often do the safest drivers have accidents?

    Tal from New York City today asked us: “Sometimes accidents are unavoidable.  Safe drivers still have car accidents, right?” Answer: Accidents can happen to anyone at anytime. No matter how safe you try to be on the road, some accidents are unavoidable. If you have yet to file an insurance claim for a car accident,… Continue reading

  • How to chose the right auto insurance company for my car and specific needs?

    Bob from Pennsylvania asks: How can I chose the best car insurance company for my vehicle? How do I know which rates are best for my situation and if the carrier does really deliver?

  • What are the most expensive cars to insure?

    A classic and still interesting question was brought to us by Dan from Colorado: “What are the most expensive cars to insure?” The question is natural and the answers ever changing, at least to some degree. So let’s get started. Answer: The list of most expensive cars to insure is kind of an obvious list.… Continue reading