Cary from Spring, TX asks – “I’m 17 years old and am finding that auto insurance is too expensive. How can I get it cheaper? Are there any discounts for me?”

Our Answer:

Cheap car insurance is no longer a luxury only available to old men and women; younger drivers can lower their car insurance premiums by demonstrating that they are less of a risk than their peers. How you ask? Discounts!young driver insurance discount

There are a variety of discounts that your car insurance company may be able to offer younger drivers. While not all car insurance companies will offer these discounts, most do. If you are a younger driver and your current auto insurance company does not, shopping around to find one that does could save you hundreds of dollars each year on your auto insurance.

1.   Good Student Discount: First, ask if your car insurance company offers discounts for having a higher GPA. Most auto insurance companies will provide a discount (up to 25 percent) for younger drivers who have a GPA over 3.0 (the exact GPA required may be different for different car insurance companies). All you have to do is send in a copy of your most recent report card. Note, however, that not all car insurance companies offer good student discounts, so you may need to shop around.

2.   Driving School Discount: You may also be able to get a discount for having attended driving school, even if attendance was required by your state in order to get your driver’s license in the first place. Driving school discounts can be up to 10 percent and are applied simply by faxing a copy of your driving school diploma to your car insurance company.

3.   Driving Class Discount: Many auto insurance companies also recognize various other driving classes, such as defensive driving classes and driving safety courses. In many cases, these courses last from 4-8 hours, may be taken in person or online, and typically cost less than $100 (some less than $15). Contact your insurance company for information on what driving classes will warrant a discount.

4.   Safety Discounts: There are also different discounts you can get for safety. Safety discounts take one of two forms – discounts for having safety equipment installed in your car and discounts for being a safe driver. Eligible safety equipment includes things like anti-lock brakes and side curtain air bags. As far as safe driver discounts, these come with each year you are not in an accident.

5.   Association and Group Discounts: Younger drivers may be able to get cheaper car insurance by joining different groups and associations, such as certain sororities, fraternities, military groups, Mensa, civic groups, and the like. In many cases, the cost of joining such organizations is minimal compared to the discount you can receive for being a member.